Rocket Ki Paa-ket Mein 10.5 Crore

Rocket Singh sold himself decently with 10.5 Crore in his pocket over first weekend. Multiplex audience at metros liked the movie which can be judged by good business over weekend and pretty steady Monday (50% drop). Based on trending at multiplexes on Monday, first week of Rocket Singh should be close to 15 Crore.

Paa did exceptionally well over second weekend. Friday opened to decent response of 1.75 Crore, Saturday picked up with 2.5 Crore and Sunday was huge 3 Crore, leads to 7.25 Crore nett weekend. Ten days total of Paa stands at 26.25 Crore. Occupancy and trending of Paa in second weekend is quite similar to first weekend. Difference in collections is due to less numbers of shows compared to first week (40 – 50% lower). If remain steady on weekdays then Paa second week  should be close to 29-30 Crore.

(All these figures were first reported on saturday itself at comments section HERE )


 — BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on December 14, 2009.

55 Responses to “Rocket Ki Paa-ket Mein 10.5 Crore”

  1. More beleivable figures.

    PAA is around 29crores NET actually and should finish over 40crores. Making it a superhit movie

    • with aroud 35 cr nett it will be semi-hit

      • Nop, Paa will be certain Hit at 30 Crore.

        • 30 cr nett means 15 cr DS with 10 cr DP how can it be hit? please explain.

          • Paa is hit.
            Why just you cannot understand you fools.
            If we go according to your prospect then Om Shanti Om is not blockbuster.

            • I am just following yakuza’s box office method…don’t call anyone fool before knowing the actual details..

              • If the ROI is in terms of producers only then KI is also a big is Paa. But if ROI is in terms of Distributors then KI is average and so would be Paa if it get 30 cr nett i.e 15 cr DS as the distributors only get 2.5 cr ( (15DS – 10 DP)/2) profit.

                • Anirban,
                  How you got the DP? and how you got to know that the sharing will be DS-DP/2?
                  As far I know Big Picture is not distributing in traditional DP and DS way. They are distributing and getting some commission. So DP, DS will not come into picture. However to keep consistancy one need to take an estimated DP. However DP 10 crore is way too high estimate as one should take into consideration production cost, release size etc for DP and both of them are in lower side for PAA

                  • Even if you are true how much commision will the distribuor get? If DS is around 15 cr I assume they will not get more than 3 cr. If you look into that way also it will be average profit by the distributors.

          • Anirban, Who told you 10 Crore DP? There is no model exist for DP here, Paa is jointly produced and distributed by AB corp and Big pictures, Already know by every one that total cost including print and publicity is 17 Crore, Satellite rights reportedly set at 10-12 crore, Adding 5 crore more to Music and video rights and 3 crores for DTH rights will make it total 20 crores recovered already without any theatrical revenue. So producers have already not only recovered their investment but also made profits excluding theatrical revenue.

            But it never means movie can be HIT even before release because exhibitors should also get some profits from decent business at plexes. In case of Paa, It has done so far excellent business in 10 days itself (26.25 crore) which not only make pockets of distributors heavy but also exhibitors are happy by raking in mullah. Paa is already HIT and if it manage to cross 40 crore, can easily be termed as superhit.

            *** Well i read somewhere that you are saying Big pictures will share profits/losses (50%), but production cost will be on shoulder of Ab corp only .. 🙂

            This is like you setup your business and someone else who is not your partner takes away 50% of profit because he arrange stall for selling your product … 🙂

            • hey in what capacity MAD Films is associated with Paa.

            • @ yakuza who told u Big pictures are the producers? ask topaz Big Pictures have a deal with ABCL with 10 cr DP with share and profit ( 50/50) for DS only not for the other rights. Till now I believed that u r unbiased now looking at the posts for Paa it seems u r a Bachaan fantic.

