Rocket Fired At Boxoffice

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As already reported, Rocket Singh opened to decent response in morning shows across major multiplexes across metros, gained momentum during evening shows with 80%+ occupancy. Rocket is carrying good reports from audience as well as critics. Overall first weekend should be bountiful. First day will score in 3 – 3.5  crore range. 

Paa did really well with 19 Crore first week. Today Paa opened to decent response and high end multiplexes are registering 60%+ occupancy on evening/night shows. 8th day will score in 1.75 crore range and should pick up again over weekend.

De Dana Dan did 9.5 Crore over second week. This is huge fall compared to 32 crore first week. Today DDD opened to dismal response. From here on movie will get significant share from single screens only. Heading to wrap under 50 Crore life time Nett.

— BollyBusiness


~ by Yakuza on December 11, 2009.

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  1. Are you sure your numbers are right? I really dont think Paa did 19 CRORE first week. Some other sites said that they movie did around 14-15 crore.

  2. WWWaaooooo great news for paa:) . i am sure its gona be biggest superhit of the Year
    @@@@ranbir is going to take superstar tag with this hattrick chance 8)

  3. @yakuzaa
    so wats ddd final verdict ……….

  4. @ srkfan .. its 100% correct check it out this official site for sure thr. mentioned 3.7 M $ {nearly 17.5 cr.} from 623 screen

  5. Rocketsingh should do good business, but only for first weekend, i am guessing 14 crore weekend, 20 crore first week and 35 crore life time ..

    Paa IMO should do another 10 crore in second week, Paa life time should be 45 crore.

  6. Yakuja …DDD Collects 2.5 crs on 4 weekdays …Thats shocking to me..

  7. The Bachchan Bakht are feeling the heat of Ranbir Rocket and from now on they will make their best in degrading this movie in the sake of Paa.

    • Who is degrading Rocket ? Neither commentary, nor numbers suggest any degradation agenda of rocket. I guess my tone for rocket here is most positive compare to rest of media.

  8. rocket singh will do around 30cr life time nett if it sustain after weekend…
    for PAA it will be difficult to do more than 35….PAA will be HIT
    for DDD 46-47 cr life time….will be and above average fare….

  9. 19 cr for Paa in bollybusiness ( even if this is inflated by 2 cr or more) means just recovery of costs, from now on we will see if this movie will be juste an above average (25-30 cr)if it’s not doing so well in the second week or can be a semi hit (30-35cr) if it is doing mildly well in the second week, for the hit Tag it must do very well in the second weeek (to go beyond to 35-40cr) the superhit is very difficult as it must do > 45cr to be declared so.
    my gut felling is that Paa will settle at best (and going by by Yakusa liberal numbers)in the 30 -35 more
    in the 30

  10. my prediction rocket singh sales man of the year
    1st week — 13 cr.
    2nd week –6 cr
    its all total 23 cr.
    not more than 40 cr..

  11. I will go for rocket singh :

    1st week : 18 crore
    total : 25 crore

    Paa :
    second week : 9 Crore
    Total : 45 Crore

  12. big b still promoting the movie even tomorrow he is coming first time to see T 20 & ll do commentary with auro voice:DDDD
    auro rock

  13. next two week save for paa so it will rock steady and business ll go up to 40 cr…………………….

  14. Amitabh Bachchan as Auro will now be a T20 cricket commentator for the India-Sri Lanka cricket match to be held on December 12. Amitabh will be doing the ‘expert commentary’ in the breaks between the match

  15. Hey guys .. please check glamour show at news channel .. theur are reporting Paa first week 21 crore ………… Yakuzaaaaaaaa … its 21 crore in news channels .. please double check your figure of 19 crore ..

    also they are reporting good opening of Rocket singh … Wowwwww

  16. I suggest to you Shruti to visit IBOF instead of Bollybusiness, as there you will find tha Paa is the Biggest blogkbuster of the Hole ERA, and don’t be surprised if you foud that Paa has done in IBOF some 25 to 30 cr in the first week.

  17. and sam .. i suggest you to visit Bhoot Office India .. there you will find Paa at 15 Crore first week and this will give you heartiest satisfaction … And if Paa would have SRK in lead .. Bhoot office india would must give 30 crore first week …

    sam .. bhoot office suits you most …


  19. But the high point of the film are the punchy dialogues and the handful of scenes which touch your heart with their had-enough-of-dishonesty, let’s-be-good-now India, feel.

  20. Paa is the blockbuster film of 2009.Paa did 21 crore not 19 crore.I am so happy for film Paa.still PAA is running very well.

  21. Sam,
    stop crying about BOI number every time. Look for some other source if you do not believe bollybusiness. Screendaily also indicated around 19 crore business.

    Lets take BOI number and in that also PAA is hit (I know your heart is broken). And for your disappointment PAA satelite right was sold for 10-12 crore (check business standard).

    It is nothing to do with Big B and his fans. It is about real box office figure which your trusted source BOI also not able to deny.

    You mentioned that IBOS reports more revenue. My question is why we should always go for BOI and why not IBOS!!! is it written by god himself??

    In a day or two the number will come anyway be it 14 or 19.
    BTW if the life time collection is 20 crore then itself the movie will be hit as DS is expected to be around 10. So your dream of seeing PAA as an average performer already shattered and it is on they way to be super hit which looks like a real possibility.

    • somnath DS share of 10 crore means average as the DP was 10 crore with a deal with Big Pictures with mutual share of profit or loss for the DS only.
      So 10 cr DS means no profit for the distributor. Surely there will be profit for the producers from the others source but not for the distributors.

