First Look : My Name is Khan

161220095510011 A Poster from My Name Is Khan

~ by Yakuza on December 16, 2009.

44 Responses to “First Look : My Name is Khan”

  1. nice poster. like the bit where their showing SRK holding up a placard. imo it could have done without the words ‘FOR LOVE’

  2. YAKUZA/hosts

    could you plz update us with the new marketing strategy of 3i where Aamir Khan is going around dropping clues etc.

  3. Hey the first look was very good…all set to have huge opening…

  4. check out the trailer of MNIK

    • I quite like SRK in the trailer.. but kind of reminds me of Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man 🙂 … Kajol looks fantastic… Not sure abt the trailer though… Afterall its KJO.. Kurbaan was such a dampsquib.. Hoping against hope that MNIK wont have such loopholes like Kurbaan 🙂

  5. just saw it on the film’s website. nothing interesting…. the whole idea of terrorism looks stale after Kurbaan. SRK seems to have a good role in this one.

  6. the whole idea of terrorism looks stale after Kurbaan.

    there is no terorism mr Anuj, it’s the journey of Man facing problems and misconception in the afternath of 9/11 to meet the president, and how he gain right for his cause throught his strenght: love and humanity.

  7. and please don’t compare a seasoned actors like the magical couple of SRK/Kajol with the lame SaiFenna (Saif/kareena)

  8. another thing I didnt like in this promo is they gave away the entire story in those 3 mins.

  9. the story is known to everybody, i personaly know the story from 5-6 months, it’s the traitement that counts my dear. and by the way this days even if you don’t show anything in promo the story is leaked by every reviewer sometimes before the first shows.

    and theere is nothing wrong in showing glimpses of your movie to the people unless it’s a thriller wich is not the case.

  10. very disappointed.might be flop or disaster.90 crore too much.

  11. shakir i can see u posting negative comments everywhere…! such a loser u are…

  12. Its facts that movie is not looking good,therefore I will say not good.its my opinion,whats problem with u.just give comment.I like VEER then I will say its awesome.SRK is finished Salman will rock with VEER like film Wanted.

    • Hi Shakker..SRK is d king.Veer has been proved as abox ofice disaster.So u r wron man
      MNIK will be biggest hit in bollywood history,

  13. srk done well i m sure the srk movie my name is khan be a biggest blocbuster in the bollywood history

  14. SRK done well he is the biggest bollywodd actor among other khan,s…
    amir khan always jeaulus from SRK

  15. my name is khan will be biggest blockester ever srk is no.1 in bollywood no body can beat the srk he is a king khan my name is khan break all records of box office.

  16. Karan Johar examples…

    1) He “heard” the story of KAAL and got to scared he started “sweating”!

    KURBAAN ended up being a confused and illogical film.

    K-Jo outside of his genre and the likes of WUS is yet to make a “serious” film. KANK came close.

  17. And the question really is of quality.

    The most exciting directors out there are ROM, Hirani, Bharadwaj, Dinakar Bannerjee, Anurag Kashyap, Shimit Amin, Santoshi etc and SRK is working with….NONE of them!

    His next is with K-jo followed by a film with Anubhav Sinha? (!!??)

    The buzz factor is certainly missing that one associates with an Aamir film or heck even a Ranbir for that matter.

    It’s the narrative which does SRK no justice in this instance. I don’t count reinvention out of the picture, a film with Gowariker, Bharadwaj and Hirani could change the game all together…but the question AGAIN is what will Aamir be doing by then?!?!!

    • Shahrukh has worked with some of them in the past and the directors need to come SRK with nice script. And after Ra-1, he is working with Farhan Akhtar (Don 2). Farhan Akhtar is one of the talented directors out there.

      Did you know that Rajkumar Santoshi wanted to make London Dreams with SRK and Aamir, both actors declined the role, Santoshi dropped the project. Salman picked it up and look what happen to London Dreams.

  18. People here are bent on declaring a film hit or flop even months before its release!!! There is no doubt MNIK will have a giant opening but it have to sustain in the weekdays through the power of its story (although in case of SRK films sometimes it does not work like OSO and RNBDJ) to be a super hit or it will have the same fate as Akshay films in 2009. Keeping my fingers crossed so that MNIK turns out to be a success. 🙂

  19. The real king-khan is aamir khan, his last 2 films have been mega-blockbusters. srk can never ever create this craze just from his name. Aamir Khan is the man and the biggest box-office star in india today. Anyone that disagrees with this is just lieing or is just plain ignorant!! SRK fans are just jealous that Aamir Khan is today the number1 star in the country.
    MNIK will never be able to mtch the collections of 3idiots. 80crores in 1 week??? mind-ooggling. I expect MNIK to be an average fare at best. It looks boring just by looking at the trailer.

  20. SRK dream is to be a legend like amitabh bachchan. But the way things are looking there is only one khan who is a legend today. AAMIR KHAN!!

    • Shahrukh Khan ALREADY is a legend like Big B. 3 Idiots worked because of Raju Hirani. And did you know that the prices for tickets were increased 15%-40%( thats what helped 3I become a success).

  21. why cant Amir, SRK and Salman fans not appreciate all 3. all ov em have contributed towards da industry for many many years. and have taken it forward

    • I appreciate all 3, but I get angry when they go Anti-SRK, even then I dont say anything bad about Aamir, Salman, etc. I just defend Shahrukh.

  22. Aamir is a superb actor and easily the best in the business currently…. 3 idiots is above any hit or blockbuster a terrific movie that is thoroughly enjoyble… But I also dnt see any reason of hating SRK… Shahrukh is also a great entertainer…. As for MNIK I think due to its stale outline of terrorism it has to depend on the reviews and how much can the star power of SRK and Kajol work…. It has to b good content to b a good hit!!!! As for veer I am unfortunately quite unamused with the trailer… Hope it has some substance!!!!!

  23. My Name Is Khan will get huge opening but to beat 3 Idiots mega gross of 80 crores in First week is impossible.
    First of all 3 Idiots was released at holiday time (Christmas to New Year) due to which it grossed 40 crore more in weekdays.
    At Best,My Name Is Khan will gross around 60-65 crore which is also quite huge and if film get appreciation it will become an all-time blockbuster.

  24. my name is khan is all time blockbuster and broke all records of ind box office . it is also top movie from 3 idiots . Amir khan is jealous from king khan and his first week business is 120 crore.

    • numbers don t define who is the king? its the substance and a good acting which matters…and no one to beat aamir at that…people use negative publicity for their films not aamir

    • lol. thats what happens when you say/type without thinking.

      MNIK could not even beat Ghajini

  25. a asume job is done by one an only srk,srk,srk

  26. i can not believe that people saying it just any movie, it is one of the biggest film that i have seen and i think most of as seen so even if you don’t like shahruhk khan go and watch it because it is so fantastic

  27. This movie is real piece of scrap and media and people r giving hype to this movie but infact this is useless film having no story, no entertainment, no message.It is worse than even chandni chowk to china even.shahrukh is wasted in this movie. marry me marry me……….hahahaha



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