Boxoffice Update : Paa/De Dana Dan

After excellent weekend, Paa drops to about 60% on Monday. looking more significant after packed houses (95%+ ) on Sunday . However Drop is almost 20% compared to Friday. Few multiplexes record better morning shows than evening one (Spice and Wave cinemas: Noida , where morning shows were 70% occupied but evening shows occupancy dropped to mere 40%). However few high end multiplexes at Mumbai and NCR also recorded 100% collections for evening shows, but these shows were booked in advance on Sunday itself. If Paa from here on follows same pattern up-to Thursday, First week collections can still come in range of 18 – 19 crore.   

Meanwhile De Dana Dan managed to collect decent 7 crore over second weekend taking its 10 days total to 39 (32 + 7) crore..

— BollyBusiness


~ by Yakuza on December 7, 2009.

88 Responses to “Boxoffice Update : Paa/De Dana Dan”

  1. so shd we consider DDD a hit now…or ????

    • Max-i , there is some confusion related to DP of movie (as i came to knew about some minimum guarantee deal here). Let me come up with some clearance, till than i am reserving any verdict!! However regardless of price, DDD did excellent business over first week, and second weekend suffered due to Paa euphoria, but movie is steady on lower side.

  2. and why do we say,akshays kumar movies drops on weekdays……when even a critically and publically acclaimed movie like paa has also dropped so much on weekdays…….why are we after this poor guy….who has not been able to manage a hit this year…..a lot of negative publicity has not helped either.

    even though his movies selection is bad but he is a very good actor, his comic timing cannot be matched with even the very best in our industries…[rem Garam Masala…..johnny was no where near him in it}

    he shd realize that he has talent and utilize in the same manner as jim carrie has done in hollywood…..I am sure he will bounce back.

  3. just like i was saying before, i was expecting a drop by 60% as the families don’t go in general to see such movies in weekdays, so the next 3 days will add some 3.5 to 5 cr.

    if we add this to the real numbers (11 cr for week end we get to 15-16 cr max for the first week.

    the real test will be the second week end, if it drop heavily the this movie will be average at best

    • @sam, 60% drop is from sunday , its only 20% from friday. this drop is minimal and least among all movies of 2009, can you tell me even a single movie name from 2009 which has less drop than Paa ??

      BOI always consider drop from friday .. u should know .. Agar sunday se compare karoge to 80% fall hota hai har movie ka ..

      • The point here is Friday numbers were itself dismal…So 20 pcr drop from Friday numbers is not something you gaga over…But did well on Satrurday and Sunday and enjoying good WOM…This movie should do about 30 cr max…The same movie with khans in the lead(SRK and Aamir) would have done 60 cr..

      • @rajeev .. i agree …. just like SRK starrer most critical acclaimed movie of decade Swadesh did 100 Crore .. 🙂

  4. As per rediff movie is steady on monday. yakuza is talking @ big drop. is he trying to cover for inflated friday numbers?

    Amitabh Bachchan-starrer Paa had a slow opening in theatres but great reviews made sure it picked up later. The film held steady even on Monday, as audiences enjoyed its touching story. Himesh Reshammiya’s [ Images ] Radio, on the other hand, did not fare as well.

  5. Paa is awesome.On Sunday PAA did 95% business.its amazing.hope for superhit.everyone is talking about PAA.great performance of all.

  6. GUYS what aBT overseas report of paaaaaaaaaa ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. Wow… DDD has collected 8cr… cool… still 10cr more for semihit.. 🙂

  8. make sure that whatever this website says about the ddd, we should add an extra 2-3 crs to the collection of ddd. one advise.”to run a successful website, you have to be biased and do not bring your personal likes or dislikes…

    • “you have to be biased” ?

    • Nitish, i am not defending any one here, but what i guess from all previous boxoffice updates since Kambakht Ishq here is :

      1. Yakuza has numbers from Metros multiplexes only and he makes his analysis based on these numbers for all india
      2. now if single screens are very poor, his analysis total comes to higher side
      3. and if single screens are very good and multiplexes are poor/average , his numbers comes to lower than actual.

