TOPAZ BOL : Top Ten Songs Of 2009

As year 2009 is about to end its time to have a review of the year gone by. 2009 offered some great albums in form of DevD ,Delhi 6,Tum Mile,Blue etc.

Plus there were some individual scores in some albums which stood out. This poll is to find out which all songs you guys loved and listened again and again od your Ipods,Car stereos or your laptops. Please participate and make this poll a success.I will publish my list after the poll result will be out.Lets see how much my taste matches yours.

To vote click here HERE

~ by topazbol on December 17, 2009.

4 Responses to “TOPAZ BOL : Top Ten Songs Of 2009”

  1. tum ne socha from main aur mrs khanna was good

  2. Paisa and Chiggy Wiggy

  3. Dont say alvida was superb yaar but missing from the list…

  4. almost all r overrated songs…..the main purpose of music in films should b entertainment…… nobody cares abt anything else… not even lyrics

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