Praz Bumper Gold : DEEWAR (Hindi, 1975)

I second praz for  “In my humble opinion this is Yash Chopra’s best film as a director, nothing much else holds a candle in front of DEEWAAR“. Thanks Praz for this priceless review.

Carrying on from my earlier Bachchan-Salim Javed classics KAALA PATTHAR, DOSTANA, and TRISHUL. My dream is to cover off every Bachchan film….

1975 is without a shred of doubt one of the best years the Hindi film industry ever saw, it’s not only the same year Ramesh Sippy’s timeless masterpiece SHOLAY graced the silver-screen, it’s also the year Yash Chopra’s ever-green DEEWAR blew audiences away, and while most critics say SHOLAY is the best Commercial Hindi film Bombay cinema ever churned out during that era, I would disagree and give the honour to DEEWAR by a slight nudge, though it’s a tough call as both films in their own right changed the face of Hindi cinema forever.

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~ by prazzero00000 on December 20, 2009.

15 Responses to “Praz Bumper Gold : DEEWAR (Hindi, 1975)”

  1. Anytime Yak, love the second poster too!

    I’m glad too that most directors have found the idea of remaking Deewar sacreligious! I’ve met film fans who swear that SHOLAY and DON can perhaps be interpreted in a few ways, but not DEEWAR-it’s too unique a film in my view.

    I feel the same way for a Tamil film called PITHAMAGAN, the film is just too unique as it is to ever be re-made in to Hindi or otherwise!

    • Thanks praz, Each and every word of this review seem to be replica of my thoughts. I also second that “Those who don’t understand the phenomenon that swept Bombay cinema in the 70’s and 80’s and have only seen the Amitabh from 90’s onwards will never quiet understand what the hype, magic and phenomenon was about”.

      To be very frank, Passion of cinema is now limited to blog world only, Real hysteria and discussions about movies can be believed only if someone has witnessed the 70’s and 80’s Era. Even I being in 30, only have some childhood memories of mass hysteria towards cinema. I remember around 1982-83, I heard so many things and discussions on sholay that it was hard for me to believe that it was movie of 1975. My family went to see sholay in 85 at nearby cinema and it was houseful show. we booked ticket in advance. Deewar and Sholay are two movies whose audio dialog cassettes sold like anything. Sholay dialog cassettes were sold more than songs audio.

      My father was working with Thapar group of industries and a special screening of Deewar was organized at big stadium of their campus. There i first time see Deewar. And you know what ? it was around 2000 seater stadium, and crowd of more than 10000 was there for movie .. 🙂
      You can imagine the situation, peoples were hanging on trees, walls and standing one over the other for movie. Even imagine there were majority who was standing outside stadium and was enjoying listening dialog only …. All this madness and hysteria can’t be described in words, can only be experienced…

      • VERY true, which is why I love a place like BollyB and Satyamshot, both are full of countless real-life tales of that era…

        I’ve long argued that boxoffice has nothing to do with cultural significance! AB IS the Paradigm that shifts, and constantly redefines itself leaving others a legacy to feed off…

        • On that note, 2010 im going to dedicate a lot more time to bringing out some older gems, finishing off the Bachcan/Salim-Javed films, and the rest of Bachchan in the 70’s!

          I wanna catch up on a lot more of Rajesh Khanna as well time permitting!

        • Praz, I am first one looking forward for this .. 🙂
          BTW just checked your socialwizz blog. There are few things which i need to discuss, will mail you regarding this. Probably today itself.

  2. Welldone Masterpraz and Yakuza,
    u people gave great comments on both all time great film Deewar and Sholay.both are mindblowing film.I love both these films.I think Deewar is the best film of Yash Chopra.If some body wants to remake this one,I will be very disappointed from that because this is classic film,and we know the bad result of Don(2006) and AAG.Don(2006) was average and AAG was big bad idea remake films.we want to see fresh stories.

    • Yup, deewar is toughest movie for remake, However Agneepath was having gimpse of deewar in his own style, And Agneepath remake is on cards.. But i don’t wish this to happen.. Because both movies are masterpieces not to touch and as sharmila says “Remake should never be made on first place itself “ .. I second that opinion.. Sequel is good idea but remaking something is pain bad …

  3. Dear Yakuza,
    Tell me which remake film gave good result.wihout Ghajni but Ghajni is remake of Tamel films.I know about some remake films,in all were disappointed Devdas(above average),Umero Jan(flop),AAG(big flop),Don(above average) etc.I don’t want to see remake of Deewar or Agnipath.will be so disgusting and I hate that Producers.

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