Avatar : Boxoffice Ka Devta

Avatar(English) opened to excellent response all over india. Plexes having Three Dimensional setup are running packed houses and already booked for entire weekend at most of places. Other plexes comparatively bit lower, but still going strong. Friday opening was in range of 70 – 100% at most of places. Approx. 500 Prints are in circulation for English version.

Avatar(Hindi) opened to good response as well. Friday opening was in range of 40-70% at most of places. Approx. 200 prints are in circulation for Hindi version.  Opening day (Friday) combined business of both versions should be in range of 4-4.5 Crore.

Rocket Singh did steady business on weekdays(though on lower side), if first weekend was 10.5 Crore, Weekdays were 4 Crore. First week total stands at 14.5 Crore. These are not encouraging collections, still not worst either. Second friday dropped big time with 75 lacs Nett.

Paa saw rocking 2nd week. if 2nd weekend was 7.25 Crore, Weekdays enjoy excellent 3.75 Crore Nett. Second week total stands at 11 Crore. And now Paa stands at 30 Crore in Two Weeks. Movie entered in third week with bang, there is no sign of any drop on weekend collections. Third week open with rock steady business of 1.5 Crore and Advance bookings at Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad are excellent for third weekend. Saturday should be 2.5 Crore atleast. Paa is doing excellent business not only at metros, but also doing steady business at smaller centers like Chandigarh, ludhiana, ambala, Karnal, Lucknow, Kurukshetra etc. 

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on December 19, 2009.

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  1. Sam how are you feeling? hope you are out of hospital now.

    Just do not see the figures of PAA on its 3rd friday 1.5crores. We do not want you to go hospital again.


  2. Whats is the collection of de dana dan? Yakuza U havent put da figure of DDDg

  3. Looks like Paa figures here are 6 cr more than BOI figures. Agian I will go for a number in between i.e 27 cr nett in 2 weeks..

  4. @Anirban, if you believe other movie figures of bollybusiness then you should also believe on Paa figures of bollybusiness.

    Check this Avatar first day figure of 6.75 Crore gross, this would yield to 4.25 crore Nett figure which confirms yakuza range …

    Avatar grosses Rs. 67.5 million on opening day

    Yakuza was right for every movie way before any one else confirm, if others figures are so correct then Paa is also correct ..
    And also i have checked bangalore plexes for Paa today, whole weekend is booked .. actually i went for avatar tickets to some plexes, but couldn’t get. i was so surprised to see that all shows of paa are also house full …

    Yakuza is correct in his reporting ….

    • i too checked in bangalore and it is going full on sat and sun is already houseful. surprisingly monday show advance booking also decent ranges from 20-50% already

      • Not even bangalore, i have checked bookmyshow.com .. check bookings of Paa for sunday at Delhi, Noida, bangalore and hyderabad .. you will find many shows sold out already and this sort of thing in third weekend is just really amazing.

        if you have noticed, Many movies even doesn’t get sold out status for even first weekend ..

        Paa is defintely doing excellent in third weekend .. i am pretty sure ..

    • yes he is almost right for the other movies other than Amitav Bachhan’s same is true for BOI.

  5. rocket singh ko paa ka avatar le dooba

  6. Still Paa is rocking.Why the anti-amitabh is not except the PAA collection because they r jealous from success of PAA.Yakuza did same thing for every film and every time he bring real facts therefore I like this site too much and I hate Boxofficeindia site because they r anti-amitabh and fan of SRK,see in BOI,in that u will find Amitabh blockbuster film DON is just hit and one thing else they change the collection of film every year I don’t know why?PAA is still rocking,now hope for PAA will be Blockbuster film of 2009 because if PAA will cross 40 crore then PAA will be blockbuster because PAA is low budget film.Well done PAA.

  7. Well, i usually visited every site for boxoffice information. let me give you my gut feelings for every site :

    1. BOI : This site has simple formula, Anything but bachchan. This is pretty clear by thier commentary on Paa. Even if they stick on their numbers, 24 Crore in two weeks is pretty good and its obvious that movie will do atleast 32-35 crore if they keep these numbers either. In that case how can Paa will be Above Average stuff considering 15 Crore budget which has already recovered by all other rights.. Also their Old movies data is simply Raw data and they have manuplated verdicts and collections of movie as par thier own wish. Simply rubbish. Now big question is who is behind BOI ?? Who is running this site? This is not simple thing to get figures from all India; Even Komal nahta has reported centers of most of movies in range of just 50 – 70%. Even Taran/Komal never claims that they have full data of every movie. Then how come BOI claimed to have 100% reported data?? This is really suspicious.

