First Teaser – My Name Is Khan

~ by Yakuza on December 16, 2009.

35 Responses to “First Teaser – My Name Is Khan”

  1. Loved it, but they gave away almost everything in the traier

  2. To be very fair, i am disappointed. Story is almost given and reminds me of Newyork (not really kurbaan though).
    But SRK performance is one trump card which enables this promo and further movie a dekko kinda feel. Music of movie should be another high point.

  3. Not impressed .. another kurbaan and newyork in making ….

  4. Shahrukh acting here looks lacking something … not at all good .. similarties with recent releases and poor storyline will make it tough job at boxoffice …

  5. the trailer was simply ok. i liked the new york trailer much more and even kurbaan’s trailer was better. yes it looks like srk will give a good performance even kajol too though i don’t think she has as big a role as she has had in the past in her movies with SRK. music wasn’t super appealing to me either. quite disappointed.

  6. Disappointed promo so no hope for this film.May be copy of New York and Kurban.and also 90 crore budget its too heavy so another Blue will be in shape of MNIK.

  7. srk is hamming a lot.over acting at its best

  8. another one from dharma bites the dust…sorry to say this as this look like a KHICHDI of NEWYORK,KURBAAN,EASHWAR(SRK’S ACT),AND HURRICANE KATRINA THAT STRICKED LOUISIANA IN 2005…VERY HARD FOR FOX TO GET ITS INVESTMENT BACK…MIGHT FIND A GOOD OPENING….AS the biggest blockbuster of 2010 will be “AVATAR”.

  9. after looking at the first promo….the whole story is unveiled……and it seems another KURBAAN…..the only noticeable thing is SRK performance…he is going to take awards for sure….but promo reveals nothing new….its KURBAAN and NEW YORK mixture…..and the whole story is given away…..

  10. I dont think the storyline is similar to Qurbaan or New York, this is said to be a love story and will be released around the Valentines day. I also dont think the whole story is told. Only a fool will reveal the complete story of a film in its first trailer. I hope the film rises to meet its expectations.

  11. But Karan Johar keeps saying that it is not a terrorism film.

  12. KARAN has seen the fate of his last production flick thats why he is now promoting it like a love story…but as the name and the promo suggests… even some of the scenes were picturized as same as KURBAAN….

    • karan already made a profit by selling it to whether fox looose or gain money..we have to wait and watch…

  13. AMAZING is not a word. it’s just simply mindblowing. people who are comparing it with Qurbaan or Newyork are loosers. trying to degrade the class of a movie. a mentally unbalanced person trying to meet a president of united states of america. what an idea sirji. the ace actor with 100% talent. an ace actress. an ace cinema will re-write the box office records. guy’s please dont take away the cream from the cake before its been served.
    no one. just no one can take it from this guy THE SRK. people who still hate him will be forced to love him after they watch this movie. WE CANNOT GUAGE AN ACTOR ON HIS RELIGION. and we cannot degrade a movie based on its casting. so please if you cannot speak something good. do not speak bad either. I SAID IT!

    • right said jacktackle….this whole blog is full of idiots…lol..KURBAAN….!!!! DONT U GUYS HAVE BASIC IQ LEVEL…saif played a terrorist and srk plays an autistic person who is true at heart…i dont even want to xplain to u all losers

  14. Come on yaar its just a above average promo. Nothing new. another 9/11 another terrorism.

  15. Promo looks boring. Another Kurbaan in the making.

    I think indian audiences are sick to these terrorist movies now. Bad luck Karan Johar you have another flop on your hands after kurbaan!!

  16. the movie looks silly fromo the promo but stil i wud like to see only for kajao as she is looking amazing and younger. I dont know why but khan’s acting of a autistic person doesnt appeal. but may be when we see the whole movie like his performance. Many time it happens that though the promo is not good but actually the movie turns out to be good. lets hope for the best.
    good or bad khan is coming after almost a year so people will definetly go to seethis movie once.

