Confirmed : My Name Is Khan V/S Teen Paati (Results )

This article was first published on 24th November, 2009. A poll was organized to check range of audience for for both movies, To utter shock MNIK and Teen patti got equal votes .. 44% each. However i am sure that votes for Teen Patti are actually Anti-MNIK votes. This thread follows pretty good discussion. Please follow up … And thanks for voting !! ……. 🙂

On surface level this battle seem to be one sided, My Name Is Khan is most awaited movie where Shahrukh khan will come in lead role after gap of more than one year (there was Billu in between as supporting role). But Audience and specially Shahrukh’s millions of fans are dying to see him on silver celluloid since long. Evergreen pair Shahrukh – kajol will be back after 9 Years (last seen in K3G in 2001). Also Karan Johar is riding high after 100% success record as Producer as well as director in as many as 6 movies. Bumper opening for this movie is always on cards.

On other Hand Teen Patti is International project with Amitabh and Ben Kingsley in Lead roles. Director Leena’s second outing after Dud “Shabd” is testimony for her career. There are few lucky ones who has seen the promo at BigB blog which was uploaded for few hours and then removed from blog after some objections raised by producer ‘Hinduja Brothers”. Well i am one among those lucky guys. Promo was eye candy and gave you international feel, give you feel of another Ankhein(2001) type of thriller which was very much critically acclaimed and good commercial success. On Flip side Teen patti first look lacks Desi Punch and enough appetite to attract Desi audience. Bumper opening for movie is out of equation, Clash with My Name is khan on 12th feb, 2010 will cut enough meat in first week.

Still let’s try to figure out how many of you are still interested in Teen patti ? :

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~ by Yakuza on December 18, 2009.

87 Responses to “Confirmed : My Name Is Khan V/S Teen Paati (Results )”

  1. Should i say i am blinking my eyes looking at few votes in last couple of minutes ???

    Teen patti – 67%

    MNIk – 26%


    Looking forward to see end result .. Still blinking !!

  2. On any generic site – say a rediff or bollywoodhungama- MNIK would have easily got 80% of the votes. The result here will depend on whos fans visit this site more often. The results in that sense will be interesting.

    • I was also surprised with Veer winning as most awaited movie[ Was looked like Votes bombarded by Salman fans only). And now i am surprised at the frequency of votes within 15 minutes and result biased towards Teen Patti. [Bachchan fans coming here in majority is news to me].

  3. Can you guys confirm me if you can vote only once ?? I mean this POLL is blocked by IP. shouldn’t take into account more than one vote from one IP. I am bit surprise by number of votes and results, that’s why i am skeptical.

  4. @Yakuza
    Yeah man. The fans. The face that one person can vote as many times as one can is disappointing. Also i am sure when SRK fans get to know about this, the result will balance out. Anyways is there anything that can be done to avoid multiple voting from the same person. I know at Passionforcinema, you can only cast one vote per e mail id.

    • is it ?? but it shouldn’t be. because it is not even allowing me to cast vote more than once. Anyways i am removing this POLL, and will replace it with another Poll with same option. I hope that will work.

  5. Ok i just tried it and it says your vote has already been counted when i voted for the second time. I think the IP filter is working

  6. this movie has no chance to become even an average earner againt MNIK, before i was thinking it would recover cost, and even becone an above average but to come against SRK Kajolafter 8 years is scuicade, teen pati is assured to be a flop

  7. and by the way these pools, means nothing, because the numbers of visitors are little, and some fans of certains stars when they feel that some blogs or the owners of that blog are biased or guiding it toward fake results that match the interest of their respective idols, they simply stop to come. and then you have some blog who are known as AB blog ‘and fake amir blog )like Satyamshit, and even if bollybusines is little balanced i sence, it wil soon become a second satyamshot in disguise

    • This 225 votes in just 4 hours is incredible i guess (never happened before). And i have checked all incoming references today, there is no reference for this thread, This is strange result and equally strange volume of votes (However traffic is normal today).