      As i know him (yakuza),he is not biased from his heart to any movie, but yes sometimes numbers may fluctuate from actual one sometime.

      4. But again, no trade analyst (either Taran or Komal) has 100% numbers available to them, they geenrally have 40-50% numbers with them and made their assumptions based on these numbers. so its guess work every where. BOI is site who are Komal nahta folks (you will know this in coming days, he is claverly running this site in parallel), now Taran, BOI and Nahata decided to give numbers in synch with each other to gain faith over audience.
      Yakuza is in talking terms with one of premier portal for boxoffice section.

      I still consider Taran as best boxoffice critic because he do have maximum number available with him among all. But all these big players Taran and Komal are very much biased … and you must have witnessed their stupid numbers many times before …..

      some are ..
      Taran’s 42 crore first week for KI .. (He mixed Gross with Nett).
      Taran’s 10 Crore first day for BLUE … (simply rubbish reporting).
      Komal is always biased …. for him Biwi no one was semihit .. Ha Ha

  9. DDD is very strong at single screens…..:) distributer share already 25cr….:) wow…..

  10. ddd needs 13 cr frm 2 week to became a hit
    it collect 8 cr frm 2 weekend,rest week days se bhi 5-6cr ka collection ho jayga..34cr 1week+8cr2weekrnd+6cr weekdays=48 cr for2 weeks

    & its a hit in oversease tooo[:P]

  11. So, ddd is going to be hit i believe. Akshay kumar has atleast one hit in this year. Also proves that heraferi team is biggest entertainer when comes to laugh.
    Paa will atleast be above average if not hit.

  12. ya seems like DDD `ll be atleast semihit…:) Taran told its very steady… so it shud make 50cr+…:) wow….

  13. yakuzaa Monday business drooped but more than friday :8)
    As for PAA, the Monday business has been strong too. In fact, better than Friday at several screens. Here’s hoping ROCKET SINGH – SALESMAN OF THE YEAR, AVATAR and 3 IDIOTS end the year on a prosperous note.
    bollywood hungama

    • Abhishek bachchan will give actual figures today , let’s see ..

      Taran is saying more than friday because his friday numbers were 2.25 crore, while Yakuza says 3 crore. so this way both are correct ..

  14. 45 cr main bhi bus semi hit

    wth is this ……..
    if hi touch 45cr mark it will be hit

    • NO…. it has to make 60cr for hit….. with 50-55cr semihit…

      • @aqua no 48 nett cr will do for a hit because its doing well in single screen. As yakuza said 32 cr 1st week contribute to 20-21 cr DS. It need another 8 cr DS to be hit which is another 14 cr nett. So total 46 cr nett would do for hit. To be sure about hit status 48 nett would do.

        • hw dude… its 60/40 sharing at single screens or 70/30?

          • i think it should be around 60-70/40-30 for single screen yakuza can help you in the exact number.

            • As quoted by Yakuza
              Single Screens generally dealt with following optional Model :
              1. Fixed Rental basis.
              2. Minimum Guarantee
              3. Revenue/Losses Sharing.
              4. Hire Print Basis
              Fixed rental : it is quite simple model where distributor Hire the theater for week terms and pay fixed rents.
              Minimum Guarantee model : It is generally for movies for which distributors are having high hopes to open big, Distributor given the minimum guarantee of revenue for first week failing which they have to cut their share.
              Revenue sharing : It is again simple model where exhibitor/distributor share the revenue generated by movie (whatever it be).
              Hire Print Basis : In this case exhibitor hire the prints for fixed rental (This is reverse case of Fixed Rental model where distributor Hire theater).
              These are basic models in general, Amount associated[percentage, rent etc] with deal is negotiable at table.
              No exhibitor is fixed in one model, with each release they chose best suited option available with mutual agreement.