  17. first boring promo of srk i think he should retire now

  18. @ those who are telling this is a movie where we have kurbaan and new york all…wake up! this fim is not in one where shahrukh khan beocmes terrorist or he tries to justify his activities..its just how much he gets affected …after 9/11, just like an earthquake and all

    the promo rocks 5 star..

    for IDIOTS dont watch the movie..cos it needs brain to understand such gr8 mastrpieces

  19. those who feel this boring go watch deshdrohi or ur kinda film if u say this boring then u r cinema illiterate

  20. those who are telling this is a movie where we have kurbaan and new york all…wake up! this fim is not in one where shahrukh khan beocmes terrorist or he tries to justify his activities..its just how much he gets affected …after 9/11, just like an earthquake and all

    the promo rocks 5 star..

    for IDIOTS dont watch the movie..cos it needs brain to understand such gr8 mastrpieces


  21. Even if it was a frame by frame copy of Kurbaan and New York it doesn’t matter. This is SRK-Kajol together again after 9 years! Remember DDLJ, KKHH, K3G, Baazigar? The magic? I don’t like Kajol particularly and think she is over rated and plays the same bubbly character in all her films (she lacks the range that Rani Mukerji has) but when Kajol is with SRK she is dynamite and together they evoke star quality, something like Raj-Nargis, Dilip-Madhubala etc etc. The USP is not the story it’s the cast.

  22. Its an awesome Trailer
    SRK once again proved that he is beyond competition and He is the BEST
    Only those who have no taste at all will not like this. They surely dont have any right to comment on this and their comments are useless bcoz they dont have any Heart to accept the Truth and so they dont give True comments.
    This Feb SRK is going to SPELL HIS MAGIC ON THE WHOLE WORLD once again now with KAJOL.
    Its going to be the Ultimate movie.

  23. Only Goddamn fools would say it looks like NewYork or Kurbaan,
    it was simply fantabulous, SRK would surely get Best Actor for this performance.
    Just can’t wait for the movie……….

  24. well said DP, to all you idiots, go watch 3 IDIOTS instead, a C grade movie with a C grade cast and fully-faltu story

  25. @ all the promo lovers

    How many time shave you watched it , i watched the promo 50 + times.

    great work by Karan, its got great reviews everywhere

  26. 50/60 phir bhi ye dil mange more !!!

  27. Kya thakela promo hain yaar… In some places the trailer, SRK seems to be forgetting that he is autistic person, his body language/talk is changing from autistic to normal. KJo is a wannabe director, he just does not have enough talent in him to make such movies.

  28. Lmao .. Agree Veivek .. MNIk promo is so BAD .. look like another PAKAO movie from KJO-SRK ..

  29. All this who are praising MNIK promo are hardcore SRK fans.
    They are instead maligning teasers of Three Idiots and Veer.
    This promo is average but still SRK-Kajol firebrand jodi can make it blockbuster hit.
    Only 6 jodis in Bollywood has such firepower (Raj Kapoor-Nargis,Dilip Kumar-Vyajanthimala,Dharmendra-Hema Malini,Rajesh Khanna-Sharmila Tagore,Amitabh-Rekha and SRK-Kajol).

  30. awesome promo…

  31. Shah Rukh Khan – An Article by Times Magazine
    Just found this article on net. It might have been posted here before, but I read it and really loved it, so cudnt stop myself frm posting it here!

    If it has already been posted, then its ok, read it once again, and enjoy it!

    Here goes..


    Shah Rukh Khan – Bollywood’s Brightest Star

    (TIME Magazine Asia – Asia’s Heroes)

    Pity Shah Rukh Khan’s bodyguard. The king of Bollywood is a week into a 2-month song-&-dance tour of Europe and North America, and Jitu has already had so many offers of sex in exchange for access to Khan that as a father to two teenaged daughters of his own, it’s become “disturbing.” A great bald bear with a goatee and camel’s eyes, he rubs the nail marks covering his arms as he describes the first skirmish, opening night in Amsterdam, with the rueful air of a wounded soldier remembering a long battle. “Even little old ladies were grabbing and scratching, pulling at [Khan’s] clothes and hair,” sighs Jitu. “It’s crazy. Scary.”

    For Jitu, the madness ended when Khan took his final bow on Oct. 3 in Vancouver. For Khan, this is life. “I get people who fall sick and think I can cure them,” he says in London before two August nights at Wembley Arena. “I get people who leave their houses in different states of undress and stand outside mine. I get people who write in blood. Normally very short letters like ‘I love you.'” At 38, Khan has reached a level of hero worship attained by few actors in history. Every film he graces—no matter how bad—is a surefire smash, every product he endorses is a best seller, and there are so many shrines to him across India that he could launch a new religion.


  32. fuck off all the idots who compared it wth newyork or kurbaan.if there is an actor he will come &shutup ur mouth on12th feb.don’t under estimate SRK,he proved u wrong for more than 15 years &he wl again stop u.kings rocks.the trailer is just awesome i think he will beat his previous best ddlj,chak de&swadesh.i think we wl see the best of SRK wth in a month

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