Postcard of week – Jackie Shroff/Shahrukh Khan

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~ by Yakuza on December 14, 2009.

19 Responses to “Postcard of week – Jackie Shroff/Shahrukh Khan”

  1. It just has to be SRK doing the awkward position, what’s wrong with him, and look at his “smile”, lol

  2. what a pic! everything is changed now :p. just imagine, SRK standing and jackie dada is touching his foot. In short, SRK has become much more popular than jackie dada…

  3. only sinful mind filled with hate and poison can say silly things and imagine awkwards thoughts in front of such picture. that shows nothing more than SRK bonding with his elder brother taken from the movie Trimurti.

    if you want to see silly and akwards things, just see pictures of Amithab doing the Hijra song in Lawaaris with him dressing in sari and showing his hairful belly. what a nasty things i could say but i keep quiet cause it’s just acting you Randy the immature mind

    • you are proving who got sinful mind!!
      However I agree with you that people like Big B, Sallu, SRK, Akki or any other starts has work hard enough and should not be treated with malign.

      But boss if you are saying something then follow it. Your language towards the star of the millenium is not acceptable. You might not like him and you have right to show that (but offcouese not by showing some false data). But you do not have any right to malign Big B or any other actor

  4. You can write this without bringing Amitabh in picture .. 😀

    Do i need to bring Maya Memsaab porn scenes here .. 😀

  5. Sorry sam, if I got you mad, but seriously, not only here, many other websites makes fun of picture like that. Plus, many other awkward pics with SRK is the ones that gets picked on the most.

    • Randy, bachchan fans make fun of srk pics like this. there are many bachchan and particularly aish pics that anybody can make fun of. wanna see and post here?

      • Make sure the pic you through here must be postcard … not any ordinary pic .. should be official postcard .. OK ???

  6. hey can somebody start a postcard-of-the-week with this pic

  7. Thats a hilarious pic…lol!
    thats indeed quite strange that we hardly find pics of any other stars 😉

    SRK might have the biggest fan following in India but he also has the highest no of hate clubs 🙂

  8. Awsome stuff .. Lmaooooooooo …. SRK in real self .. 😀

  9. LOL Bahahaahhahahahahahahahaa….that is funny!

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