      Anyways, whatsoever will be result, As written in article, MNIK will be huge and Teen Patti’s boxoffice outcome will suffer heavily on initial days.

  8. i hope my felling are wrong because i really love the way bollybusines especially in the begening was. so stay away from alienating a section of fans

  9. i assure you that i am big fun of amithab, and i urge him and his producers to avoid this clash because teen pati, and raan deserve to be succesful and make a mark for him in his second inning and not the likes of aladin or Paa.

  10. Sir,u r saying that MINK is above than teen paati.remember this one sir.after paa i think amitabh will come on top.and all awards will go to amitabh pocket.and amitabh will get more attenation.therefore i think Teen Paati will be very strong aganist MINK.i m not saying that MINK is not good movie but teen paati is also looking great like paa.i like teen paati therefore i will vote to teen paati.

  11. Just proves my theory of the anti-SRK feelings that SRK has created in bollywood as well as among audiences. If this grows, SRK will be out of top 5 before you can blink.

    Salman tasted anti-Salman feelings earlier this decade (though not deserved or of his own making, IMO) and now SRK seems to be following.

    • I know SRK being out of top 5 sounds crazy, but if Akki – Salman – Aamir fans go anti-SRK then its definitely possible. Many Salman and Aamir fans are already strongly anti SRK. I see a lot of Akshay Kumar fans going that way too.

      Of course I am predicting, and predictions can be wrong. But the vote here for Teen-Patti is more anti-MNIK than for Teen Patti. Add the none group to it and its majority anti-MNIK already.

  12. Yakuza,
    you are conducting a poll but the briefing you have given for the vote is biased towards srk. I was also surprised by the results of this poll and veer toping in coming movies.
    But on another bollywood site indicine, a poll is being conducted for most favourite actor and there also salman is far ahead of ark and amir. how far the results of these polls are true but this certainly relates to reality to some extent. srk’s films still can do well but i can sense strong anti srk feeling amongst other top star’s fans.
    And Billu has to be considered as a flop film in srk’s account because it is his home production film and he was there in promotion all over. When you cosider hello, heroes and sanwaria as salman’s flop where he was there for a few minutes why not billu for srk where his roll was much bigger.

    • I can vouch Yakuza has never included Salman’s special appearances among his flops, but yeah, media does that all the time. Billu may be an equal role or supporting role, but definitely not a special appearance for SRK so it is his flop.

  13. With the results we are seeing, I get a feeling that the viewership of this site is more bachchan fans than srk fans. In the first one hour when I saw the results, MNIK only had around 20% votes. That was the effect of the bachchan fans who visit this site more often. But slowly I think the casual visitors and srk fans started drifting the results away from Teen patti and hence the results look somewhat balanced. But like I said before, on a site like bollywoodhunga or rediff, MNIK would have easily got 70-80% votes.

    It will be more interesting to compare the results from here with the actual opening of both films and see the how well or badly connected is the audience of this site with reality.

  14. the reality is that some sites attracts the fans certain stars (ie Bachchan or salman )and alianate others (SRK, Hritik)when they fell the politics of the site or the blog suits them by taking their idols to the sky even when sometimes they don’t deserves (for the first group) and bashing the other (SRK, Hritik..) so slowly the second group will not come here anymore because the moderators have to be more honest and balanced, that why ifear that this site will be stigmatized as satyamshit 2 when you have 99% bachchan lickers and 99% of SRK,Hritik haters.

  15. TEEN PATTI for me…

  16. […] Read the rest from HERE […]

  17. I will wait for teen paati beacuse its looking great.SRK time is over because he is interested in IPL cricket to make good money not good films,main example is FARAH KHAN,a best friend of SRK but now she wants to give film to akshay kumar.

