Boxoffice : Paa Enjoying Excellent Sunday

Paa collects 8.5 Crore in first two days (excluding paid previews) and rocking with excellent collections on sunday, first weekend should be in 14-15 crore range. This is excellent business with respect to limited release and low price. Now HIT tag seems to be a cakewalk for Paa. 


~ by Yakuza on December 6, 2009.

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  1. Around 5.25 crore business in Saturday? It must be over 90% occupancy than for it all around the country. Impressive.

    • I think it should be around 95-100% occupancy all over country to do 5.25 cr buisness with such a limited release and limited shows.
      Hope the multiplxes increase the no of shows by cutting Radio and DDD. Yakuza any news about DDD 2nd week buisness?

      • @Anirban, bit too busy to put response for comments here, i see many unanswered queries here, trying to put quick answers. Exact figure of DDD is not known yet, but it falls heavily at multiplexes. Will update report of DDD tomorrow after getting some numbers from single screens.

    • Sid, occupancy at multiplexes was 75-100% throughout day.

  2. if the first day busness have 3.25 cr by Yakuza and Overall first day in 65 – 70% range (counting Yakuza again) how come the second day business is 5.25 cr wich means an uncrease of 30% compared to friday (95 – 100% occupancy) wich means even by infllating these numbers the maximum business per day is 5.25-5.5 so even by these number how come you expect 14-15 cr week end wich means 5.5 -6.5 cr in sunday ( 123% occupancy) wich is not logic as they have not added more prints for shows in sunday. wich comes to the conclusion, Mr yakuza you are playing with numbers adding 1cr or more/day to match your desired numbers.

  3. if all is going well with Paa, the maximum it can do is 11-12 cr in the week end not more

  4. and what’s this hurry to declare Paa a hit, is the fear that it has only this week-end to strike for the money, as the week days will not add subtantial amount (families and employes rarely go to cinema halls in week days) or the second week clash with the more lucrative movie Rocket singh wich gonna smach the boxoffice with a bumper openingleaving Paa with marginal returns in second week

  5. @sam, why are you acting so dumb here ? you need me to paste here some comments from yesterday where you agree on 17-18 crore first week ????

    Your illogical act and queries are enough to prove your biased mind towards bachchan .. Its your heartiest wish that Paa flop .. and if there are 5 boxoffice sources available, you will pick who publish lowest numbers for Paa .. whosoever it may be ..

  6. @sam … this is your comment yesterday …

    “who said that it will be 11-12 for the first week, noi said it will be 10-12 for the week end (2.5+4+4.5) the wekk days will ad another 5 cr , the total for the week one
    will be 15 -17 cr, the second week is the key here, and here i’m not with Yakuza that it will do well (Rocket singh is not a small affair), Paa will drop by 60%-65%, and will ad 5-6 cr then it two weeks will be in the 20-22 cr at best, and i’m optimistic, the next weeks will not ad more than 2 cr (3I), in the end Paa will have 22 to 24Cr and will recover it’s investsment (15cr budget, 2cr prints, 3Cr publicity), so it will be an average, and that’s what i was saying from the begening, not like Yakuza predicting hit business even before release (or should i say hyping)”

    where you denying that paa will not do 11-12 crore and it will do 15-17 crore. Now again you are twisting your statement. Be a man sam .. dont play dumb here …

  7. and sam, yakuza is saying hit because if it will do 20 crore first week than it will be easy hit .. but you seem to be more than huryy to declare it flop .. Ha Ha .. 😀

  8. just answer, i am puting the numbers quoted by Yakuza to show his manipulation, dont go personal, i chalenge you to explain me how come Paa will do 6.5 cr in sunday when saturday was 5.25 cr with nearly 95-100% occupancy like i have analyzed and even others like Anirban

    • Not going personal. Yakuza already answered your query
      @sam, friday range was 50 – 100% , saturday range is 75 – 100%, and sunday range is 85-100% .. and also single screens picked up well today. do i need to explain more
      I would explain it further. The lower range of occupancy on Saturday was 75 while on Monday it was 85. It is simple maths. Besides the movie has picked up on single screens too and might have some more shows in plexes as Radio’s shows have been cancelled at many places.
      first you were saying 7.5 crores weekend, then you said 10 and then 12. Funny thing is Paa will atleast make 13.5+ crores, more than your highest prediction which has been revised 3 times.

  9. because at this rate ading 1cr /day (virtual business), he will finich by declaring Paa hit by Week-end and a Superhit by week one and a blockbuster in the long run

  10. and i have never said that Paa will flop, i am just resoning about Paa not going to do a hit business and giving the circumstances, De dana dan still doing average to good business this week end, clash with a family and youth comedy entertainer by new heatthrob of the nation runber in second week (after the blockbuster APKGK)so not enough space for Paa to breath …, so at max this movie Paa will be average or above average (22 Cr-24 Cr) in the long run

  11. paa need atleast 35 cr net (20 cr DS) to become hit as ABCL have agreement with Big pictures with around 10 cr minimum DP with 50:50 share of loss or profit.

