From the diary – IIFA 2009, Macau. Who said anything about the awards.

Two days in blustery June at the Venetian was a showcase for Bollywood glitz and glamour at it’s very best. I am someone who has jelly knees for cricket and to the same extent for Bollywood frolic, but that weekend I must say that cricket and Bollywood have not finished in a tie. I guess the adage; there is no business like show business can be wholeheartedly agreed upon by those who attended the IIFA awards at the Macau Venetian. Venetian by its singular presence is nothing short of grand, and with our Bollywood stars descending there added to the magnificence.
As we entered the Venetian on Friday for our two days of frolic, Mr.Ramesh Sippy was ambling around near the entrance looking a bit lost and seeking directions from a Venetian staff and Kiran Juneja looked rather odd in her flowing white draupadi styled sari in the middle a contingent of chinese people in the lobby. We then went on to spot Boman Irani who was obliging some very excited fans, a jolly good fellow I must say with a lot of patience.

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~ by prazzero00000 on December 15, 2009.

4 Responses to “From the diary – IIFA 2009, Macau. Who said anything about the awards.”

  1. This time all awards will go to PAA and Amitabh.IIFA,filmfare,national,stardust,screen,zee and many more even I am thinking that amitabh must be nominate for best actor in Oscar award.good chance for bollywood in shape of PAA.

  2. what moron and Ignorant is this Fanatic fan called Shakir, there is no best actor categorie in oscar for non english speaking film, and thus Amithab will never get an oscar for best actor.
    Although, there is categorie in oscars for best foreign movie, Paa even if nominated as entry of india for this category of oscar will never be in the final list of five nominated, because it lakes originality for the foreign comity and Juges and Hundred of films abouts disorders and disabilies have been done to death by the international Cinema, and my Proof for that is TZP that is better umpten times than Paa even if he was selected as India entry to the oscars was eleminated early in the process of selection and could not reach the final list of the five nominations as Did Laagan, The Competion is very though at the international level and i Bet amithab movie will never reach that level.

  3. why u r jealous from success of PAA.PAA will fill pocket from awards and then u must be disappointed.

  4. Amitabh will take all awards because he is the producer of PAA.

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