When SRK & Aamir age…

A brilliant piece by Sharmila….looking forward to more articles from you…

Well, it appears that the mantra for success is old age, progeria , dyslexia and other forms of genetic and chromosome related disorders. The day that PAA was making waves in India and on foreign shores, Dish TV launch a new advert on BT where SRK looks older than Auro ( played by 67 year old Amitabh Bachchan )and growing alarmingly so by the second on the video advert. In the video advertisement he romances a genuinely aging lady played by the graceful Tanvi Aazmi. SRK’s fans do not want to see him age,neither do they want to see him downplay his overtly masculine appearance. SRK, please be yourself and concentrate more on getting some hits this year. Can we get some more originality from you? Stop trailing poor Mr Bachchan, it is not going to work. You tried it with Don and now you are vying for the “who looks the oldest” award? Oh also, brush aside the nasty encounters with macho immigration officers who pulled you up for no fault of their but yours. I believe their only line of questioning was ” Whats your name ” and you said ” my name is kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk..Khan”. Now if one is not sure of his own name, will there not be a doubt? A real life trailer before your next release ” My name is Khan”.

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~ by prazzero00000 on December 13, 2009.

21 Responses to “When SRK & Aamir age…”

  1. Thanks Praz!

  2. from a bachchan fan site, this has now become a fanatic site. next we know satyam invited to vent out his frustration here.

  3. I dont think Aamir or SRK try to copy AB. Its just the bachchan fans drawing connections that dont exist. Yes. If Aamir and SRK start evading taxes, or start buying the lands reserved for farmers you can be rest assured they are copying bachans

  4. its better to not copy big b coz that great personalty will nt shut on them !!
    aNUj he only buying land that is nt big issue but see amir past what he did his life with her wife with her brothers its really hurt !!!
    @sharukh is great icon of india nd thats why he is the face of bollywood along with BigB
    so ever talk about big b ,first think over it 😛

  5. well njoy aamir is nt she 😉 ,

  6. Mr Sharmila Shame on You, show some objectivity, what ‘s the problem if SRK plays an old man is this a trademark of Bachchan, and Don is not O copyright of Bachchan family, going by your logic nobody has the right to play Jams Bond apart from the original Sean Conery(ROGER moore, Pierce Brosnan, and daniel craig you are not worth it) we have never head hollywood fans saying this wich show that some bollywood fanatics have to grow and show some integrity, there is a hole world beyond Bachchans, And i bet that like Satyam ( Bachchan fanatic Master) you will have no objection if the Role of The New Don was offered to Junior Bachchan, as he feels that he has inherided the genes of acting from his Dada and that the Throne of Bollywood must go to Poor AByB.
    Ms Sharmila, Remake are made every year in hollywood and nobady has a problem, Devdas have been remade and we have not heard objections from dilip fans, even Devdas of dilip kumar (1955) is remake after Devdas of AK Saigal 1937, now Agneepath will be remade with Hritik roshan, and legally the copyright belongs to the Johars family and they have the right to remake it with anyone they choose and i have no Objections like some Bachchans Fanatics ( and their great Guru Satyam the Shit) that feel offended that the role was not offered to baby Abichek

  7. I apologyse to sharmila, i was thinking it’s her article, so please sharmila excuse me, the blame is not on you, it’s directed toward masterpraz.

    So please accept my excuses

  8. Sam, Anuj – Thank you for the comments, and I did write this piece. At the outset I am not a SRK hater. I do not think I hate anyone for that matter. I am taking a dig at the concept of originality falling like a pack of cards in one season, literally back to back. Re – Don, I would say that any remake in the same language and industry only is a mistake, especially more so if the original is a trail blazer. Also I don’t think I ever thought Don was a series like James Bond or with sequels.I consider SRK to be an entertainer in his own right with no genetic connections, which makes his stardom even more noteworthy. I am also not a fanatic, if I have a point I express it, I have expressed a fair share on AB’s own blog which has not been in line with AB’s thinking. Last of all, I am Ms and not Mr. Thanks again.

  9. And yes, it is in good humor.

  10. you are welcome to Bollybusines, Ms sharmila, iam also just make in some fun, iam not an amithab hater, just visit some blog and try to encouter to make some equilibrum between AB fans, Aamir Fans and SRK fans, and bOLLYBUSINESS IS THE BEST SITE OF LATE? AND I DONT LIKE SITES THAT ARE JUST LIKE SHRINES dedicated to IDOLISING some star and BASHING Others.so my best sites of late are Bollybusiness and NaachGaana.

  11. There are many kings in bollywood but there is only one emperor who is undisputed and still rocking at 68…the one and only original “don” of bollywood …Big B!!

  12. SRK s totally copying amitabh.KBC,Don(2006) and many more.Now I think SRK will be thinking that I want to do like amitabh in film PAA,again he will try to copy amitabh and get cheap publicity.amitabh is one man industry.

  13. Shramila, if your problem is with the concept of remakes and the issue of originality, then how could you forget bachchan doing a his pathetic at aping Amjad Khan’s Gabbar Singh. unfortunately nothing was written about rgv ki sholay…. and Don is certainly a 1000 times better than rgv ki aag.
    and doesnt matter whether you are a srk fan or not. even I am not…. but I see a problem with bachchan fans attitude that the whole world is copying bachchan.

  14. Sharmila, I am glad that rgv ki aag was a disaster and Don a success. else we would be even reading articles from bachchan fans on how bachchan can do any role to perfection and srk failed when he tried to copy bachchan.

    as for aamir, he is least bothered of what amitabh does.

  15. Anuj – My problem is with all remakes include AB as Gabbar SIngh! This piece that I had done relates to only the concept of aging as back to back events in a short span of time. and the eventual boredom with the same theme!I wish not to dwell on other events like KBC. Thanks for your input.

  16. & Anuj – I must clarify that my problem is with all trendsetter remakes and yes, GaBbar singh was one of them!

  17. so why dont you advice bachchan on how he could try and do atleast 1% as good as amjad khan in rgv ki aag. amitabhareally needs your advice on what to copy and what not. and of all, you want to advice aamir khan srk on copying and not copying.:)

  18. Anuj – God forbid when I am made advisor but I do comment on AB’s blog, you need to read all my comments in the last six months to know how much “advise” I have given AB.

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