  18. SRK time is over in your daydreams, and hope for teen pati are now shatered, as it will be anhiliaeted to sureshot flop, teen pati should compete with an imran hashmi or rahul bose film and not with a SRK movie in his full fledged movie as he has delivered thre blockbusters in row an you dare say hes over, just wait till he deliver disasters like the one delivered by amithab in his heydays (Ganga jamuna saraswati, tofaan, jadugar) to declare him over.i laugh at SRK haters they have daclared finished after blockbusters, they just are not ashamed of theimselfs, guess it’s the effect of reading Satyamshit essays they have started to bilieve his lies and hate propaganda.

  19. totally agree with u sam…this is the reason why srk fans are avoiding this blog because its full of stupid anti-srk ppl…cmon guys learn to appreciate a person who has taken india to a global these ppl even know tht srk is the only indian who is known across the globe…

    • “srk is the only indian who is known across the globe” .. lol, what a joke. First Mrs. Bachchan and now Mr. Khan claiming to be the only Indian known across the globe.

      • rosh why r all u anti-srk ppl so jealous of the guy…cmon dude even i used to be lik u ppl..par one day i read about him on google..i mean evrythng…awards fans movies…etc since then gradually i realised hez a phenomenon…recently i read an article..” SRK rescues indian tourists in africa” u knw wat it was….
        a group of tourists lost in some african jungles asked for directions par nobody understood a thing..dey tried to convey tht they are from india..bur no1 understood except a few who came running and asked if dey knew srk from india…! dey knew nthng of the country or its ppl but dey knew that srk is a dey got so excited of meeting ppl from srkland they helped dese ppl out…i know u srk haters wouldnt believe dis…such is the charisma and power of the man who was judged among the 50 most popular ppl in the world..! it is time u guys start acknowledgin facts…

        • this has nothing to do with my likes/hates. How can any senile person say “SRK is the ONLY indian who is known across the globe” is beyond me?

  20. MNIK will be average film like BLUE because of budget,remember this one.90 crore budget is too that time SRK will be busy in IPL because IPL is starting in march,so very bad news for srk fans bacause srk team is also not working if film will not work then big trouble for srk.TEEN PAATI will be hit,no body will compete with amitabh because he is the DON,SHAHENSHAH,THE PILLAR,THE ICON and SARKAR of bollywood.

  21. 90cr is not the budgget of the movie, the budget is 50 cr and the rights ( theatrical right in india and abrod, and other rights)were bought by fox on 90 cr so it is cheap price for all rights read what komal nahta had to say aboui it:
    ‘My Name Is Khan’ For Rs. 80 Crore!! Don’t Be Foxed – It’s Actually A Steal!

    August 8, 2009 by TFSJ

    Fox Star Studios has acquired the worldwide rights (excluding audio rights) of Karan Johar’s My Name Is Khan for a reported price of Rs. 80 crore. Along­with the announcement of the deal this week came another ann­ouncement – that the film is being made by Karan and Shah Rukh Khan in partnership.

    While the trade may opine that Rs. 80 crore is too high and risky a price, the fact is that it might actually be a cakewalk for Fox Star Studios when My Name Is Khan gets ready for release early next year even after Fox would have spent another Rs. 15 to 20 crore on promotion and prints.
    The way box-office business is growing these days, revenues of Rs. 95-100 crore (MG royalty of Rs. 80 crore plus Rs. 15/20 crore for prints and promotion) for Karan Johar’s film looks a certainty. Of course, with Rs. 95-100 crore, Fox would just break even but what one is trying to arrive at is that the risk to Fox is not very big. If the film clicks in a big way – as it is expected to – the profits would obviously accrue to Fox.