      • Who told you about distribution price of 10 crore???

        Paa is jointly produced and distributed by Big entertainment and Ab Corp. 17 Crore is budget including print and publicity. After getting revenues from all resources (12 crore satellite and minimum 10 Crores from video, music and DTH rights) it has already earned 22 crore without any theatrical business involved. Now looking at fabulous theatrical business, Paa is heading for Super-hit status. Every thing from distribution share will add to profit (However it never means that if Paa would have done poor business can be termed as success, there should be some reasonable business even after zero distribution prices, In case of Paa, movie is doing very good business even in 2nd weekend).

        • so if a film is produced and distributed by the same company, the zero cost factor for the distribution price works in their favour. The ntell me a film like Dil Bole Hadippa which had a budget of 17-20 cr, made about 20-22 cr in Domestic, 12-15 cr in Overseas, fetch another 12-15 cr in other resources is termed a flop. What am i missing. It seems everyone is using their own business model to justify their films to be termed as a successful film. CAn you give me your honest verdict on Dil Bole Hadippa as an example. We know the film did not do well in Domestic.

          • There is something called opportunity cost. In this case the calculation will be based on opportunity cost. If the movie was to be distributed by some other company then what would have been the expected DP. The calculation can be done based on that and the ROI can be calculated.
            It is not a clear cut method as there is no perfect pricing method. Most of the time it is adhoc and based on starcast, hype, time etc. So in the case DBH or PAA calculation of DP is difficult.

  22. Have not watched the movie yet… I have very high expectation from RS also but I am getting extreme responses for the movie. Some has liked it very much and some felt it boring!!! Any way planning to watch it on Sunday

  23. Anirban you are doing good job exolaining to some dudes the basic of boxoffice

  24. Rocket Singh – A simple story about an honest man with honest intentions. A must watch.

    Just came back from the theatre after watching Rocket Singh – SOTY and i totally loved it. Shimit Amin and Jaideep Sahni have come out with another fantastic movie after Ab Tak Chhappan and Chak De. Hats off to them.

    The strength of the movie is its script. Of course it is backed up by superb performances not only from Ranbir but the entire cast. Rocket Singh is the story of an underdog, an honest man with high ambitions who wants to be a salesman. His idealistic approach of working is soon shattered as he learns of the corrupt ways in which the business is being run. Refusing to give in or give up and convinced that business can be run honestly, what he does and how he manages to achieve his goal forms the rest of the story.

    The director manages to tell the story in a very effective and realistic way. Many of us will instantly connect with the situations depicted in the movie. Characters are kept very real and believable and each character is given sufficient time to develop.
    The performances are great. Ranbir Kapoor adopts a more subtle and restrained approach for portrayal of Harpreet Singh Bedi. He effortlessly sinks into the character delivering yet another great and refreshing performance. Infact he lives the character. Rocket Singh gives an opportunity to Ranbir to display his versatility as an actor and he grabs the opportunity with both hands and succeeds in establishing the same.
    Others in the cast have done amazingly well too. Mukesh Bhatt aka Chotelal “Cup-Plate” Mishra deserves a special metion as his scenes drew the most cheers from the audience and deservingly so. I won’t go into the details but his scenes with Ranbir at the tea shop and then with Nitin are just brilliant. D.Santosh as the ‘babe obsessed’ computer expert is hilarious. Gauhar Khan surprises with an amazingly natural performance. Her portrayal of the bold and the beautiful receptionist is just awesome. She is definitely a talent to watch out for. Nitin played by Navin Kaushik has done a good job and so has Prem Chopra as Ranbir’s grandfather. Shazahn Padamsee is the eye candy in the movie and oozes oomph but has some way to go as an actress. Manish Chaudhary as the super confident, mean and arrogant boss comes across as one of the most efficient negative leads in recent times.

    Jaideep Sahni’s script and dialogues form the backbone of the movie. Direction is top notch. There are many genuinely funny moments in the film which keep you smiling and some emotional ones too which will definitely move you. Some people have complained that the movie is boring/doesn’t entertain. I disagree. There is plenty in the movie to keep you engaged for most parts. The songs and the background score complement the narration. The director-writer duo must be applauded for coming out with a different film and for believing in it and not making any compromises in order to make it commercially more viable. YRF should also be applauded for funding such a project too.

    Overall, Rocket Singh is a well told story of an honest man with honest intentions and has its heart in the right place. It is one of the best movies to come out this year. If you have to make an extra effort to watch it this weekend, i suggest you do and i am pretty sure you won’t be disappointed. I would definitely recommend this movie to all. This one deserves a 9/10. Afterall everybody loves an underdog.

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  26. there are many kings(superstars) in bollywood but there is only one emperor(supermegastar) who is undisputed and still rocking at 68…the one and only original don of bollywood…BIG B!!

  27. Hi Yakuza, can you pls post the numbers from individual centres for Paa based on which you have 19cr week 1?


  29. Taran on Paa first week:
    Did exceptionally well over the opening weekend. Monday onwards, the film held well on the lower side across multiplexes. 1st week nett is approx. Rs. 16 cr. to Rs. 17 cr

  30. and Taran also says, Rocket had a shockingly poor opening.

