Praz Gold : NISHABD (Hindi, 2007)

This is my original review of the film, must say on repeated viewings I’ve come to appreciate the film a lot more, truly an underrated gem with one of Bachchan’s most commanding performances.

A lot has been said about NISHABD over the past few weeks since the movies released. Critics overall have slammed the movie and the public has rejected the movie outright as well as quiet a few strong reactions coming out against the movie, Amitabh Bachchan the director Ram Gopal Varma who have apparently “crossed all boundaries of decency”, “made a disgusting film”, “lost their minds” etc however none of this negative feedback seem to have perturbed me against watching the movie as it would normally would do with any other film. Finally I got my chance to see the movie, so is it as bad as it’s made out? Firstly I would like to say this was Ram Gopal Varma’s open chance to make a out-right, bonafide classic which he indeed loses out on, however despite it’s shortcomings NISHABD is a bold, unique, and path-breaking film which in multiple ways defies Bollywood conventions and stereotypes and breaks new ground as it talks openly and unabashedly about things and emotions that many would prefer to be swept under the carpet; this in my humble opinion is easily Ram Gopal Varma’s best film since SARKAR and in many ways a better film than SARKAR was even.

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~ by prazzero00000 on December 14, 2009.

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