  15. De Dana Dan Has 6.50 Crore Second Weekend

    Tuesday 7th December 2009 10.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    De Dana Dan grossed around 6.50 crore nett over its second weekend taking its 10 day total to 40.50 crore nett. The films best business is coming from the North, Rajasthan and CPCI.

    The second week is likely to do nett business of around 10 crore which will take the film to about 44 crore nett after two weeks. The film may take its lifetime business to around 50 crore nett depending on screen space available when Rocket Singh – Salesman Of The Year releases on Friday.

    Overall the film will emerge an Above Average/Semi Hit affair with a distributor share of 26-28 crore.

    • so bollybusiness is in synch with BOI this time

      for Paa …. 60% drop from sunday and 20% from friday , both are correct.

      And DDD 7 crore is also in synch with BOI ..

    • according to bollybuisness ( yakuza’s word) 28 cr DS should be hit. Both BOI and Yakuza published that indian thearitical rights( including home video and sattelite) is sold to BABA arts at 30 cr. Which means 12-15 cr DP (excluding the others) So 200% of DP i.e 28cr DS should be a hit. BOI maay follow other methods.

    • BOI fig changes…..;) it may be 40.5cr nw… later it may become 43-44cr wen dey get no`s from all circuits…;)

  16. whole industrie aginst akki………..

    media tau relese se pehle hi mvi ko super flop bol diya & still bol rhe h

    akele akki ne poori industrie ki laGGA rkkhi hhail akki

  17. As per CNN_IBN report your Paa is in the collection range of 40-45%. But it s not matching here with your report..Is it true or just publicity to Paa..Paa is an average movie, but you media are making it so hype..Its just 2 star film..You have some obsession towards Amitabh..Any how you are giving good report…

  18. just confrim

    the 10 day total of ddd is….43 cr net …………..

    &oversease figure is apporx 23 cr + for 10 days

  19. Ya… 42.5cr in 10days and 18.5cr overseas…

  20. @ All DDD Is hit………………

  21. Paa Has Decent Collection On Monday

    Tuesday 8th December 2009 09.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Paa had a decent collection on Monday of around 1.75 crore nett. If we look at it from a Friday drop point of view it is very good with just a 10-15% drop. But the problem is the Friday collections were very low which makes its Monday business of 1.75 crore nett just about par for the film. The four day total is around 12.75 crore nett.

    The first week is now heading for around 17 crore nett business. The film will emerge a hit if it has a good second week. If it was to drop in week two it should still emerge an Average fare thanks to fairly low costs.

  22. anyways either 17 cr first week (BOI) or 18-19Cr first week (Bollybusiness), Paa has to do very well in second week, if not and that’a the great probability then it will emerge an average as it will not do much than 5-6cr in the second week (two weeks total 22-23 cr) and 25cr in the long run

    • @ sam you never know since the WOM is excellent 2nd weekend can be good and add 6-7 crore. I am predicting 8-10 cr for 2nd week

      • but it can be average also because of Rocket Sing..but one thing for sure the total screening of PAA will be same and that will work for the movie

    akshya nd de dnnaa dnn team rock as reporter said a massive success
    @paa also be hit

  24. @yakuza
    Any update on the deal b/w Baba Arts and DDD’s production team

    • Baba arts acquired indian theatrical rights for 30 crore with some minimum guarantee return, failing which they will get shares of satellite/video rights. Now How much is minimum guarantee is not disclosed yet. Also Baba arts sold further rights to sub-distributor and transfer this minimum guarantee return to them too. This is really a bit complicated scenario and indulgence of sub-distributors is really nonsense where even first I/O node(Baba/Venus) itself in risky deal.

      • @ yakuza you said earlier that 30 cr include the satellite and home video completely. Same was published by BOI. Now you are saying they will only get shares of satellite/video that too if they dont have the minimum return. Why are you changing your satement?..By the way going by prices 30 cr only for indian theatrical rights not including sattelite and video seems absured as only few movies in the past have crossed 30 cr DS.

