PAA – When brand Bachchan did not exist

With this post I would like to introduce the latest contributor to Master Praz; Sharmila! A cinema enthusiast located in Hong Kong, Sharmila has just started up her blog and has kindly accepted to be a part of the Master Praz family (as well as the wider family of Naachgaana, Satyamshot and Bollybusiness). I hope you all make Sharmila feel welcome….

There are moments in life, which are extraordinary, and a particular time in an era, which is ground breaking. In 1969 the first step that was taken remains a giant step, until today. No, I am not only talking about the ambitious Apollo program of JFK’s that fructified in 1969 when Armstrong and Aldrin landed on the moon, I speak of the first step that Mr Bachchan took in the world of cinema. After 40 years, this remains a giant step and a giant’s step. Indian cinema has been dwarfed under him and more so after 4th December 2009.

PAA – A movie that plays at the heartstrings, portrays relationships realistically, and provides wit, repertoire and one-liners that is as classy as the dialogue between Jeeves and Bertie Wooster. This movie can make even the hardest eyes well up with the alkaline and make the most poker of faces break into a smile. A movie that brings love, insecurity, confidence, belief, wit all together in one big boiling pot and stirs us up from the inside. Every character in the movie has been clearly defined and the Director wastes no time in doing so in the first 20 minutes.

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~ by prazzero00000 on December 13, 2009.

6 Responses to “PAA – When brand Bachchan did not exist”

  1. Definitely the performance of BigB as Auro in this film is superlative. I tried my best to find the Brand BACHCHAN in the character but failed badly. Hats off to this ageless Brand of Bollywood.

  2. Sid, superlative is the right choice of word.

  3. hello yakuza.
    this question does not pertain to this section but i wanted to ask that what does an average, above average and semihit films mean in terms of box offce collections?

  4. Good writeup sharmila .. 🙂

  5. Thanks Yakuza!

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