  31. B.O. update: ‘Rocket Singh’ opens to shockingly low response
    – By Taran Adarsh, December 12, 2009 – 08:29 IST
    Everyone was expecting ROCKET SINGH – SALESMAN OF THE YEAR to start with a bang, given the fact that Ranbir Kapoor’s last two films, WAKE UP SID and AJAB PREM KI GHAZAB KAHANI, had fetched a flying start. Also, the fact that Aditya Chopra, Shimit Amin and Jaideep Sahni had teamed up with Ranbir, only raised the expectations from the film. But the poor start of ROCKET SINGH sent shock waves within the industry. The film had a 20% to 40% start at certain plexes and at places, 10% to 15% start.

    The reports are extremely mixed and it remains to be seen if the film picks up on Saturday and Sunday, like Yash Raj’s previous two biggies, CHAK DE INDIA and RAB NE BANA DI JODI.

  32. BOI on Paa:
    Paa had a decent first week of around 16.50 crore nett. The film did very well on Saturday and Sunday while midweek collections were steady but on lower side. Second week will be important for the film. Overall the film will probably do 25-30 crore nett lifetime business unless second week is poor

    • “Overall the film will probably do 25-30 crore nett lifetime business unless second week is poor”

      Isn’t BOI range of prediction is already on lower possible side ???

      even if i take BOI first week then if Paa perform good from 2nd week onwards then :

      1st week : 16.5
      2nd week : 9 crore
      3rd week : 5 crore
      rest : 4 crore

      Total : 37.5 crore

      and if it perform poor from here :

      1st week : 16.5
      2nd week : 5 crore
      3rd week : 2 crore
      rest : 2 crore

      Total : 25.5 crore

      Even in worst case Paa will do more than 25 crore.

      So BOI already predicitng poor run of Paa ??? and looking at their lowest possible prediction, what you think .. are they fair on first week ???

      • if it ends at 25cr then trending would be bad. on the other hand 30cr looks average trending from 16.5cr. A TZP/CDI like trending will be extra-ordinary. BOI’s prediction is possibly from what they have seen it doing this friday. They may correct it if it does better. Prediction is prediction afterall. detailing it makes little sense. Their total of 16.5cr does not look low to me. Even Taran is very exited about Paa’s good first week business of 16-17cr.

      • Surya, if BOI is unfair then so is Taran, which I dont think is true. Taran never underplays the BO of the film he has liked. In Paa’s case he is clear that the week 1 is 16-17cr.

      • @Anuj, what you say about this ???

        3.7 M $ {nearly 18 cr.} from 623 screen

        This 18 crore weekend is worldwide figure, considering 2.5 crore from international market, Paa first weekend from india comes to 15.5 crore … If first weekend is 15.5 crore then how can first week be 16 crore only, it will definitely be 19-20 crore.

        Apart from this .. i do have copy of “punjabi Tadka” newspaper where 15 crore weekend for Paa is given ..

  33. BOI on Rocket Singh:
    Rocket Singh – Salesman Of The Year had a dull start as it opened to around 30-40% and evening shows did not show major improvement at around 50-55%. Single screens had a low response. The film has fairly low costs so recovery is not a major problem but it remains to be seen what sort of theatrical business it can do. Delhi/NCR should best improvement yesterday evening but not the sort of jump that makes a big difference.

  34. acc to BOI, both Paa and Rocket Singh first day reports are similar.

  35. Wtf!! Wat is goin on?? Paa is 1 ov da best film ov 2009!! It grossd 1.50 crore on 8th day! Dat was realy gud!! Btw wat is goin on wiv rocket singh figure??

  36. rocket fuss ho gaya…its really bad collection wise.. i went to see the movie today n more than half the theatre was empty n the movie is stictly ok..most of the websites likes to give kj n yash raj movies good reviews…reality is wont be able to sustain during the week dAys..paa is average

  37. Please understand, no body can steal the merit of any movie. I agree portal and print media review do make an impact but not more than 5% of BO. Eg: Kurbaan. Only audience decide the fate of a movie. So, dont waste time on anti bachchan, Khans etc. Rocket Singh is an ordinary movie. what ever intial it is getting purely because Ranbir. thats why i said He is alredy A Lister along with khans, roshan and Kumar. I am blaming Yash Raj for coming up with a crap like this, Ranbir is entertainer. i want to see him as a next super star in the lines of Bachchan, kumar and Roshans…Enough of Sick Khans (except Aamir)…. also, I am glad that with films like Paa, Raavan, Khelenge, crooked, Rohan sippy, Niraj Pandey, Dostana 2, Abbas mastan, Hang over remake, may be slowly but surely inching towords super stardom…just like Akki and Amitabh (they earned the status through lot of hard work and struggle). Some how I want to see more non Khans attending a A lister startus. sick and tiered of seeing crap stars like SRK, Salman at the top. all thanks to Akki, Roshan and now Ranbir, Shahid and also Abhi, John (not yet A listers) for breaking the khan Jinx.

    • Shivkumar if you are tired of Khans and especially SRK then nobody forces you to see their movies, and betwen us morons like you are best suited for the comunal hate site IBOF (Indian Box Office Fake) or at least visit SatyamShit blog as there you will find that he is predicting doomsdays for SRK (the poor guy is hating SRK from more than 10-11 years and dreaming of his downfall) and propaganda against SRK is going on day and night on his blog and every tom, dick and Harry actor is hyped to the core except SRK, last was Satyam enthusiasm in favor of Akki from 2007 (as Akki delivered 4 hits this year)so Satyam was hyping him to project a downfall of SRK and we have seen what happened to poor Akki (almost of his films floped after thet, now Satyam has all hopes in AAMIR Khan to Beat SRK, and not to forget that Satyam hopes for abishek to take over the reign of bollywood have gone forever as the dude has no charisma to deliver blockbusters and have only one solo superhit guru in his long 10 years career

  38. As per NDTV, rocket singh made 1.5 Cr on friday. This is consistent with Taran’s report 0f very low opening. And this site says 3.5 Cr. This site is giving totally wrong numbers.


