500 Posts / 5000 Comments / 2.5 Lakhs Hits


Thanks guys for standing by me in this fruitful journey … 🙂

Special Thanks to Praz , Sanchit, Topaz  and sharmila for great contribution to this blog.

From members, Surya, jeevan, Shruti, Anshul, Jasmine, Rosh, Sam, Shakir, Karan, Zakir, David, Anirban, Anuj, Swati, bigfun, Sid, SRKFAN, gopu, jacktackle, Rizwan, Asmit, Somnath, Ranjen, Jazzz, sonia, dasyu and Amit ….. and many others (List is too long, please apologize me if i am forgetting some important names) …… A big thanks to all of you for regular Visits and comments.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on December 20, 2009.

42 Responses to “500 Posts / 5000 Comments / 2.5 Lakhs Hits”

  1. thank you Yakuza, and i apologyse to all Big B fans for my harsh comment on Paa, sotake it easy Bachchan fans, it’s all for animating this Blog and i know that Yakuza big heart make that everybody is welcomed here.

    So go on Yakuza, and make us proud by creating a credible and fair balanced boxoffice site.

  2. Thank you Yakuza. I am happy to be part of this wonderful space and thanks to you for your tremendous efforts along wit the the rest.

  3. thank you very much 🙂 i am really fan of you …………

  4. Wowwwww .. This is huge achievement .. This is not easy job,i was unable to attract even 200 audience per day for 6 months, then i shut down my blog (cricket blog), I remember for six months my HITS was only around 5000 only .. 2.66 lakhs in few months is just remarkable .. and 5000 comments are even most commendable .. Thanks ..

  5. HEY I AM THERE!!! 🙂


  6. Yakuza, Now its time to update the Box office Predictions for these movies.

    3 Idiots

    I really want to what you think and others as well.

    Thanks again.

  7. Congrats Yakuza …… 🙂

    This is really remarkable achievement .. Wish you all the best and i wish This blog to reach Millions of hits and posts in future …. 🙂

    And just to let you know, i visit this site for at-least 15-20 times a day .. 🙂
    Love this blog ..

    • Okay I lied I also visit your site for at least 10-15 times a day, I didn’t what you to think that I am some kind of a freak.

    • Hey SRKFAN .. I am not doing any competition here .. actually for whole day i do internet surfing and being a bolly buff, i used to visit every pet site for atleast 15-20 times a day .. that’s it .. My job gives me this opportunity to surf internet for entire day .. that’s it .. this comment was never meant for you .. please sorry if you feel bad ..

      • I don’t feel bad at all, I do the same thing, I mostly come here when I am at work and bored, and this site cheers me up.

    • Thanks shruti for kindness.. 🙂

  8. congrats sir, this is your real hard work .. and you are doing great job to entertain us .. please keep it up .. 🙂

  9. Yo Yakuza the sumu wrestler 😛
    you know the best thing about ur site is, it gets updated every now and then so it’s really interesting to know whts goin on.
    btw, i never knew the site is by u. 🙂 sorry abt that. now that i know, kudos to u. i take a bow keep the good work rollin I SAID IT!

  10. Thanks Yakuza,I am very happy that in that list my name is present and also for this that I am present everyday for this beautiful site.Bollybusiness.wordpress is the best site ever.day by day its improving but Sir now u will work hard for this and hope this will be more popular than now.keep it on Yakuza and his friends.

  11. Hey Yakuza,

    I live in plainsboro, NJ.
    This is my 1st comment on ur website though i do access this website regularly (atleast 4-5 times a day)…i like ur box office reporting…Keep up the good work.

  12. Congrats Yakuzabhai…..you deserve accolades for such a fine site !

  13. Hey three cheers to you Yaks…Just love your work and proud to a part of your blog…Thanks for your support and motivations…Keep Rocking!!!!

  14. Hi Yak,

    Gr8 news ! special congrats on this occ. Long way to go dear. Its just started, will break many records in future for sure if you keep up this site the same way or above 🙂

    Also congrats to the contributors Praz , Sanchit, Topaz and sharmila for being a part of this gr8 venture 🙂

    May god bless you all to write may many good and outstanding, masterpiece articles in future.



    • Dear david,
      Thanks for huge encouragement and really feeling glad to inform you that we are on way to launch Two websites, socialwizz.com is Praz project which will be fully functional from January, 2010. And i am on way to build base for box-office site which will also include repots of regional movies (Will start with Telugu and Tamil movies). Before jumping to site, you will see some reports on south cinema at this blog in coming days.. So i really need wishes.. 🙂

      Thanks again for being here.. 🙂

      • Yakuza This is a great move, i was thinking of the same thing that south needs to be covered too.

      • Oh Good GOD 🙂 FINALLY ! Rejoicing man iam rejoicing 😛

        Hope that you will churn out some amazing but equally APPEALING names for the new site & put the poll to know the reaction from the bloggers out here. Just my opinion.

        Anyways Iam with you wishing you always the best of the BEST ONLY

      • Thanks Yak Bhai!

  15. Congrats Yakuza for achieving this tremendous feat. The best thing about this blog is that the box office collections are regularly updated and they are also reliable to a great extent. Another outstanding feature is the response we get from you and your team to every noteworthy comments or questions. The interaction of general reader and blog writer is the base of this success.

    Wish the visits to this site will quadruple within a few weeks. Carry on Yakuza we are with you. 🙂

  16. cngrts yakuza….i 1st visited this blog when wanted released…and 4m then i always visit this blog 1st coz u r very fast abt bo update….thanks…and plz update about veer,3idiots,mnik bo predictions

  17. Thanks Yakuza,You gave answer to everyone.thank you.

  18. Heyyy Dear Yakuza, Tons of Congrats, This is really marvlous feat you have achieved, I wish this site to grow big size with each passing day .. 🙂

  19. […] – BollyBusiness […]

  20. Thank you yakuza for your great work. I hope that you will continue to provide us exact box office details.
    Thanks once again.

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