    2. Indicine : These guys are just Moron and always publish their boxoffice report from another sources. these guys don’t have any source. So leave them.

    3. Planetbollywood/Glamsham/bollywoodtrade : All these portals have their boxoffice columns which is operated by one common guy called ADIB. He don’t have any of his own source, He simply dependent on Komal Nahta numbers, If Komal nahta will say 10 crore from 5 centers, he will simply calculate 13 crore from 15 centers. Now if Komal himself give wrong or manipulated information, That wrong information will spread by Adib from Komal to Planetbollywood to Glamsham to Bollytrade. Means false reporting all over Net. And if false information will be written at more than once at several medias, then even false always look like true. Adib is really dangerous who himself don’t know what he is doing .. He blindly taking data from komal and without even varifying weather it is true or false, put at 3-4 sources at one GO … Simply dangerous and Moron at same time.

    4. Now come to bollybusiness, First Yakuza himself have his own direct source ( As he written many times bigtree entertainment), He got numbers from their server and calculate total Nett based on these numbers. There is one thing which is 100% correct is reported data which yakuza got from boxoffice server, He always knows for each and every show the status of bookings and collections. That’s why his reporting of advance booking status is always true despite of media manipulation (take rocket singh case where all media was blindly followed komal nahta without knowing fact that rocket was opened to good response of 3 crore on first day). Yakuza’s commentary is always on fair side and sometimes widely criticized by those blindly media followers. But reality comes after getting real data. I notice that yakuza on Friday evening declared here that Avatar opened to just good response and hindi version is not good and i suddenly see comment criticizing him for this reporting, but at the end of day he proved right. I am not taking his side or favoring him. But i do have gut feeling that he is always fair and unbiased in reporting of numbers as well as his commentary is always on fair side for each movie.

    5. IBOS : IBOS has excellent and correct old data base. But thier reporting for current movies is either Right (in that case most of others are wrong) or Wrong. I never understood their reporting.

    All in all …

    BOI can be trusted for all but bachhcans.

    Adib (Planetbollywood/Bollytrade/Gamsham) is simply avoidable.

    Bollybusiness is only site whom i can rely.

    IBOS — not counting.

    • Well said about Adib. He is really a disease and very dangerous. But if you notice, Komal is real source of this disease, but positive thing about Komal is that he never spread news across 10-15 platforms to make it true. Adib is dangerously connected to 5-6 popular sites and what so ever will be written on them will be look like true. I am amazed how he can do this when he don’t have even any dorect source??? This is simply rubbish…

      • I knew Abid from a LONG time ago in the PB days, we were good friends and he seemed like a genuine dude with passion for cinema, no idea why he’d get involved in this bull crap!

      • yes praz, Adib is genuine in sense that his model of work is consistent.

    • Thanks !! No comments for others !! But thanks for appreciation and faith in bollybusiness.. :). BTW Adib is nice guys and since he never come here for comments, this is ethically wrong to comment about him in his absence.

    • I also agree with u jasmine about IBOS, Bollybusiness and Adib. I used to have firm believe upon BOI till the release of Paa but now not quite sure about it.

    • BTW Jasmine, about IBOS, Even most prestigeous site of world Boxoffice Mojo take their figures from IBOS for domestic market … IBOS can not ignored on this basis .. BoxofficeMojo is not such a small or cheap portal who can tie up with Fake portal .. IBOS is surely not fake .. i am really skeptikal about all this mystery of boxoffice …

      Ohh godddd .. can some one solve it ???

    • Great analysis Jasmine … Can’t disagree even at single point ..


    Please come back, so what if PAA is a hit. Dont let this depress you!!

  9. Yakuza you’re the man! This is the best box office site on the internet!!

  10. guys give PAA a break and focus on AVATAR. if PAA hit’s or not, not gona fill any body’s stomach. just the craziness of DDD is over n now its PAA PA PA. If you get the figures right or wrong, accurate or hyped. is it effecting you in any ways? atleast we get some info of the BOX OFFICE from this sources for which, THANKS for the guyz involved

  11. Hey thats good yak…Its Avatar everywhere…Paa deserved to be a hit and i am happy for it but same time i am sad for RS…It is too good to loose boxoffice battle…Next week 3 Idiots…I Hope it wraps Dec with a bang…After ur feedback on Teen Patti promo i am waiting for it to unveil…

  12. Estimate for Paa Week 1



    Paa vs. TZP
    In Priority I centers, Paa is 88.9% of TZP.
    In Priority II centers, Paa is 115.6% of TZP.
    In Priority III centers, Paa is 99.7% of TZP.