              • @Anirban
                Well Yakuza is right as far as Big Pictures being producers is concerned(I had some confusions earlier).MAD films is also one of the producers hence the revenue will be divided in 3 parts.
                As per this model at 30crs net it will be a hit as it will give a return of 100% to its producers.
                AS @ 30crs DS will be 15crs +20crs from other resources makes it 35crs which is double of investment.
                In this case each one will get 35-17=18/3=6crs each.
                1)Which to me won’t be great for ABCL as it is not even at par with AB+Jr AB fees….
                2)For others it is good as they are getting double of their investments.

                The movie has worked because of smart strategy and model .Where as with traditional model it would have been a hit only at 40crs net.

                • Nice explanation topaz bhai.
                  As you said it is a loss for ABCL as AB+Jr AB cannot recover their market price. For others its profit for sure. But one thing yakuza said with 40 nett it will be superhit, how is that possible? With 40 cr nett DS will only increase by 5 cr so total ROI will be 40cr 20cr DS + 20 cr from others. But to be superhit it need 300% of 17 cr i.e 51 cr. So that means 31cr DS +20 cr others would make it superhit. To make 31 cr DS it would need 55-60 cr nett. Do you agree?

                • But saying this it cannot be superhit at 40 crs because in that case the share for each of them will be approx 8 crs(20(ds)+20(revenues from other sources)-17=23/3=7.66 crs..which is only a marginal increase.

                  • @Anirban this model is actually a conservative model and you cannot get huge returns through this..This one works for cos. who produce no. of movies per year say like Big Pictures but for traditional producers(who make 1 or 2 movies per year) this won’t work as with such returns they won’t be able to make much profit if you deduct(cost of funds +operating cost of production house )….

  2. 14crores to make and if it makes over 40crores it will be a SUPERHIT not semi-hit!

  3. Paa Grosses 5 Crore Nett Over Second Weekend

    Monday 14th December 2009 16.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Paa grossed 5 crore nett over its second weekend taking its 10 day total to around 21.25 crore nett. The business for the second week should be around the 7.50 crore nett mark.

    Paa is best in Mumbai city, Bengal and Mysore where drops are around 50% as compared to 60% in the rest of the country.

    Overall the film will finish an Semi Hit/Above Average fare thanks to low costs. The business of Paa till date is almost identical to the business of October release Wake Up Sid. All circuits are very similar. Paa has an outside chance to touch 30 crore nett business but that will depend on how it can perform at the box office after the release of the much awaited Aamir Kareena starrer Three Idiots.

    • Please dont show us stupid opinions of worst box-office site called Box-office India.
      Such site which calls Blue (which lost close to 40 crore) an average success should be better avoided.

  4. It is certainly a superhit

  5. So what is the verdict of Rocket? Is this film going todie comes Dec 16 with Avatar.The promos were really misleading with that funny dance steps and songs giving the feel of a light hearted comedy. Instead, it is slow and dull film with good performances and excellent theme. These kinds of films should be made with light touch and good-feel like Hirani movies.

  6. What is the budget for Rocket Singh?

  7. PAA did over 35 crore business and now it is superhit and might blockbuster film.very disappointed from boxofficeindia site,they wrote paa did 16 crore in first week.I hate boxoffceindia site,they r big fan of srk.Sir if paa will do 45 crore then we will say its blockbuster film.we r very happy that paa is going very well in 2nd week.

  8. mr Shakir why are you mixing gross with nett, those 35 cr were for 9 days worldwide gross (30-31 cr gross for domestic market and 3-4 cr gross for overseas market)so 31-32 cr gross for domestic market in 9 days means 20-21 cr nett for 9 days

  9. @ Sam
    who iz ur favorite actor

    wat r ur expectations of VEER.

    am just curious to know.