  40. Hi all

    Paa has just finished its first week and BOI has predicted its
    life time business. Are they astrologers?

    I wish they were

    Cheers and peace all

  41. i just downloaded rocket singh ,after 3 hr. ll tell u all my predication :DDDDD 😀
    @sam i am big bachchan bhakttttt 8)

  42. Paa all set to enter the Guinness Book …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

    It’s soon going to be officially celebrated as the only film in the world featuring the father-son duo reversing their real-life roles for the screen.

    Real-life father and son Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan are all set to enter the Guinness Book Of World Records for being the only father-son acting duo to have played reversed roles on screen in Paa. It’s also the only instance of a 67-year old actor playing a 12-year old child and a 31-year old actress playing mother to a 67 -year old actor.

    Director Balki admits Paa is pretty much a hotbed of unprecedented occurrences. “You know, while casting and all through the shooting, I never sat back to consider the uniqueness of the casting. It was only the people all around me who seemed to be constantly conscious of the casting oddity. To me Amitji, Abhishek and Vidya were playing the roles I had in mind for them from the start. But now, I do see that the casting is exceptional. It hasn’t been done in any part of the world. So yes, plans are afoot to enter Paa into the Guinness book in various categories.”

    The necessary moves have already been made and Balki would make sure that Paa gets noticed in the right categories as soon as release of the film is out of the way.

    After Paa, he plans to take a bit of a vacation and let his wife Gauri Shinde direct a film for his production house.

    “Gauri has been a part of my creative processes for many years now. We got married two years back. The film she wants to make is very different from what I do. Her script has a flavour that’s totally removed from mine.”

    None of the Bachchans are likely to figure in Balki’s wife’s directorial debut. But Balki intends to make his third film with the Bachchans, this time making sure that Mrs Jaya Bachchan too has a part.

  43. Paa did 14.5 crore over first weekend .. Punjabi Tadka News :

  44. boxofficeindia is the same site that gave OSO a figure of 86 crores ahead of dhoom2.

    they then later changed that figure to 79crores a year later.

    How can they change figures like that?? THis proves that their website is flawed.

    They always change figures. Please do not go to boxofficeindia.

    • Mr Amjad 86 cr is total for RNBDJ not OSO, don’t spread rubish lies, and changing figures is a sign of integrity and honesty as the numbers they are giving are always estimations based on a percentage of collections that can vary from 40 to 60 % and when they got the real and complete collections it’s their duty to change them, and they are not pro SRK or proHritik as some morons are spreading, and the Proof is that they had downgraded some SRK movies by some crores (if what you are saying is true), but i dount as they make changes for all movies after awile, when they got the complete collections.

  45. rocket singh is good movie ranbir acting is superb , n hope movie do well at box office esp.. multiplex
    Paa is rocking 😀

  46. ‘Salesman Of The Year’ Breaks Record Of Many Years!

    • This commentary is in total contrast of 3 crore first day .. Komal says that opening is even lower than Paa .. but he give 2 crore for Paa and 3 crore for salesman .. now i am sure Paa did 3.25 crore first day .. Yakzua was 100% correct ….

      • There is also a difference in the no. of prints that these movies were released on. Both Paa and Rocket Singh are great movies and need to be successful.

  47. Where is SAM and YAKUZA when we need them to pump the Rocket frenzy. No star is bigger than the media. Is a shame that a film like APKGK becomes super hit and Rocket fails to even get an decent opening. This is Bollywood. No one can predict the fate of the film. First Kurbaan, the De Dhana Dan and now Rocket Singh, all three films that were expected to smash the boxoffice records based on their face value and the team. I am getting worried about the fate of 3 Idiots as it is also touted to be another Ghajini.

  48. Rocket Singh Salesman Of The Year First Day Business

    Saturday 12th December 2009 15.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Rocket Singh – Salesman Of The Year was well below expectations on day one as it grossed 3 crore nett approx on its first day. Comparatively speaking the film did better in Delhi/NCR and Mysore with 65 and 16 lakhs respectively.

    The film had a low key publicity campaign so a huge opening was not expected but still 3 crore nett is below par for the film. The reports for the film are mixed with certain segments of the audience liking and others not taking a fancy to it..

    It remains to be seen how the weekend goes and if the film can have a turnaround at multiplexes for decent weekend figures. Apart from a few single screens in the North it is unlikely to see a major jump in collections at single screens. The film has been released on around 700 theatres across India with major multiplexes having 8-10 shows per multiplex.

