POLL : Best Script Of 2009

~ by Yakuza on December 18, 2009.

13 Responses to “POLL : Best Script Of 2009”

  1. Paa was good, but Kaminey was way better and if Paa wins, then it just proves that this site is filled with Big B fans.

    • No .. I will rank Paa and kaminey script on same page, both were pretty average stuff …

      Luck by chance and 99 by miles … But Paa will win because of popularity value …

      srkfan, Paa will win at every site .. and even will win awards .. there is no connection of this being related to bigb fans …

    • KAMINEY I found tad overrated as a film (and the script).
      My vote went to DELHI 6 and DEV D!

  2. Paa all the way .. However idea here was better than script .. but i will go with this loking at other craps around ..

  3. to “srkfan” the same way the stupid web site http://www.naachgaana.com
    is filled with cutloos with the senior most cutloo being tango aka abid

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  6. I think kaminey is the best.kaminey wil beat paa.

  7. No doubt PAA is far better from every film.PAA is superb.PAA 31%.PAA will be winner.

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  9. Where is 3 idiots??? Surprised that it’s not in the list… ! 😦

  10. Its all the way 3 idiots is the best script! All the movies up there are boring including paa and kaminey.

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