  10. @sam dont show ur calculation u dont knw abt box office only knw to get negative report for paa :p

  11. i am bollywood fan from 1999,
    well my favorites actors
    from the Past
    Dilip Kumar
    from the seventies, Eighties
    Amithab Dharmendara, Mithun

    From the 90
    Salman khan, SRK, akshay kumar, aamir khan in that order
    From 2000
    SRK, Aamir,salman,hritik, akshay and ajay

  12. well Veer will be definatly a superhit, and if it’s done well, it will be a blockbuster, my gut felling tells me tha this movie will do in the 80-90 cr range

  13. this mounth i am in crusade to show the real picture of Paa, to encounter the Bachchan Bakht propaganda, maybe with Raan i will be more in state of mind to welcome the thespian(amithab)good performance

    • Hm… now you revealed your real intention. But dude absurd shouting will not work. Now slowly BOI is also stopped supporting you!!!

  14. ohh u like to do .. than keep it up 😀

  15. Small-budget ‘Paa’ gives a lesson in meltdown times

    Kolkata When Amitabh Bachchan Corporation’s (ABCL) Paa released on December 4, it had a clear run till the next big-ticket release Yash Raj Films’ Rocket Singh-Salesman of the Year on December 11. Paa, which was released with 500-odd prints, and made at a cost of Rs 14.5 crore, according to industry estimates, opened weak but picked up dramatically and grossed Rs 35 crore as on December 12 in the domestic and global market. Paa is likely to go on to make profits too, but this hasn’t been the case with many films that had bunched-up release this year, thanks to a two-month shutdown because of the multiplex-producer row.—Paa—gives-a-lesson-in-meltdown-times/553912/

  16. IBOS:

    BO: RS pickup with mixed results; Paa approaching 50 crores off boost in single screens
    Tuesday, December 15, 2009

    Ranbir Kapoor starrer Rocket Singh saw pickup of about 25-30% on opening Sunday after a subpar opening on Friday. The film’s collections over the weekend weren’t as bad as reported in some trade segments, but they were below expectations for a Ranbir Kapoor starrer and Aditya Chopra (even overseas) after an All India bumper opening of Ajab Prem. However the public perhaps need to alter expectations of Aditya Chopra productions as he has given a number of flops by now. The film was also projecting off on the name of writer-director team of Jaideep Sahni-Shimit Amin as they made Chak De India but what gets forgotten often is that Chak De India too had a slow opening as well, before a gradual pickup taking it to one of the hits of 2007.

    The film that is following the pattern of Chak De India is Paa, which too had a slow opening but is on what can only be described as a steady yet decisive roll. Steady because the film’s collections are not showing the usual rate of drop in India. And decisive because though the film is being described as a multiplex success in the usual trade segments, it in fact on its weekend 2 recorded the feat of recording housefull shows in ’single screens’ in the ending night shows spanning single screens from Mumbai to Kolkatta. To give some examples of single screens that recorded 100% occupancy for Paa on 2nd Sunday, it was Roxy theater in Mumbai that had Paa sold out for its 2nd sunday. Central Plaza was another single screener in Mumbai Sunday which did 100% business on Paa. In Calcutta, Priya cinema and Navina were sold out. Tickets were selling in black after a long time at New Empire, another massive single screen cinema hall.

    What is happening with the film is the advance remains modest, until screenings begin and a consistently sizeable turnouts are being recorded. Moreover the box office crowds are consisting of groups, some of which are sitting even in stalls. And they are repeating the film, which means the film has clicked in a big way.

    In figure terms, Paa recorded one of the highest 2nd weekends in recent times, recording around 8 crores. Its weekend 2 occupancies were similar to weekend 1 but collections were somewhat less than weekend 1 because screenings were cut to allocate Rocket Singh and an English release. Still many theaters (ex. Fame Kanivili) managed to record similar collections in weekend 2 compared to weekend 1 despite reduced shows which is highly uncommon. The film is crossing 30 crores net and approaching 40 in weekend 3. And even that may not be end of its run.

    In short, as the exhibitor at Sterling cinema in Mumbai puts it after their weekend 2’s last show lasting into 1AM Monday morning recorded 90% of capacity, Paa has emerged a “huge hit” at the Indian box office.