    • Woww .. What you get first here, you will get next day everywhere …. Bollybusiness is brilliant in reporting .. as yakuza confirmed 3 crore on first day itself … 🙂

  49. Yakuza, can you pls confirm these numbers from BOI or put your data if any different

    Satrurday 12th December 2009 18.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Paa (First week)

    Mumbai/Thane – 4.41 crore from 93 cinemas
    Ahmedabad – 63 lakhs from 21 cinemas
    Surat – 18 lakhs from 5 cinemas
    Baroda – 20 lakhs from 5 cinemas
    Rajkot – 11 lakhs from 4 cinemas
    Pune – 93 lakhs from 17 cinemas
    Nasik – 13 lakhs from 6 cinemas
    Goa – 13 lakhs from 4 cinemas
    Delhi – 1.95 crore from 29 cinemas
    Noida – 25 lakhs from 4 cinemas
    Ghaziabad – 29 lakhs from 14 cinemas
    Lucknow – 13 lakhs from 6 cinemas
    Kanpur – 9 lakhs from 5 cinemas
    Gurgaon – 39 lakhs from 9 cinemas
    Kolkata – 92 lakhs from 24 cinemas
    Nagpur – 21 lakhs from 6 cinemas
    Raipur – 9 lakhs from 2 cinemas
    Indore – 28 lakhs from 6 cinemas
    Bhopal 6 lakhs from 1 cinema
    Jaipur – 28 lakhs from 10 cinemas
    Hyderabad – 45 lakhs from 10 cinemas
    Mangalore – 6 lakhs from 1 cinemas

  50. PAA grossed around 35 crore in week 1. So the Net collection is around 22-24 crore including domestic and international market. So the estimate given here looks like reasonanble.

    Source: Financial Express

  51. Paa major circuit breadowns (for reported prints)!

    Bombay ….. 5.60 crore…. 85 cinemas/screens
    Delhi -U.P. … 3.10 crore… 75 cinemas/screns
    East Punjab- 1.15 crore… 45 cinemas /screens
    C.I. … 30 lakhs …. 10 cinemas/screens
    C.P. .. 32 lakhs…. 18 cinemas/screens
    Rajastan … 35 lakhs …. 17 cinemas/screens
    Bihar … 8 lakhs … 8 cinemas/screens
    Eastern Territory (West Bengal & Assam) … 1 crore … 50 cinemas/screens
    Orrisa … 3 lakhs…. 20 cinemas/screens
    Total for around 330 cinemas/screens

  52. Here is another source which puts the total at approx 12 crores for reported prints at 330 screens

    • 12 crore at 330 prints …… it means approx. 19 crore at 525 screens .. (12/330) * 525 = 19.09 Crore.

      • The thing is that the unreported prints are usually from the single screen theaters at smaller centers which fare much lower than the reported ones. So my guess is that the figure will be between 17-18 crores

      • @claustrophobic , its not like this .. generally PVR numbers are missed from reported centers.
        reported centers are mixed of single and multiplex screens. even big trade analyst get figures from single screens more conveniently due to old links …

        • Oh ok. I was not aware. Was just using my common sense. Anyways the movie will definitely be successful. No doubt about it. Even if it wasn’t, it would not have changed the fact that Paa is a great movie.

  53. In that case also the linear calculation comes near to Financial express figure. It is more than BOI or Taran. Not sure if they are reporting the figure for 700 prints or lesser prints!!!

  54. And any idea about Rocket Singh. How did it do today?? Its doing well here in Chandigarh and Punjab though it was expected because of the title. I really want it to do well as its such a nice movie. # crores on day 1 is not bad.

  55. PAA did 35 crore worldwide.its great.

  56. bigfun, if linear method were to be used to find the first week then do the same math for Kurbaan and DDD. Thier first week numbers will be 30cr and 45cr respectively.

    12cr from 330 prints cannot become more than 17cr from 525 prints.

  57. bigfun, take Kurbaan for eg:
    It was 16.79cr from 576 prints. If you use your formula i.e linearity, then Kurbaan’s all-India total (on 1000 prints) comes to
    16.79 * (1000/576) = 32 cr. wowwww !!!!

    but yakuza gave only 18cr week 1 to Kurban. i.w 1.4cr from remaining 424 prints.

    For, Paa even if you give 3cr from the remaining 200 prints you get 16cr

    • I guess it always depends on what kind of cinema mixture is reported.

      For Paa …. Vinod Mirani meanwhile has 5.6 crores from 85 theaters in Bombay whereas the BOI numbers have 4.4 crores from 93.

      Even looking at finacial express 35 crore first week worldwide figure, given that its only 4 crore gross from internatonal market, 31 crore gross from india itself makes nothing less than 19-20 crore NETT …

    • First.. i disagree on reported centre figures !! Second you are right.. its not linear equation .. But again there is not fixed theory that unreported centers will always be on lower side than reported one. Well will give you my breakup of 19 crore.

  58. similarly DDD was 22.47cr from 453 reported prints. If we use linearity then the week 1 comes to,

    22.47 * (1200/453) = 45cr. wowww!

    but yakuza gave only 31cr to DDD.

    For Paa it cannot be more that 16.5cr.

    • Anuj, for Paa :

      Vinod Mirani meanwhile has 5.6 crores from 85 theaters in Bombay whereas the BOI numbers have 4.4 crores from 93.

      This clearly indicates BOI agenda.

      • BOI is shittiest site.
        Dont believe that site.
        Some examples : (per territory)
        Devdas (5.5 crore recovered at sold price of 4 crore).For a film to be hit it should have done 6.5-7 crore (BOI verdict – hit,real verdict – semi-hit)
        Don (8.5 crore recovered at sold price of 6 crore).It should have done 9.5-10 crore (BOI verdict – hit, real verdict – semi-hit)
        Rock On (4.5 crore recovered at cost of 1.5 crore).Film is hit as it surpassed the line of 3 crore (BOI verdict – average, real verdict – hit)

      • you come with your numbers… or let yakuza come with his numbers. then see

      • fine. there could be a print error on any side. do you know for sure who is right? even yakuza has not said who is right.

        whatever way you take, total does not go above 17cr. else show me some numbers from some cities to suggest 19cr

    • DDD first week is 34.12 crore not 22.47 crore.
      Paa is big hit and the big fact that it is still doing good in second week unlike DDD which simply crashed in second week

  59. Thanks yakuza for each reply .. 🙂

  60. Going by the advance booking status RS is doing well in Bangalore. PAA is also doing extremely well in 2nd week here.