        • If they have sold only indian theatrical rights for 30 cr. Then let see how much the proucers earns

          a) Indian theatrical rights —- 30 crs

          b) Overseas theatrical business—-10crs

          c) Satellite rights—15crs

          d) Home Video Rights—5 crs

          e) DTH rights–7crs

          f) In movie branding—2crs

          g) Brand association—1crs

          h) Music Rights–2crs

          i) Ring tone and Other Value added services -1 crs

          Total 73 cr

          While the max budget is nearly 40-45 cr. ( as akshay co-produced it he took half the market price).

          That means producers make 30 cr profit..seems completely absured. The 30 cr. Indian theatrical rights only seems very unreal as no distributer would take that risk knowing only few movies in the past have crossed 30 cr DS. Indian theatrical rights of 30 cr should include home video and satellite as you told earlier and also by BOI.

        • @ see your comments below

          De Dana Dan is safe at boxoffice, It require just 12 Crore DS for recovery and 20+ DS for HIT tag. At 40 Crore NETT movie will be HIT.

          Yakuza said this on November 29, 2009 at 1:09 pm | Reply


          Baba Arts limited for the first time acquires all India theatrical rights of “De Dana Dan” from producers Venus for around 30 crore. This includes satellites and home video rights too (exclude music), With print and publicity costs its price would set at 35 Crore.

          Yakuza said this on November 29, 2009 at 1:37 pm | Reply

          Now why are you changing your staements?

          • after DDD crossed 20 cr DS some asked you about hit status then you said 28cr DS will be you are on the way in changing that also..what you project now it seems it need 60cr DS ( 2005 of DP) or around 100 cr nett to get a hit status which is completely unacceptable.

          • @Anirban , its not about changing statement, it’s just that i am giving further development on deal which was not clear before and even now there is not any official statement for same.

            yup you are right on this immature deal. however i am still not sure on this latest development as minimum guarantee is now obsolete term for distribution business. never heard of this among corporates for quite some time now.

            • whatever minimum deal is if DS doesn’t cross that minimum number they will get share according to you. But since DS is alraedy more than 25cr I think it crossed the minimum so no more share on satellite/home so according to you it need 60cr DS ( 200% of DP0 which is 100 cr nett to be hit…ha haaa seems funny to me…30 cr only for India theatrical rights also look funny going by records.

            • I think Paa also have same kind of minimun return deal with loss profit share.

              • To me in current market situation DDD is a clean hit…Gordhan Tanwani is quite shrewd businessman and cannot buy right at absurd prices…i have personally met him with Mr.Rajesh of Ashoka Enterprises(Distributor of C.I) and his calculations are pretty neat…noway that he got in such contract…Yakujaa its very difficult to get much inside information on the deal so just relax and stick to your old calculation…

            • If there is a deal it is on NOV 9, when BAB aRTS accuired the rights..there cannot be any further developement on a either your eilier statement was wrong or this statement is false. the term latest development on a deal is also absured.

              • term latest developemnt is for we only, obviosly it was fixed deal ..

                from online articles, this piece from Komal may help you :


                • To me in current market situation DDD is a clean hit…Gordhan Tanwani is quite shrewd businessman and cannot buy right at absurd prices…i have personally met him with Mr.Rajesh of Ashoka Enterprises(Distributor of C.I) and his calculations are pretty neat…noway that he got in such contract…Yakujaa its very difficult to get much inside information on the deal so just relax and stick to your old calculation…

                • read the article….it has a question mark on 33cr. Even in that question mark he never said it excludes satellite/home video. As for screening on 3rd week I think he already made money and expecting some more on 3rrd week particularly on single seems who wrote it assumed that all 3rd week money will nly go to exibitors..if thats true then local distributor and Mr. Gordhan both don’t make any money..why would they run the film..its an illogical statement as it would not benefit anyone..