    And how exactly will Fox recover Rs. 100 crore? Given three facts – the immense popularity which Shah Rukh Khan commands in the Overseas circuit; the outstanding track record of Karan Johar in that circuit; and the Overseas audience treating Kajol as a hero rather than a heroine – the business which My Name Is Khan, starring Shah Rukh and Kajol, could end up notching in the Overseas circuit can well be imagined. And one is not even talking about the non-traditional markets here. Fox, of course, would target the film in markets where Hindi films have never been released so far and that must be the main reason why Johar and Khan chose Fox as their distributor.
    If My Name Is Khan is a successful film, a share of Rs. 35 crore from Over­seas is not a far cry, more so because the subject is said to have tremendous appeal for the Muslim audience. Pakis­tan and the Middle East markets could prove to be a gold mine for this film. It may be mentioned here that Shah Rukh plays the title role of a Muslim while Kajol is his Hindu wife in the film. Shah Rukh’s Om Shanti Om has reportedly done a business of Rs. 25 crore abroad. Each of Karan Johar’s films has cross­ed the Rs. 20 crore mark Overseas.
    Given the all-India business of films like Ghajini (Rs. 59 crore), Singh Is Kinng (Rs. 35 crore) and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (Rs. 48 crore), the business of My Name Is Khan could easily touch Rs. 60 crore. It may be mentioned here that business is only growing with each passing week.
    Therefore, you already have Rs. 95 crore from theatrical revenues of India and Over­seas. Satellite rights for a film like My Name Is Khan could go for anything between Rs. 15 and 20 crore and home video, for Rs. 3 to 5 crore. All of this would mean that Fox could earn anywhere between Rs. 113 and Rs. 120 crore. This could be the minimum earnings from the traditional markets alone.
    All of this underlines our claim that Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan have, in fact, underpriced their film. It would shock readers to know that the film would cost the makers more than Rs. 70 crore to make! Obviously then, Karan and Shah Rukh are not treating the sale to Fox as a pure business deal. For, had it been so, they’d have asked for a higher MG royalty.

    For Fox Star Studios then, My Name Is Khan is a brilliant buy and a steal!

    • Don’t know how you can call it a 50 cr movie by citing a source specifically says it cost the makers more Rs. 70 crores to make!

    • Anyway, since the movie cost 95 – 100 cr to fox, business of 200 cr is needed to be called a hit. Check BO Methodology here:

    • “If My Name Is Khan is a successful film, a share of Rs. 35 crore from Over­seas is not a far cry”

      I am sure he is ot talking about distribution share of 35 crore ??? DS of 35 crore is wild dream for any star from overseas (Means 70-80 Crore NETT). Also 60 Crore from indian theaterical bsiness ?? He gon Mad ?? Ghajini record of 115 Crore (59 crore share) is Far impossible to touch .. this is impossible task …

      Now come to point .. which is practically possible :

      If MNIK will get accepted :

      1. Indian theatrical business would be in range of 70 – 85 crore Max (35 – 45 Crore DS).

      2. Overseas can be 35 – 40 Crore MAX (18 – 20 Crore DS).

      3. Additional 25 crore for Music, Sattelite and home video right .

      This all makes : 75 – 85 Crore MAX … and only if Movie accepted.

      Now what if movie fails ??? GOD KNOWS … That would be monumental disaster ….

      • i think u dont know much about box office… that case , learn to appreciate number game….. by the way , follow any standard box office site to know the exact scene….

        in the way, srk is planning this movie, this cud get the biggest profit ever in bollywood.

  22. as for your so called Shahenshah, he’s no more a box office force, because poeple get bored to see him in 6 to 8 insignificant movie in a year (i guess he was bancrupt and nedeed the money so bad, and they dont pay him to much nowdays wich explain the hardwork he’s doing, torturing himself) instead of doing one significant movie in year to preserve his legacy
    wich results in delivering the bigest disasters in the history of ibdian cinema (RGV ki Aag, nishabd, Boom and unpteen number of flops), the movies that worked for him this decade were either SRK movies or akshay movie so not his movies, baring a baghwan and Sarkar or cheeni kum.