    On Weighted Comparison, Paa week 1 is 99.6% of TZP.
    Paa Week 1 Nett collection is 16.1 cr.

    Paa vs. WUS
    In Priority I centers, Paa is 99.5% of WUS.
    In Priority II centers, Paa is 94.8% of WUS.
    In Priority III centers, Paa is 93.8% of WUS.

    On Weighted Comparison, Paa week 1 is 95.7% of WUS.
    Paa Week 1 Nett collection is 14.9 cr.

    Paa vs. CDI
    In Priority I centers, Paa is 79.5% of CDI.
    In Priority II centers, Paa is 77.5% of CDI.
    In Priority III centers, Paa is 83.9% of CDI.

    On Weighted Comparison, Paa week 1 is 81.4% of CDI.
    Paa Week 1 Nett collection is 16.7 cr.

    Taking the mean of the above estimates, the week 1 Nett collection of Paa is 15.9 cr.



    Center – Paa Nett – TZP Nett (FI data)
    mumbai – 44063761 – 44277793
    delhi – 17143942 – 24603463
    ahmedabad – 6256922 – 5909325
    kolkata – 9152687 – 7484000
    hyderabad – 5625257.458 – 4806585
    baroda – 1944035 – 2743294
    himmatnagar – 60971 – 43264
    valsad – 194603 – 217323
    rajkot – 1051893 – 558778
    bhavnagar – 224720 – 162804
    noida – 2501153 – 2693107
    lucknow – 1268805 – 1869965
    agra – 422639 – 305000
    ahmednagar – 153810 – 156302
    nasik – 1211258 – 877717
    gurgaon – 3836944 – 3734535
    panipat – 100882 – 187903
    guwahati – 347770 – 320355
    nagpur – 2065280 – 1670512
    amravati – 176956 – 146647
    akola – 145860 – 93479
    chandrapur – 138135 – 86498
    indore – 2792585 – 2196933
    jaipur – 2100987 – 2515610
    ajmer – 274429 – 446267
    aurangabad – 236413 – 295636

    Center – Paa Nett – WUS Nett (FI Data)
    mumbai – 44063761 – 37500000
    delhi – 17143942 – 24000000
    ahmedabad – 6256922 – 6000000
    pune – 9235170 – 10000000
    kolkata – 9152687 – 10000000
    surat – 1760745 – 1400000
    nadiad – 142666 – 105000
    baroda – 1944035 – 2100000
    bharuch – 305975 – 200000
    rajkot – 1051893 – 800000
    jamnagar – 365224 – 265000
    kolhapur – 439081 – 325000
    nasik – 1211258 – 650000
    goa – 1245540 – 1400000
    hubli – 140683 – 155000
    belgaum – 287557 – 320000
    noida – 2501153 – 3600000
    kanpur – 929879 – 750000
    lucknow – 1268805 – 1565000
    agra – 422639 – 500000
    gorakhpur – 173706 – 175000
    gurgaon – 3836944 – 5500000
    faridabad – 1351960 – 1700000
    ambala – 283996 – 350000
    darjeeling – 115509 – 150000
    nagpur – 2065280 – 1800000
    raipur – 856025 – 810000
    jaipur – 2100987 – 2800000
    indore – 2792585 – 2000000
    ajmer – 274429 – 225000
    bikaner – 189546 – 125000
    kota – 305515 – 425000
    vijayawada – 202950 – 250000

    Center – Paa Nett – CDI Nett
    mumbai – 44063761 – 50716792
    delhi – 17143942 – 26295210
    ahmedabad – 6256922 – 9043897
    hyderabad – 5625257.458 – 6288561
    ajmer – 274429 – 363425
    indore – 2792585 – 1868611
    aligarh – 132744 – 597083
    bhavnagar – 224720 – 371355
    himmatnagar – 60971 – 166968
    valsad – 194603 – 212059
    nasik – 1211258 – 756586
    goa – 1245540 – 1092969
    noida – 2501153 – 4685879
    gurgaon – 3836944 – 5737927
    faridabad – 1351960 – 1989805
    nagpur – 2065280 – 1565817
    guwahati – 347770 – 219370
    jaipur – 2100987 – 1353671
    kota – 305515 – 754129
    chennai – 497794 – 686652
    jamnagar – 365224 – 471576
    aurangabad – 236413 – 632279

    • Ha .. These are estimates based on reported centers, But like jasmine said .. if reported collections are wrong or incomplete .. then all further analysis will go wrong …… This is all useless unless you got right numbers for all centers ….

