Quick Poll: Did you like the MY NAME IS KHAN promo?

Did you enjoy the new promo of MY NAME IS KHAN

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~ by prazzero00000 on December 18, 2009.

9 Responses to “Quick Poll: Did you like the MY NAME IS KHAN promo?”


  2. NO.hope for Teen Patti.

  3. dashing will break all rcords.

  4. Average!

  5. My Name is Khan will be the blockbuster and will break 3 idiots records very easily because of Shahrukh’s stardom over the globe!.

    It will be better Amitabh to stay back for few weeks, otherwise he has to face the truth-the tsunami of king khan’s collections. Just like Sawariya faced with Om shanti om!!!.

    Oh common, there is no second thought…everyone knows what Shahrukh does when he joins with Kajol n karan johar!!!. The songs are awesome with soulstirring touch!. Unlike movies like Kurban n Newyork, this movie will have something different story all together!!!. Because Shahrukh knows what to look in from a story….. No wonder why Shahrukh avoided to act in 3 idiots, Just sit back n think what this KING KHAN is going to offer n what is he aiming at!!!!

    • MNIK will break 3I record ??? LOlzzzzzzzz Biggest joke of 2010 .. Even biggest SRK fans are not thinking to even touch ghajini collections, leave alone 3I .. Ha Ha.

      3I records will be broken after 3 years by Aamit himself .. 🙂

    • another deluded SRK fan


  6. will be a hit but not in league of 3 Idiots . promos are all average nothing extra ordinary about it. SRK’s acting is way over the top.

  7. sanjay

    i’m not sure abt the promos. i’v seen them but they haven’t grabbed me. with kajol & the KJ connection its too familiar in my mind. it would have been interesting if they cast Priyanka….

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