Praz Gold :KAALA PATTHAR (Hindi, 1979)

I’ll start upfront with my thoughts on KAALA PATTHAR, it’s quiet easily Yash Chopra’s most underrated films as a director and undoubtedly one of his finest films as a director. Made on a gigantic budget, the film despite grossing more than most films made that year, was deemed a failure simply because of the costs that went in to making the film, and sadly while films like DEEWAAR and TRISHUL are still talked about today, KAALA PATTHAR doesn’t crop up as often.

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~ by prazzero00000 on December 9, 2009.

5 Responses to “Praz Gold :KAALA PATTHAR (Hindi, 1979)”

  1. Welldone great topic,please bring on great film shahenshah.

  2. nice review. gr8 film.

  3. Shatrughnan Sinha did OUTSTANDING act among all in this GEM film 🙂 He stood out on many points whether it is dialogue delivery, action or above all STYLE of the character. Later his style was adapted by many many famous actors of today in thier films.

    Yakuza, please comment on this if you get to see it

    • Kaala pathar is one among my favorites, Shotgun was in his full form here. I have not seen many shotgun movies (not even kalicharan and vishwanath), so if need to pick his best movie, it would be Kaala pathar any day. I guess Shotgun and amitabh was in role reversal here. Amitabh here was in different persona altogether from his popular angry young man image. Praz has written perfect word here about bachchan performance

      “This can again be termed as a “angry young man” performance but I think the biggest compliment one could give Bachchan is that the Vijay is KAALA PATTHAR is quiet different from the Vijay of ZANJEER or DEEWAAR. The anger is within himself and against himself this time rather than projected towards the world and those around him.”

      About Shotgun (i fondly call him .. 🙂 ), all i can say that he induces life to movie, His presence on screen and specially the scene where he confronts with bachchan was fire.

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