      Here Mumbai/delhi/bangalore/noida are underreported …….. Yakuza will tell exact figures ……

    • Just Checked this site.
      I have also checked DDD vs APKGK comparision.
      In big centres according to them both are same level whereas in smaller centres DDD is double of APKGK.
      Just checked (DDD – 33-34 crore and APKGK – 39-40 crore)

    • But the problem is Paa will do well for long time and that is important about the film.
      It is a hit or super-hit whether you believe it or not.

    • Btw your delhi report is totally baseless.
      You have even gone below SRK’s BOI in terms of being anti-amitabh.
      BOI – Paa in Delhi (1.95 crore) and you (1.71 crore)
      So Your propoganda has been exposed dear.
      Now stop fooling people and yakuza (by saying that you are doing it for fun).You are crazy SRK or Aamir Khan fan who cannot stand Bachchan’s success because these 2 actors cannot come close to him.

  13. Mr amit, i am big fan of amithab, i am just doing this for fun, and aamir or SRK are doing their best, even others like salman hritik and ajay, they can never reach Bachchan level quantitatively speaking, but they still have chances to improve their filmography by doing meaningful movies as bollywood is more and more accepting experimentation and exposing to a worlwide audiences, in the times of amithab there was no internet, dvd or satellite and indians were not exposed to world cinema so making 4-6 movies a year and making them succes was a good achievement and it was possible, but nowdays if you do that you are going to repeat yourself and the public would be bored ( akshay this year is a proof for that), thus we have nowdays Aamir or Srk or Hritik doing one or two movies a year, wich will allow them to experiment with varied roles and rule bollywood for a long time.

  14. Hi Sam, if you are talking about 70’s (with out internet, DVD etc).. let me tell you one thing film fans always love to see their heroes on big screen (which is true for even 50’s , 70’s and to date). your so called SRK’s, Aamir are big stars earn big money just because of Multiplex and oveseas (IT/BT/ITES) stupids like us. if you go by popularity / mass even today Salman, Akshay have more number of followers than SRK and Aamir. but Multiplex / overseas rates are atlesat 4 to 5 times higher than single screens. i challenge you, to count the no of people who used to visit Amitabh, Rajesh khanna movies in their peak period to today’s super stars, then you will understand their status. I am not against any Khans as i earlier clarified you saying i am against SRK in the top, just because he reached that status just by using media to create hype and once again using the media channels, portals like BOI to make him demi God of Bollywood. where as Amitabh became God of Bollywood by kicking media ass and just by entertaining people. Ask today’s super stars to behave like amitabh in the 70’s and retain the same status then i will agree Khans are superstars until then let us stop fighting over this again and again. As per my knowledge i can see one and only Hrithik, to be a real genuine superstar in the making…. i really wish and love to have a true succesor to Bachchan era before he retires…

  15. don’t compare 70’s with 90’s and 2000’s, compare decade by decade, amithab is giving disasters every year now, with some success, how can he be ruling now, we don’t have to bring him to the equation as he belongs to another era. now he is mostly a character actor.
    and as you see iam no fanatic of superstar, i have a lot of them to admire (4 to 6 that i cited) and stop your obsession of considering bollywood as a kingdom or royal family that needs a heir to her throne, we are now in the hollywood model (three to 4 actors at the top and interchanging places every now and then as they are making few films every year.

    • The very reason we are debating tells us that AB is still very much in picture though he is playing character roles in most of the films. Still films are being written for him.

      It is true that his success rate is not like it was in 70’s or 80’s. However it will be wrong to judge him at this point of time only by BO success. he has passed the phase.

      If we exclude AMIR, SRK and Hrithik. All other starts gives good amount of flops. They should not be measured only by flops during last couple of years.

    • Despite being in character roles in many movies, He still got credit for Success as well as disaster results of movie.. Biggest example is “Jhoom Barabat Jhoom” and “God tussi Great Ho”, Despite being just in a sing in JBJ and literally 10 minute role in GTGH.. Failure of these movies always tagged with him in most of media articles. Responsibility of Boxoffice results come only to shoulder who you still think can carry on ..

  16. Thanks Yakuza.

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