Once upon a time in Mumbai – First Look

~ by Yakuza on December 10, 2009.

16 Responses to “Once upon a time in Mumbai – First Look”

  1. See the perfect casting Ajay Devgn looks DITTO Haji Mastaan… only that trademark cap is required now 🙂

    seems worked really hard on Emraans look too. he looks different. Background you can see the old BOMBAY 😛

  2. @ YAK @ PRAZ…can we expect a superhit for this jodi ? Or Is it too early to predict ?

    • Hey David, how r u man ?

      Hit or not .. should be good considering Milan Luthria’s prevous work like Kache dhaage, Deewar, Taxi no 9-2-11 etc., Movie should be as good as RGV’s company.

      • I think LUthria has a lot of potential,and so does the genre with this cast. I think we can expect a definite Mumbai hit here…

  3. Iam fine thanks a lot dear. Enjoying the role of a silent observer of your Blogs growth 🙂 Happy for you & PRAZ Seems you have got few powerhouse of talents now here to write. Not naming anyone specifically.Hope that you have recovered fuly from the surgery now.

    Coming back to Milan Luthria. As you said too. I liked all his films specially TAXI 9211, presentation and casting of the film was perfect. Liked Deewar too. Belonged to Paa & KAYKAY Menon. Loved Kaykays perfromance as Pak Major in that.Iam just wondering how this guy is going to recreate all those Mumbai of 60s 70s.Extreme care shall be taken in each and every department from costumed to background to looks to presentation etc. Sure he will suceed in that by having Ajay & Emraan on board along with Lady powerhouse Kangana Renaut. Waiting for this film badly 😛

    • Your absence was strongly observed .. 🙂
      I am absolutely fine and recovered. Thank GOD !!

      About Milan, beside his not so good BO record, i liked his modus operandi of direction, even his delayed movie “Chori Chori” was much appreciated in home video circuit(though i have not seen it), His sense of screenplay is mediocre but his visual/scene take is too good, you can observe this in taxi no 9211 where screenplay was full of faults but overall impact due to slick takes was good enough.

      No doubt, Ajay/Emraan/Kangana all together itself make powerhouse movie.

    • Thank you for the kind words David….

  4. interesting pairing of Ajay & Emraan. For me i’m still not sold on whether Emraan is a good actor or not – hopefully this he’l prove me wrong with this role, because it looks like a powerhouse kind of act to carry off the role. I hope its not like Company…

    also strange that although Ajay doesnt get much BO success, he still manages to get movies 🙂 imo he’s a brilliant actor and makes some terrific movies.

  5. Yakuza, I would like to congragulate you on this 236,924 Unique Visits 🙂 Its not a small thing dear. Your hardwork all behind this. Keep up the same spirit 😛

  6. For me this film is looking great like film Company.and will be hit like company.and both imran and ajay will rock.

  7. emraan in this kind of rols is gud…..
    remem….his awarapan

  8. ajay devgan is the best actor of our generation but he doesn’t get his due bcoz of his low profile .he bhas also mentioned that for an actor the work speaks.i feel once upon a time in mumbai will be 1 of his biggest hits.godd luck ajay ur my favourite.

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