Flyingperonis Thoughts : PRECIOUS (2009)

From a guest author Flyingperonis…thanks for the review. Will certainly check this out..sounds intriguing…..

After reading all the publicity for the movie (see below) I was really looking forward to it. On leaving the cinema I wanted to walk under the nearest tram. It’s a depressing, gritty film showing life through the eyes of a society outcast. Social workers struggle with limited resources, students have no cares, including for their studies and parental role models are on-existent. It’s an engrossing movie, but only because it’s so painful to watch. There are scenes which extract genuine gasps from the majority of the cinema audience (and quite rightly), but entertaining, this film is NOT. Charities that help abused women could do worse than to strategically position shaker-tins at the exit to this movie. It provides insight to a person we all recognise and try to avoid, and presents her in a very humanistic light. Maria Carey turns in a great cameo as the social worker (lank brown hair, no makeup), but she’s the bright spot in a dour, realistic squint at doing-it-tough in Harlem.

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~ by prazzero00000 on December 17, 2009.

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