    For example in PVR all shows are houseful today. For tomorrow around 80% booked already. For Tuesday it is around 50% already and Wednesday around 25% already

  61. Hi Folks , i will not be able to publish any more report till Monday night due to hectic schedule.

    on a short-Note : Paa is doing well in second weekend, whatever collections i have seen till Saturday night, suggesting approx. 6-6.5 Crore weekend (could be even more).

    Rocket Singh doing steady at high end multiplexes, i am expecting 10+ crore weekend.

  62. thx yakuza …… your analysis always correct

  63. @Yakuza, I am waiting for your numbers from individual centres to support your week 1 19cr. Like I said, I seriously doubt the figure can be right.

    • Yakuza, dont give breakup of territory. It is useless. Give centre-wise collections for some big centres. that will help in analysis and checking of the final figures.

  64. Box Office: Paa holds big into week 2; Rocket Singh hopes for pickup
    Saturday, December 12, 2009
    ABCL’s Paa has recovered costs notwithstanding mixed reports from hindi belt and is faring well going through weekend 2, while Radio has been a total washout, and the newly critically acclaimed Rocket Singh has opened to a subpar box office opening. Below the details.

    At 15 crores, Paa is one of the smallest budget ‘commercial’ films to come out. However it has also been the case over the years that usually when Amitabh Bachchan gives a hit, it rarely stays a small hit. For example, in 2003, Baghban (Amitabh Bachchan, Hema Malini) came out of nowhere to become a top 3 grosser of its year and in 2005, Bunty and Babli (Abhishek Bachchan, Rani Mukherji, Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai) went on to be the biggest moneyspinner of 2005 along with another solid hit in Black (Amitabh Bachchan, Rani Mukherjee). This year, a similar pattern appears to be happening with Paa which has Vidya Balan starring apart from Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan.

    To be fair, Paa did not have a boisterous weekdays throughout its week 1. Because its opening Sunday was peaking so spectacularly at one point that there seemed no limit for what the film may have done over the next 4 days. However this frenzy tapered on Monday before going up again on Tuesday (which had even 10pm night shows recording 100% occupancy in several centers). Wednesday and Thursday ending the week were steady. Incoming collections indicate a weekly net around 20 crores though the figure could change to be less or more as more reports become available. It has had a sizeable opening haul considering its entire budget is less than that.

    Moreover, these collections have been recovered from a below-norm print release and screening volumes. As a consequence, screening volumes for week 2 will be above par in the major locations. If weekend 1 had modest screenings, weekend 2 screening numbers will not be modest. Paa’s screenings will be high for a film in weekend 2. The 2nd Weekend Saturday and Sunday already have theaters with many of their shows advance booked out, examples being in Bombay, in Noida, in Chennai, and in Ahmedabad.

    The overall national 2nd weekend collections for Paa then could then come close to the film’s opening weekend collections which again would be bucking the conventional trend. The 15 crore film is heading for a 40-50 crore final net, maybe even more depending on weekends 3 onwards. Its best collections however are coming from Bombay, South and Bengal circuits. The film is not as strong in Rajasthan and parts of Hindi belt (in fact shares are poor in Bihar) which is ironic considering it stars the Bachchans and is set in Lucknow, UP. Theaters there have reported week 1’s occupancy in the range of 30% whereas in Karnataka, occupancies for Paa over the week were much higher closer to 75% for the course of the entire week which is running 90-100% during weekends.

    The film has been compared to other slow starters like Taare Zameen Par and Chak De India, however those films it should be recalled were granted entertainment tax exemptions across multiple key states such as Maharashtra and Delhi very early on, thereby boosting their apparent net collections by a big margin (tax exemption makes film’s gross reportable as film’s net). It is unclear whether Paa will receive a tax exemption soon or not. However given the box office response already, Star network has reportedly acquired the 15 crore film’s satellite rights for about Rs. 10-12 crores, meaning after factoring in additional revenue from music and DVD rights, nearly all theatrical distributor share is essentially going into the profit coiffers of producers ABCL and Reliance BIG Pictures who are also the distributors. If film keeps on sustaining it could end up one of most profitable hits in some time.

    The other release opposite Paa, Radio, was a total washout theatrically despite a 6 crore production budget. In this case, the exhibitors will lose due to low occupancy even if producers won’t. However popular singer-actor Himesh Reshammiya will be starring in another release next, which has been titled Kajra Re.

    Meanwhile onto a new release this week, after scoring the flop in Dil Bole Hadippa, Yash Raj and Aditya Chopra are back at it again with Rocket Singh, hoping to benefit from the recent hit run of Ranbir Kapoor. However they need pickup as Rocket Singh Salesman of the Year’s’s opening on Friday the 11th was rather weak, in the range of 25-30% on Friday, and the word of mouth reports are somewhat mixed. Though as the number of screenings allocated to RSSOTY are enormous; to the tune of about 15-23 shows/day in fact. The Aditya Chopra production may have gotten affected by having released too close to Paa in major centers and also perhaps remnants of De Dana Dan in Hindi belt which released a fortnight ago. Also it should be pointed out, since Diwali in October, major releases have been appearing on a near weekly basis which may be saturating out the turnouts as well.

