This Week From Past – Vidhaata (1982)

Released on : December 03, 1982

Vidhaata is a 1982 Bollywood film directed by Subhash Ghai and produced by Gulshan Rai’s company Trimurti Films. It stars Dilip Kumar, Sanjay Dutt, Sanjeev Kumar, Shammi Kapoor, Padmini Kolhapure, Amrish Puri, Madan Puri and Sarika. This was the first of three successful film collaborations between Subhash Ghai and Dilip Kumar and was followed by Karma (1986) and Saudagar (1991).

Synopsis :

Shamsher Singh (Dilip Kumar) is a very wealthy, powerful, and influential man. His son Pratap Singh (Suresh Oberoi) was tragically killed at a young age, leaving behind a son, Kunal Singh (Sanjay Dutt), who now lives with his grandfather. Also living with Shamsher are a faithful old employee Abu Baba (Sanjeev Kumar) who has taken care of Kunal for most of his childhood and teen years.

Kunal grows up without any hang-ups, and is attracted to a local young lady, Durga (Padmini Kolhapure), who lives with her mother is not wealthy. When Kunal takes Durga to introduce her to his granddad, and Abu Baba, Shamsher instantly takes a dislike to Durga, due to her poverty, and asks Durga’s mother, not to permit Durga to see nor contact Kunal again. Durga and her mother decide to move out, but are molested. Abu Baba comes to their rescue, and as a result he is killed. Kunal is enraged, and swears to avenge Abu Baba’s death. His investigation to the man behind Abu Baba’s death leads him to the associates of his grandfather Shamsher, and subsequently to his grandfather himself, who it seems is living a double life. Eventually it is discovered that Shamsher’s associates are none other the ones who killed his son Pratap.

Awards :

Shammi Kapoor won a Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award for his performance.

Boxoffice :

Vidhaata was superhit movie with excellent business of 6 Crore at the time of its release which if adjusted now will come close to 80 Crore.


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~ by Yakuza on December 8, 2009.

7 Responses to “This Week From Past – Vidhaata (1982)”

  1. Dilip sir is grand Paa of bollywood .. Hats off sir .. 😀

    I liked this multistarrer a lot .. “Hathon ki band lakiron ka .. Ye khel hai sab taqdiron ka .. ye khel hai kya main kya janu .. ye khel hai kya main kya janu .. Main Aashiq hun tabdiron ka .. hathon ki chand lakiron Kaa ….. “

  2. Great Yakuza well done I like this type of topic of u.Sir u promised that I have one video of Shahenshah releasing time and u said that I will bring for u people,still we r waiting for that video.please Sir Bring this type of topic on Shaenshah and also that video.please…………..Sir.

  3. I agree, I like how you give topics like this. Things like this are whart I enjoyed as I watch alot of the olc greats films, and Vidhaata is one of them

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  5. This is a brilliant film. very emotional too. Gr8 star cast. Dilip Kumar was amazing in this. and Shammi Kapoor – ‘yaar tu itna ameer kesa ban gaya’ 🙂 Sanjay Dutt was good in this too – but Dilip Kumar is just class.

    Doesnt Ranbir Kapoor look a bit like a younger version of Sanjay Dutt? wot do u think guyz?

  6. must add Sanjeev Kumar’s role here was immense. this movie is a must watch for all!

    • Agree .. Way before amitabh, it was dilip kumar who was rocking even in his 60’s … 😀

      And demise of sanjiv kumar in such a young age(45 i guess) was biggest loss to bollywood, He has given some solid milestones in his career including Aandhi, Angoor, trishul, sholay and Khilona.

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