  25. Hey buddy,
    there is one good news for you. i am from cal/US , last night while boxoffice gossip with a buddy, he told me to check bollybusiness site for boxoffice info, he wondered to know that i am already aware, and i was wondering that how he know about this place ? well good job buddy. keep this place rocking .. 🙂

  26. so is DDD a clean hit?

    • yakuza is not sure..he looking for some other source..according to his previous statements its a clean hit as it already crossed 25cr DS.

  27. The final quarter has enlivened the hopes of the industry Click here to add this article to My Clips

    By Taran Adarsh, December 8, 2009 – 08:48 IST

    Paa, 2012, DDD, Ajab Is the tide changing for better? Looks like! The last quarter of every year is most crucial, what with Diwali and Christmas being celebrated towards the final quarter of the year. This year was no different, with several biggies getting released in October and November.

    WAKE UP SID and ALL THE BEST [in October], AJAB PREM KI GHAZAB KAHANI, 2012 and DE DANA DAN [in November] and PAA [in the first week of December] have infused oxygen in the lungs of an ailing industry. While APKGK and 2012 are supreme hits, DE DANA DAN is scoring well at single screens. In fact, the second weekend of DDD has been equally strong in several circuits – Rajasthan Rs. 40.30 lacs, Bengal Rs. 18.73 lacs, Nizam Rs. 21 lacs, C.P. Berar Rs. 37.6 lacs, Mysore Rs. 18.61 lacs and C.I. Rs. 29.65 lacs.

    As for PAA, the Monday business has been strong too. In fact, better than Friday at several screens. Here’s hoping ROCKET SINGH – SALESMAN OF THE YEAR, AVATAR and 3 IDIOTS end the year on a prosperous note.

  28. i hope nxt year the release are spaced out better. too many exhaustive releases this autumn & winter imo. u need at least 2weeks gap to release nxt biggie

    • @ KM agree completely..but still if the prodicers sells their product with a lesser greed the biggies can also work as topaz bhai have showed in his blog

  29. For a akshay movie no one let it be a hit.jitni vi kamao hit nahi hota! Ppl change ur mentality.cc2c also colected 40 cr bt dat was a flop

  30. any overseas report for paa????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  31. As per boxofficemojo it is around 90+ lakhs from US alone during the weekend

  32. both ddd and paa have flopped miserably and will not recalled in any hall of fame whenever.. this is a lesoon to those who make duds for morons .. we will reject all of them one by one .. paa is pathetic

  33. someone tpold me that it was not amitabh behind the make up.. it was very difficult to put on and put off the make up since it used to take hours and moreover amitabh is on several medication and also myesthenis so they used a duplicate and amitabh just did a voice over

  34. that really great work done by big b that y u r confuse its was big b or others:PPPPPP 😛

  35. Guys whaT is the report of this weekend for paa????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  36. PAA weekend NET figure is around 8crores.

  37. if is this than movie ll turn out superhit

  38. Paa grossed 5 crore nett over its second weekend taking its 10 day total to around 21.25 crore nett. The business for the second week should be around the 7.50 crore nett mark.

    Paa is best in Mumbai city, Bengal and Mysore where drops are around 50% as compared to 60% in the rest of the country.

    Overall the film will finish an Semi Hit/Above Average fare thanks to low costs. The business of Paa till date is almost identical to the business of October release Wake Up Sid. All circuits are very similar. Paa has an outside chance to touch 30 crore nett business but that will depend on how it can perform at the box office after the release of the much awaited Aamir Kareena starrer Three Idiots

    box officeindia why dont tell fact that paa is doing , he want buisness up to three idiot why dont think if movie ll perform that long than it will be blockbuster due to its low cost

  39. this paathetic movie has nose dived in the north and is running to empty halls.. also people have rejected the work of the duplicate

  40. the overseas public too har rejected the fake auro act.. madame tussaud notwithstanding.. so u see not everyone likes auro.. the posters of auro have not sold

  41. Paa was rock steady in week three with around 4.75 crore nett taking its three week total to nearly 29 crore nett. SEMI HIT

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