    • sam, With due respect to amit ji, All of his movies got deserving success this decade except Khakee(Which was above average but deserved superhit) …

      otherwise even his crap movie Bhootnath got decent boxoffice success, his sarkar raj which was not as good as sarkar got above average business .. can yoy please name any movie which you think was desrving HIT but fails at boxoffice??

      Even his solo movies who deserved to be boxoffice hits got HIT status (Baghbaan, Sarkar, Cheeni kum, Black) .. is it not enough to prove his boxoffice pull ??

  23. and the recent all time disaster aka aladin a 35 cr movie and doing 7-8 cr at the box office is guiness rcord of sort for grand paa bachchan, that has beaten the other all time disaster of the silly bachan family aka Daarona 40 cr movie doing 10-11 cr at the boxoffice wich shows that they competing in this field and i’m sure nobody will dethrone them from their crown of all time disasters

    • Man check Ajay devgan list here at bollybusiness only …. He has extremes of disasters in his kitty and only one HIT .. no superhit .. no blockbuster .. no one can beat Ajay degan in terms of boxoffice flops … but again is it matter ?? NOOO .. Ajay is SUPERBBBBBB actor and that really matters …

      Amitabh career at age of 67 is still competing with SRK, Aamir and salman … All these shetty. Deol, Devgan and all others are way behind amitabh …. Show some respect to this divine force …

  24. looks like My Name Is Khan is catching up. It will beat Teen Patti in no time.

  25. I am worried for MNIK , Movie looks carrying same theme as Newyork and Kurban. Why KJO chose to make two movies on same topic ?? Now Kurban bombed at boxoffice, success of MNIK seem to be uphill task.

    What you think guys ??? MNIK will be effected due to same terrorism theme which is now overwritten many times ???

  26. well karan johar said its a love story first..and deals with humanity and stuff like tht…so no issues of it being termed as a terrorism based movie…!

  27. and to jeevan and all others who think mnik wont gross much…deres some news tht fox is expecting a gross worldwide collection of 450 crores…! and the movie will be realesed in 40 countries the widest and biggest realese ever in terms of prints and srk’s overall collections for his last three solo movies have been on the rise
    chak de-140 crores
    rnbdj-180+crores….so despite the fact that oso and rnbdj were smashed by critics and all so if mnik is a success plus the fact tht its gona be a huge release i would say 12th feb will be a day in cinematic history for india…

    • @ anshul 450 gross worldwide?? that means around 320 cr nett worldwide…..wowwwww…that would be record breaking..mouth shatteringg all alll all time blockbuster…its only possible in dream I think

  28. “sam, With due respect to amit ji, All of his movies got deserving success this decade except Khakee(Which was above average but deserved superhit) …”

    aah! this easily is the biggest joke on bachchan. Why do bachchan fans do this to bachchan?

    As far a I know, the bachchan name is written on most of the disasters of this decade. Aag, Aladin, Aetbaar, hum kaun hain, Family, Deewar- lets bring heroes, Ab tumhare hawale watan etc. I can name many more.

    • haha, Bachchan fans have a special way of classifying movies .. whichever movies fail are not worth considering. Only those that are hits are Bachchan films.

  29. I want to understand the basics of this trade. How much should MNIK, Kites and 3 Idiots do? They were also sold for such huge numbers? How much should they do in India, overseas, music, TV, DVD etc?

    Another question- how does Blue become “Average” when it was also sold for 80cr+ and did only 40cr in India and hardly anything overseas ?

  30. yakuza … uve been doing a great job here ..

    but can u post the budget and the price at which they r sold as a big list of top 20 grossers each year .. i know amm askin too much .. but cant help it with curiosity

  31. MNIK v Teen Patti??? MNIK will blow TP away like a Tornado. i’m getting a Ghajni like feeling abt MNIK. this is going to be big. funny thing is 3i hasnt given me the same feeling as Ghajni either…..more of a TZP….slow and steady climb.

