Noida Breakup For Paa (Two Weeks)

First Week Cinemas Nett Collections (Roundup)
  Spice Cinemas 13 Lakhs
  Wave Cinemas 7 Lakhs
  Big Cinemas (TGIP) 8 Lakhs
  Big Cinemas (Greater Noida) 4 Lakhs
  First Week Total 32 Lakhs
Second Week Cinemas Nett Collections (Roundup)
  Spice Cinemas 7 Lakhs
  Wave Cinemas 4 Lakhs
  Big Cinemas (TGIP) 4 Lakhs
  Big Cinemas ( Greater Noida) 3.5 Lakhs
  Second Week Total 18.5 Lakhs
  Two Weeks Grand Total 50.5 Lakhs


— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on December 20, 2009.

14 Responses to “Noida Breakup For Paa (Two Weeks)”

  1. Thanks for this detailed report, this clearly indicates that BOI under reported the figures from most of centers, specially big centers.

  2. Thanks for this report … 🙂
    BTW i have seen Paa at Spice cinema, Noida only .. However i belong to Bangalore ..

  3. I know it from day one that BOI/Komal are under reporting figures .. But i am surprised that why only Paa ?? Media was always against bachchan is well known fact .. but that was i believe pre 90’s era case .. Why now ??

  4. Boi and komal nahta etc have been underreporting Noida. they have rule cut down bachchan movie collections by 50% and then print, losers!

  5. Thanks for this update .. Now i got it, if reported centers are incomplete ones than its obvious the guys like Adib and Rudresh can’t do anything, because they are getting Wrong data, their final outcome also become wrong .. But as jasmine suggested, guys like Adib should first verify reported figures before publishing their report on various sites, This is really serious issue. They are behaving like such an irresponsible ones. Without any direct source How Adib of Glamsham fame can publish his numbers based on some one else reported data .. This is going out of my head ..

  6. Media is anti-amitabh.I hate media.and Boxofficeindia,Kamal etc are anti-amitabh.its not justice.

  7. Media is definitely anti-Bachchans. Shame on media. I watch Indian channels more than any other channels. When we see this kind of false reports, we wonder if Indians all over the world including India are really paying attention to this false reports. Proud to be Indian and proud to have super famous Bachchans.

  8. Wake up Indians and smell the coffee. Media lie, lie, and lie. What makes you so anti-Bachchans. Bachchans happened to be the best for Bollywood.

  9. Bachchans, Bollywood would be dull without you. Thank you for entertaining us all the time. You look good, you act good, you dance good, you do everything good.

  10. Without Amitabh no bollywood.

  11. hahaha…. agar yeh desperation nahi hai toh kya hai!

    so after all the research we find boi’s error was with Noida… and not with any other center…. even then where do the extra 7cr come from…. bachchan fanatics need a lot of explanation to do…. than just saying the whole media is anti-bachchan. this theory no longer sells

    • This report is not result of any research, This is simple boxoffice report from Noida center. No one is desperate here to prove anything. Otherwise Putting numbers for other centers is no big deal as well. But that’s my call to expand breakdown of figures from individual centers. Noida is just an example and this is as regular report as my other ones (even in past i have put show wise data of some movies).

      Numbers for Paa here are as good as others. Its your call to pick any available numbers of your choices. Thanks !!

    • You Moron check this fraud from your loving site BOI :

      BOI is definitely anti-bachchans. and the PROOF of that lies in the following GADDBADD in reporting paa collections. look at this link –
      BOI has given a break-up for Paa Collections major centres in week 2. interestingly, the total is missing at the bottom. if you add it all up, it comes to 7.14cr or so off 253 cinemas.
      Now, a few days later, this appears on the same site –
      this is the weekly chart. in that, it says – Paa 7.97 cr on 450 cinemas. how is it possible that 253 cinemas yielded 7.14cr and the balance 200 odd prints yielded only 83-odd lacs???

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