  17. Next from IBOS (IBOF: (Indian Box Office Fake):
    Paa onslaught and biggest trending in the History of Mankindand make it reach an all time blochbuster status (70-80 cr) and reduce the chances of Aavtar and 3Idiots to be success at the Boxoffice.

    • sam, be realistic .. Paa is HIT .. there is no two opinions .. How many movies in 2009 has thier NETT figure crossed the entire budget ???

      What i guess only APKGK .. and Now Paa … Shame on BOI who is so much on hurry to declare it Average … fucking basterds ….

  18. I must agree, PAA is a hit. Doing pretty well here too. BigPictures is distributing on a commission basis. That means most profits will go to the producer. This is not the regular distribution deal that in normally done in bollywood. BigPictures have not acquired distribution rights for PAA.
    They have acquired distribution rights for 3 idiots for 80Crs. Fox has acquird distribution rights for MNIK for 90Cr. These movies has no chance of becominh hits as they will have todo 160Cr and 180Cr nett for distributors to break even.

    • Veivk…there is someting called overseas BO…and movie slike 3I and MNIK will do atleast 35 cr overseras if not more…Paa has collected only 2.5 cr in the overseas market…Cant compare both sets of movies…

      Seconldy if Paa is sold at a commission to Big Picture then wont BIG picturte will take out some money from the DS?? Yakuja can yu answer this question???

  19. here again Nitesh and co need some lerning in boxoffice parametrs, 80 cr given by Fox to MNIK is concerning all rights ( theatrical rights in Domestic + international)
    and eventually DVD right and others so actually the distribution price for the domestic market is much lower and will not exced 40-45cr.

    See what Komal nahata had said about how Fox had stolen SRK and KJO by buying MNIK merely at 80cr.

  20. ‘My Name Is Khan’ For Rs. 80 Crore!! Don’t Be Foxed – It’s Actually A Steal!

    August 8, 2009 by TFSJ

    Fox Star Studios has acquired the worldwide rights (excluding audio rights) of Karan Johar’s My Name Is Khan for a reported price of Rs. 80 crore. Along­with the announcement of the deal this week came another ann­ouncement – that the film is being made by Karan and Shah Rukh Khan in partnership.

    While the trade may opine that Rs. 80 crore is too high and risky a price, the fact is that it might actually be a cakewalk for Fox Star Studios when My Name Is Khan gets ready for release early next year even after Fox would have spent another Rs. 15 to 20 crore on promotion and prints.
    The way box-office business is growing these days, revenues of Rs. 95-100 crore (MG royalty of Rs. 80 crore plus Rs. 15/20 crore for prints and promotion) for Karan Johar’s film looks a certainty. Of course, with Rs. 95-100 crore, Fox would just break even but what one is trying to arrive at is that the risk to Fox is not very big. If the film clicks in a big way – as it is expected to – the profits would obviously accrue to Fox.

    And how exactly will Fox recover Rs. 100 crore? Given three facts – the immense popularity which Shah Rukh Khan commands in the Overseas circuit; the outstanding track record of Karan Johar in that circuit; and the Overseas audience treating Kajol as a hero rather than a heroine – the business which My Name Is Khan, starring Shah Rukh and Kajol, could end up notching in the Overseas circuit can well be imagined. And one is not even talking about the non-traditional markets here. Fox, of course, would target the film in markets where Hindi films have never been released so far and that must be the main reason why Johar and Khan chose Fox as their distributor.
    If My Name Is Khan is a successful film, a share of Rs. 35 crore from Over­seas is not a far cry, more so because the subject is said to have tremendous appeal for the Muslim audience. Pakis­tan and the Middle East markets could prove to be a gold mine for this film. It may be mentioned here that Shah Rukh plays the title role of a Muslim while Kajol is his Hindu wife in the film. Shah Rukh’s Om Shanti Om has reportedly done a business of Rs. 25 crore abroad. Each of Karan Johar’s films has cross­ed the Rs. 20 crore mark Overseas.
    Given the all-India business of films like Ghajini (Rs. 59 crore), Singh Is Kinng (Rs. 35 crore) and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (Rs. 48 crore), the business of My Name Is Khan could easily touch Rs. 60 crore. It may be mentioned here that business is only growing with each passing week.
    Therefore, you already have Rs. 95 crore from theatrical revenues of India and Over­seas. Satellite rights for a film like My Name Is Khan could go for anything between Rs. 15 and 20 crore and home video, for Rs. 3 to 5 crore. All of this would mean that Fox could earn anywhere between Rs. 113 and Rs. 120 crore. This could be the minimum earnings from the traditional markets alone.
    All of this underlines our claim that Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan have, in fact, underpriced their film. It would shock readers to know that the film would cost the makers more than Rs. 70 crore to make! Obviously then, Karan and Shah Rukh are not treating the sale to Fox as a pure business deal. For, had it been so, they’d have asked for a higher MG royalty.