    • Agree on 3I to quite an extent, but 3I will not be as slow as was TZP, 3I looks like LRMB kinda deal, Good opening and great trending (if works well with audience).

  32. james Cameron´s ´Avatar´ To Say ´My Name Is Khan´!
    In perhaps the first of its kind of an event, where Hollywood meets Bollywood, the promo of Karan Johar’s ‘My Name Is Khan’ will be unveiled with James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’, globally on December 18.

    While talks about ‘My Name Is Khan’ with ‘Avatar’ were there on twitter for a while it has been confirmed officially.

    The much awaited Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol starrer, ‘My Name Is Khan’ is all set to release worldwide, during the Valentine weekend, February 12, 2010 to be exact.

    As may be recalled Fox Star Studios India will distribute ‘My Name Is Khan’ in India, Fox Searchlight will distribute in the US while 20th Century Fox will release in the rest of the world.

    • Last time some Hollywood production house came to produce/distribute a Bollywood movie we had Saawariya and Chandni Chowk to China .. way to go Fox 😀

  33. YAKUZA

    whats the budget of MNIK?

    how much was it sold?

    how much will business will it need to do at the BO to be called a hit?


  34. so YAKUZA u have started bringing down MNIK …! cmon yar grow up…!
    putting this poll on a bachchan blog…! other sites conducted a same pol and MNIK GOT 92% VOTES

  35. Guys this voting is a farce…If the news is true that MNIK and Teen patti is releasing on same day then God belss “”Teen patti””..I am sure the makers of “”teen Patti “” will be sensible and will postpone this movies…If indeed it releases with MNIK then it will be washed out….Period…

    • Rajeev, this was open polling and everyone here witnesses the results for each day, this is unique polling system locked for each IP. This voting was held on 24th November .. I also believe that votes for Teen Patti are more like anti-MNIK …

      • So Yakuza, you are aware of the fact that your blog is becoming more and more a cheap version of Satyamshot in the way that all SRK haters get attracted to it as your Policy (suits them to
        the core)

      • sam, MNIK got 44% votes .. This is self evident that this blog is good mixture of all fans ..

  36. I think Teen Patti will give strong competetion to MNIK.MNIK budget is 90 crore and Teen Patti will be 25 crore.too much difference.MNIK need above 100 crore to become hit film and I think its looking impossible.Might be another BLUE.and Fox will face with loss.and also in March IPL is starting,A big problem for hope for MNIK.

  37. […] Check Rest HERE […]

  38. Reactions for MNIK promos are mixed all over so you never know….MNIK will open a LOT bigger, but TEEN PATTI looks like AB’s best film…since…PAA (another authorbacked/solid role).

    Kingsley/Bachchan is indeed an event of sorts…

    • There are no two opinions on MNIK open much bigger .. but i guess if this clash happen, you never know even Teen Patti turn out to be good earner .. bollywood History many times witnessed such things .. When Shaalimar (1978, starring dharmendra and Zeenat, which was way bigger hyped movie of its time) Tanked after bumper opening and a small movie(Karamyogi starring itendra) in same week did excellent business and went on to became HIT ..

      Shalimar was hyped to such an extent that even Flags alongside roads were installed from Railway station to all cinemas where movie was playing, This was first crossover international movie and was supposed to be another Sholay. But it tanked in second week itself.


  40. i asked yakuza why has he put up results so late…to bring down MNIK ??? but he has been deleting my comments..I GUESS THT EXPLAINS A LOT OF THINGS…

    • Anshul, i never delete any comment .. please be fair. I never did this exercise of deleting comments (yes sometimes few comments auto comes to spam due to various reasons), but i checked spam section also and i found no comment from you even in spam category.

      If that was case(deleting comments), then all comments at bollybusiness were only rosy ones.

      About late put up of results, there are still at least 5-6 polls whose results i never published because they were no more timely (like Jail VS APKGK and many more).