    However regardless of the fate of RSSOTY, the year is still a breakthrough one for Ranbir Kapoor for having delivered a moderate success in Wake Up Sid and a topping solo superhit across India in Ajab Prem Ki Ghajab Kahani.

    Interestingly Rocket Singh Salesman was sold as movie for 37 percenters and its box office opening was also not much more than 37%. Alternatively, another high profile release coming up is making the appeal for the 97 percenters of India (IITians, IIM types), ie 3 Idiots by Rajkumar Hirani featuring Aamir Khan. It will be interesting to see what kind of opening that film will be given by the Indian public in a few weeks. Aamir Khan, though perceived as class actor, has had some of his recent films doing huge business in interiors. For example, Mangal Pandey had a big opening in hindi belt and Ghajini last year did a share of Rs. 30 lacs/- from one theater in Patna alone.

  65. @njoyy If Pa have a 30cr life time nett collection which means around 15 cr DS. Then ABCL will get 12.5 cr ( 10 cr DP +2.5cr extra profit) but the distributor Big pictures only gets 2.5 cr profit. So do you call it a hit or average.
    If it does 40 cr nett lifetime ( this is the max it can do going by trend) still this is around 20 cr DS. Then ABCL will have 15 cr (10cr+5cr) and Distributor gets only 5 cr. profit. Still do you call it a hit or semi-hit?
    Also don’t forget the budget is low ( around 17cr) because the actors (Bachhan’s) are the producers so if you subtract the fee of the Bachhan’s from the profit the nett profit is zero if not negative.

    • Do any one know what at what price it was sold to distributors? As far I know it is a partnership between ABCL and Big Picture and they are producing and distributing together. So the profit will be shared between them.

      If we go by the logic presented by Anirban then all the movies of 2009 is flop/moderated success (including Wanted and APKGK)
      For example: APKGK net collection is around 60 Crore so DS 30 crore for a movie with budget 25 Crore. So distributors will get around 10-12 Crore from their investment of 18 crore!!!

      I think it is a wrong way to look at.

      I really don’t know who will get what but if we include the partners total collection will be as below

      DS 20 crore (assuming 40 crore DS)
      Satelite 12 Crore
      Music, Video etc. 10 crore
      So total profite shared between ABCL and Big Pictures will be around 40-42 crore.
      BTW, all the actors got paid. Taking slightly lower fee is not new in industry Big B, SRK all takes lower fee from come production houses. So if Bachchan’s want to take lower salary from ABCL we should not compain. It happens with YRF, Dharma or Filmcraft every where.

      • In that same theory WANTED is mere recovering money!!!
        Collection: 52 crore nett
        DS: 26 Crore
        Budget: 35 Crore
        DP: 24 Crore

        and De Dana Dan a super flop movie
        Collection: 40-42 crore net (expected)
        DS: 22 Crore
        Budget: 40 Crore
        DP: 27 Crore

        Distributors price is calculated like that. they consider all aspects like expected net, satelite, video rights etc and then decides a DP

        It will be great if some one can clarify what are the actual distributors price of Wanted, APKGK, DDD, PAA. As far I know all the films are good success but the magnitude will be known only if we know DS

        • @somnath FYI wanted’s net collection is 61 crore not 52.

          • if you are reporting BOI then it is Gross collection (which was under reported). Gross is easily more than 80 crore.

            However I was taking an example, I know Wanted is a huge hit.

            • wanted’s DS is more than AJPGK n u r also reporting AJPKK’s net coll. from BOI.Wanted is the biggest hit of 2009.

              • Well…
                I am not a trade analyst, however from various sources what I have gathered is that APKGK is bigger hit than Wanted though both the movies are super hit

                • I agree that APKGK net collections r more than wanted’s but wanted’s DS is about 38 crores n APKGK’s DS is around 30 crores.Because of DS wanted is the biggest hit of 2009

                  • I was trying to point out the error in the way anirban calculated and compare two of the biggest hits of 2009.
                    As in India Hit/Flop is decided on Distributor ROI. To check bigger hit DP is needed.
                    Wanted budget is 35 crore and APKGK is 25 crore and due to Salman’s star power wanted could have fetched much better DP so the ROI for Distributor might be lesser than APKGK. However I do not have DP data so I am not concluding. If any one have the DP data then it will be helpful

  66. @yakuza y r trying to promote RS? the whole world knowa that RS got a pathetic opening,u r the only 1 saying that it got good opening.

  67. Indore Barometer:- ‘Rocket Singh’ falls drastically on Saturday

    -By Taran Adarsh, December 13, 2009 – 12:10 IST

    ROCKET SINGH – SALESMAN OF THE YEAR neither took off on Friday, nor showed signs of any dramatic pick up on Saturday. In fact, at Indore, the collections fell drastically, which was simply unimaginable. The trend clearly states that it’s one of the lowest openers of the year. Clearly goes to show that the film hasn’t got the mandate of the paying public.

    [F] 1,54,541 [holiday]
    [S] 77,502

    [F] 2,66,637 [holiday]
    [S] 1,31,171

    [F] 55,635 [holiday]
    [S] 29,122

    [F] 1,09,186 [holiday]
    [S] 40,525

    [F] 81,581 [holiday]
    [S] 32,898

    paa 35 cr,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  69. The gross is 35 crore till 12 Dec, (wich means second friday and saturday are included) so the net should be around 22-24 crore (for 9 days).