    For Fox Star Studios then, My Name Is Khan is a brilliant buy and a steal!

    – Komal Nahta

    • @ sam all the oversees figures mentioned here is in gross. Don’t forget the producer/distributors only get 55% of it rest 45% goes to the exhibitors. So 35 gross from oversses is approx 20 cr nett from oversees.

    • The 60 cr DS from Indian Theatrical is not a minimum eaning for sure. For 60 cr DS it has to do 100-110 cr nett buisness.
      Also to get 35 cr from oversees it has to do a buisness of 60 cr.
      ( as 45% goes to the exxhibitors), this is not a minimum in traditional market as claimed by the author.

  21. IBOs says 50 cr for Paa in two weeks…??Is this a joke…?? Everybody knows here Paa is an excellent movies…But 50 cr in two weeks?? IBOs is talking about Gross or nett…?
    I will be surprised if Paa crosses 35 cr in its entire run…But even 35 Cr is a excellent figure for this type of a movie and given the BO standing of Bacchans…At 35 cr it is a clean hit without doubt…But 50 CR??? LOL…

    • Agree 35 cr nett is a hit but it cannot be superhit with 40 cr nett as yakuja claimed. with only 5 cr nett difference ( 35 to 40 cr) with 2.5 cr DS difference how can 200% ROI increase to 300% Roi as 100% is 17 cr assuming yakuza’s model.

    • atleast read the article properly. they have said it will do around 30cr. in 2 weeks -which is correct.

  22. Paa hasnt done more than 21-22 cr in 10 days…Rest all are hyping up of numbers by fan sites…But i believe 21-22 cr in 10 days is very good numbers…Let the dust settle and you will realise the actual figures..

  23. […] Read Rest Here […]

  24. @Anirvan i need ur support this is my email u can add me as ur contact if u are not mind.

  25. People are arguing on figures, it made this much or it made that much. but the fact is people that have seen PAA have been touched by it. Thats what matters. It is a boxoffice hit! People like sam are sad people who have nothing better in life to do so they vent their life frustrations on the web.

    AB will win his 4th national award for this film! You heard it here first

  26. They should rename this article PAA ke liye sab ko gusha kyun aatha hai. No one is talking about Rocket Singh which was suppose to be tsunami!.

  27. Paa: 24cr in twoo weeks

    Avatar Opens Very Well Rocket Singh Below Expectations

    Saturday 19th December 2008 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Avatar opened very well all over India and in all versions. It remains to be seen if it can match or surpass the business of 2012 which was released last month and emerged the biggest Hollywood hit ever in India.

    Rocket Singh – Salesman Of The Year grossed a below expectations 14 crore nett approx over the first week. The film will earn for makers due to low costs but theatrical business is well below expectations. Eight day had low collections in most of the country.

    Paa remained steady in week two with 7.75 crore nett approx in week two to take its total to around 24 crore nett after two weeks. The film should emerge a Semi Hit/Above Average fair but if it can bring in good collections after the release of Three Idiots it has chances to become a hit.

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