      But this thread is more relevant now(as promo is out) and if you read my article, I am more positive about MNIK than teen patti (That was before promo unveiled), These are you guys who vote for this polls , not me. What so ever the results, bound to be published.

      • hi yaks how are dear…MNIK will for sure open huge …For Teen Patti lets wait for the promos…Lets hope both movies turn out to be good and do well at boxoffice….Any news on Avataar collections …Its 3D Shows are running full all across India…

      • I am good topaz, what abt you?

        I never been skeptical about MNIK huge opening. its given way before promo unveiled. And as i have written in article , i have seen the Teen Patti trailer once uploaded by bigB himself at his blog and then removed. Promo was excellent (that promo was for international buyers, so i am expecting even more from domestic version).

        As of now, i have seen both promos (MNIK and Teen Patti), If i need to chose one movie, that will definitely be Teen Patti which i would like to check first. And this preference is purely because of contents of trailer. MNIK seem to be too much predictable with same age old drama. While Teen Patti is something really exciting.

        However again, MNIK will open huge and its almost given fact.

        Avataar English version is doing excellent business and yes 3D format is booked for entire weekend. But hindi version is just good. Friday was inline of 2012. But Saturday numbers will be huge.

        Interesting thing is that Paa opened very well even in its third week and even better than second week despite Avatar factor. I can see from my server many shows already booked for many plexes at Noida, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai. This is exceptional business and i guess third week of Paa will be best among all movies in 2009 (if we compare third week business of all movies in 2009).

  41. Paa still going strong despite Avatar factor is exciting

  42. just surprised about this poll for its result being doubted not because of the methodology, but because of the result itself. I now believe that it really takes a different mind to enjoy a film, because we have so much time to favor or disfavor, we just pass on the moment of joy.

  43. Well done Yakuza,
    As u said that I have seen the promo of Teen Patti on amitabh blog,so we beleive on u because for me Teen Patti is looking great.And the story of MNIK is looking like New York and Kurban.

  44. mnik will be a blockbuster

  45. My Name is Khan will be the blockbuster and will great 3 idiots records very easily because of Shahrukh’s stardom over the globe!.

    It will be better Amitabh to stay back for few weeks, otherwise he has to face the truth-the tsunami of king khan’s collections. Just like Sawariya faced with Om shanti om!!!.

    Oh common, there is no second thought…everyone knows what Shahrukh does when he joins with Kajol n karan johar!!!. The songs are awesome with soulstirring touch!. Unlike movies like Kurban n Newyork, this movie will have something different story all together!!!. Because Shahrukh knows what to look in from a story….. No wonder why Shahrukh avoided to act in 3 idiots, Just sit back n think what this KING KHAN is going to offer n what is he aiming at!!!!

    • yeah we know wat SRK offered

      a film which seriously underperformed. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  46. Teen Paati is the mother of all time disasters ( 3 cr opening week-end,4,5 – 5cr first week,and will finish at 7-8 cr)wow a 25-30 cr movie doing 7,5 cr (3,5 D.S): 10% of the budget, shame on amithab, the dude got to retire soon, he has given 3 all time disaster in the last 5 mounths (aladin with a total of 7 cr, Raan another disaster again with a total of 6-7 cr and now the teen patti disaster) the next disaster in line is Shoebite.
    amithab the great is in a crusade for giving the most number of disaster movie in short period, i guess this record will never be broken in the history of the bollywood.

    • lol

      @ Sam even though u r very critical i love readin ur comments

    • At the same time Amitabh is same actor who has given 35 clean HITS from 1973 to 1985 period only (12 years). 35 Hits is more than all hits of SRK/Aamir/Hritik and Akshay combined. And remember this 35 clean Hits is according to Komal’s Harsh classification. As per his classification SRK don’t have even 10 clean hits. Now you can easily sense the monster success of amitabh in the peak of his career.

      • I couldnt agree more

        can u plz tell me who has more clean hits out of Salman, Amir, SRK and Akki

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