  70. Paa Grosses 5 Crore Nett Over Second Weekend

    Monday 14th December 2009 16.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Paa grossed 5 crore nett over its second weekend taking its 10 day total to around 21.25 crore nett. The business for the second week should be around the 7.50 crore nett mark.

    Paa is best in Mumbai city, Bengal and Mysore where drops are around 50% as compared to 60% in the rest of the country.

    Overall the film will finish an Semi Hit/Above Average fare thanks to low costs. The business of Paa till date is almost identical to the business of October release Wake Up Sid. All circuits are very similar. Paa has an outside chance to touch 30 crore nett business but that will depend on how it can perform at the box office after the release of the much awaited Aamir Kareena starrer Three Idiots.

    • I knew this…..
      that this post is coming from Sam 🙂
      however please remember BOI is most inconsistent, biased and untrustworthy site.
      I am not telling that other sites are perfectly correct! but in other site consistency is there.

  71. BOI is known to make up figures and later change them. They give verdicts and also change them later on.

    It is not a trustworthy site.

  72. even bollybusines would not get the total runing of Paa to 35 cr, i bet so for BOI and taran and BOC it would be in the 27-30cr range and for Bollybusines it would be a total runing of Paa in the 32-35 cr so at best it would an above average for BOI, taran and BOC and a semi hit By bollybusiness

  73. for you and your Paranoid Guru Satyam the Shit everysite is against Bachchans, i bet that bollybusiness would not go past above 32-35cr, and Satyam the Shit will be very angry against Yakuza, because Satyam and other bachchans fanatic were dreaming of Paa doing 45-50 cr, and Satyam had said that he will not be satisfied if it doesn’t do that, arey guys Bachchan for having these figures 50cr and above must do a guest role or a sidekick role with Akki at least, or if he want to have a solid blockbuster hit (>75-85 cr)he has to star with SRK, as there are friends. the other actor that could give to tha lame horse AB a blockbuster is AAmir Khan, but i dount aamir will ever star opposite Bachchan as he is very selfich and do movies only with lesser stars ( Sharman joshi, R madhavan and co…)

  74. sam BOI is a site which have proved to have lied before.

    Everyone knows that PAA is going to be a superhit! Who cares what BOI thinks, BOI is just a website and is not an official boxoffice site. BOI can say what they want, they are the same website which gave 86crores to OSO in 2007. But the world knew that was a lie, so they changed the 86crores to 79crores a year later.

    Come on?? How can we trust a site which makes up figures likes this.

    • Stop liying rizwann they had never given 86 cr to OSO, show me the proof if you are saying the thruth, the 85 cr was for RNBDJ

      • Check the below link which was published in dec 07.. it lists OSO’s weekly collections as per boxoffice.

        • hats of to BOI if they have downgraded the numbers of a SRK movie, that proves that they make corrections whenever it’s needed or proven,wich means they are not biased to SRK like some Satyam the shit bakht are crying day and night, so that shows their honesty and integrity when they correct the numbers as they are all estimates from a fraction of the actuals collections that doesn’t go up to 40-45% of the actual ones , correcting collections is a must for any site that have some self esteem and respect toward it’s visitors

        • Lol sam .. Chit bhi apni .. Aur Pat bhi … 😀

  75. […] (All these figures were first reported on saturday itself at comments section HERE ) […]

  76. For a movie which cost 14.5crores and it generates over 30crores not including sattelite rights, according to BOI it is average?? hahahaha

    BOI is a comedy site.


  77. if BOI is liying, what about Taran numbers, what about BOC numbers , what about Komal nahata, and don’t tell me they are after Bachchan as your Paranoid guru Satyam the Shit is bilieving

    • WHat about this sam ???

      3.7 M $ {nearly 18 cr.} from 623 screen

      This 18 crore weekend is worldwide figure, considering 2.5 crore from international market, Paa first weekend from india comes to 15.5 crore … If first weekend is 15.5 crore then how can first week be 16 crore only, it will definitely be 19-20 crore.

      Another proof of 14.5 crore weekend for Paa —- >

      Paa did 14.5 crore over first weekend .. Punjabi Tadka News :

      • suddenly panjabi tadka of all the things has become the favourite. not taran and komal or boi….. atleast we know these sources for long. this tadka I never heard before paa

        • Please do not talk about BOI. Lets talk about the Taran’s and Komal’s verdict, review etc etc.

          I know you will tell taran reported it as 16.5 crore week but please check the context of that.

    • Sam… Check the verdict they are giving.

      Tell me the name of a movie which has collected more revenue (net) than its budget. Please remember at the end it is ROI which counts. As far I remember APKGK and PAA has done it. Not sure about Wanted, LAK, Kaminey.

      BTW, BOI’s figure for week 1 is from lesser number of screens 487 screen collected 16.14 crore. Worldwide release was for 700 screens. So BOI itself is indicating week 1 collection is much more than 16.14 crore.

      I know linear calculation doesn’t work here but could not resist the temptation. from BOI itself the worldwide net is coming as 23 crore+
      And if we assume 550 prints in India then it is coming to 18.23 crore!! Infact it is matching the figure given here.

      For everyones information. I am not a promoter of this blog and do no know any one of these guys.

  78. sam when boi change figures and verdicts this proves that their figures can not be trusted.

    how can they say 1 figure and then months later say, oh we got that wrong by 7crores…

    it is qite obvious that boi are a fake site

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