Topaz Bol : Rocket Singh-Sales Man Of The Year.

There is an old saying that films have the power to change one’s life or leave indelible impression on one’s life. You wonder how true it is till movie like Rocket Singh-Sales Man of the year happens.

RS-SOTY is a movie with soul and heart. A movie that has unflinching belief in itself so much so that  it  does not subscribe to any glitz, glamour, pomp or over the top presentation to send its message across. RS succeeds and succeeds big time in moving audiences with a very well researched and taut script and consistent direction.

RS is a story about Harpreet Bedi (Ranbir Kapoor) who has somehow passed his and is ready to plunge in corporate jungle. He only has his dedication and honesty to prove his worth and which he believes is enough. He Joins Firm, AYS sales as a trainee, where the mantra is to succeed and achieve unrealistic targets in whichever way possible. Harpreet has his own ideologies and thus refuses to grease palms of one of the clients and even complains about him. This actually backfires and he is demoted to a tele caller rank and is barred from going out for any sales call.

After being insulted time and again by his colleagues and bosses he decides to prove that a business can be run clean. He sets up his own company within the one he works for. He gets some of colleagues(rubbed wrongly by bosses) on roll  and starts working discreetly but with dedication and honesty .Soon they start getting rewards in form of orders and their company starts rivaling AYS.

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~ by topazbol on December 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Topaz Bol : Rocket Singh-Sales Man Of The Year.”

  1. Good one Topaz .. keep up the spirit .. 😀

  2. Thanks Yak…Hey did us see the movie?

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