Rocket Singh – Short Opening Note

Morning shows(before 12:00 AM) of Rocket singh opened to good response of 40%-60%  across major multiplexes of metros, even some shows went packed at high end multiplexes. I got feedback from few ones and that is fairly mixed, from “Don’t expect CDI, its  a normal movie” to “Fun ride, must watch” to “few funny and exciitng moments, overall average“.  No authentic review is out yet.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on December 11, 2009.

24 Responses to “Rocket Singh – Short Opening Note”

  1. Given your penchant for promoting Paa (inspite of the fact that it has actually been a box office average fare), it is pretty normal that you will try to pull down Rocket Singh.

    • is this note negative one ?? 😮

    • unfair call….PAA has been getting rave news in the media also, and i dont see the above as “negative” at all! Yakuza is one of the fairest Boxoffice analysts i’ve ever come across!

  2. Flop rocket singh cannot stand Ranbir

  3. Rocket will be another success for Ranbir, thanks Yakuza.

  4. here comes the crusade of downgrading Rocket Singh for the Sake of PAAAA, what faireness and what objectivity bollybusiness shows

  5. @sam, are you mad or what ?? your comment here look 100% fake .. there is no relevence of your comment with this topic .. and which negativity you are talking about ?? either i am blind or you are able to see some extra lines(negative one) here … cmo’n sam .. grow up .. get well soon ..

  6. Just check the bookings for late night shows at Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyd. You will know yourself whether it is a flop or hit. Also, comparing budget of Paa and Rocket Singh, it is difficult to digest that a Amitabh-Abhishek-Vidya movie partly shot in London has a budget of 15 crores, whereas a Ranbir-newcomer movie shot entirely in Mumbai costs 20 crores. Strange are the ways of so-called trade analysts when they want to desperately promote a movie.

    • Whats your problem sam?? You keep on posting BS all the time. Think about it first. Abhishek and Amitabh both of them have claimed on barious channels that the budget is 15 crores. Check this video
      If you have half a brain, you would have realized Paa’s budget excludes AB’s and AB jr’s fees as ABCL is co-producing the movie. And besides nothing was shot in London. The shooting was done in Thailand.
      As far as Rocket Singh is concerned we all would want it to do well if its a good movie. There are like 10 good reviews and a few bad ones. So what?? Yakuza himself has claimed that the advance booking for the moorning shows is 60%+ which is very good. So whats your problem?? Should a good movie like Paa not be successful?? Post one review by an acclaimed critic which advices against watching Paa. Then talk.

  7. It can do fair business on weekends but doesn’t have legs to stay on weekdays

  8. Its sad that you gave a Happy Birthday to Dharmendra, but you didn’t give one to probably the greatest actor to grace Bollywood, Dilip Kumar, who turned 87 today.

    Very sad and disappointed

  9. Hi Claustrophobic, please improve your Bollywood knowledge. It is so well known that Paa was shot in several locations in UK.

    • @sam, please don’t get personal here. Every one here is for discussion and knowledge sharing including me. Stay cool .. 🙂

  10. Ok and you please improve your common sense

    • FYI-One song ‘Udi Udi’ and a few scenes were shot in Cambridge and not London as you have mentioned in your earlier post. Majority of the movie has been shot in Thailand and some parts in Delhi and Mumbai.

  11. Sam got bad news for you. PAA is on its way to superhit. It had a good 2nd friday and 2nd weekend will again be similar to the first weekend.

    Your attempts to pull down PAA by lies have failed!

    PAA is declared a HIT by everyone in the trade, question now is can it be a superhit?? I think it will.

  12. wao that mean paa will rock till 3 idiot , hope rocket singh ll also do good buisness

  13. I luv this site..wonder if all the fans can join to start their own site to promote their favorite stars. No wonder the country is so divided and the biased opinions against the others. No tolerance or fair judgement based on merits.

  14. well if you are dreaming, then let you dream because no way Paa can be a superhit as it must reach 45 cr minimum to be so.

  15. Just watched Rocket Singh friends! It is a fun-watch …. and refreshing! I think it should recover it’s costs as the word of mouth should b favorable among the youth…

  16. Saw Paa and Rocket.
    Did not like them.
    Not entertaining.

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