    • @Anirban , at this rate , DDD require 60 crore NETT just to recover cost and 120 crore for just HIT ..

      • @ surya for DDD the DP was rohgly 12-15 cr as said by yakuza. So it need arond 28 cr DS ( around 48 cr nett) to become hit. Here DS is more than 50% of Nett because of single screen and bonus from multiplex. ( as 32 cr nett 1st week have 20 cr DS as said by yakuza so it need another 8 cr DS)

  12. If it sustain for 2-3 weeks then paa will easily be hit.

  13. But nothing can be said for the BO buisness of the following week as Rocket Sing and Avtaar is there but you never know it may sustain with good WOM like TZP

  14. yes Anirban, what iwas explaining from yesterday

    Paa verdict
    average 20 cr nett
    Above average 25 cr
    Semi hit 30
    Hit 35 cr
    Superhit 45 cr

  15. @sam agree all except one as per bollybuiness
    superhit 300% of DP = 30 cr DS (55-60 cr nett)

    • @Anirban , you need to check bollybusiness methodology carefully, it not ROI only, there are other parameters also, if you go by ROI only then no movie will get HIT status … Even blockbusters will be average … That’s why to balance all things bollybusiness is taking so many parameters and perception wise every trade expert take these parameters ..

      • @ surya I agree but ROI count 65% which is lot for the other 35% you cannot say at this point. The other 35% can change a semi hit to hit but not average to hit.

  16. i know that but i don’t go by bollybusiness terms for classifiying movies, and anyway they don’t use them when it comes to the business of some stars idolized by yakuza
    as they have other criteria other than the real business to qualify the hit business as word of mounth, recall value, trending , bla bla bla.. wich are subjectif criterion that can be easily manipulated

    • I have suggested some change in BOI methodology to balance between a big budget and small budget movie. yakuza haven’t yet replied to that.

      • you cann’t make distiction based on budget, what i find the beauty in bollybusiness methodology is that to balance the ROI there is one very important parameter “Relative performace” .. Just because of this parameter small DS movies also had to amke some big amout to get blockbuster status. Bheja Fry will fail on this point and hance will not get Blockbuster status. That’s why i like this methodology the best ..

        • @ agree but that parameter have only 15% weitage. If the methodology is followed to movie Bheja fry let seee what happens.
          0 from Relative performace.
          65 from ROI ( it got 700% of DP as told by yakuza)
          3 from WOM
          12 from trend ( assuming box office pattern was same for 3 weeks)
          Still score is 80 which is Blockbuster in the methodology.

          The question is do you agree Bheja Fry is Blockbuster.

          I am also sure using this methodology some of the bluckbusters ( RNBDJ WELCOME) will be super-hit or hit.

          • even if trend score is 6 the total is 74 still blockbuster.

            • I am not making distinction based on budget what I am saying is instead of considering DS/DP ratio for ROI we should consider the nett gain i.e DS-DP as a parameter for ROI.

      • @anirban
        As per BO methodology here, ROI includes revenue generated by other means as well and not only Indian theatrical Revenue. So the 30-35 crores has to be recovered from the theatricals and the various rights.15-20 crores can easily be had from music, home video and satellite rights. Now if the movie earns 30 crores from Indian theatricals – ABCL will make 10 + 20/2 which is 20 crores and Big Cinemas will earn 10 crores

        • Yes I agree if it earns 30 crore Distribution share not nett(don’t forget mutiplexes get 50% of nett) then ABCL earn 20 crore and Big Cinema earn 10 crores. But to earn 30 crore DS it has to do around 55-60 crore nett buisness as multiplex will have 50% of them.

          • Agreed. I gave that e.g. as it is easier to understand. Paa needs 35 crores profit to become hit. 20 can be made from the rights and overseas. Remaining 15 crores DS(=30 crores nett) is required from Indian theatricals for it to be HIT. With a 15 crore weekend and good WOM, it is definitely on.

  17. PAA is superb.I saw PAA today.its awesome.I love AURO.I love the last scences in which AURO is dying.Great movie.great performance of amitabh and vidya.I request to all that first watch the film then give comments.PAA is superhit film not hit.

  18. Paa , directed by R Balakrishnan aka Balki, has raked an estimated Rs 10 crore as gross revenues in domestic and international box office in the first two days, said a senior executive with AB Corp which has produced the movie in association with Reliance Big Pictures.

  19. look now, it seems AB corp is more honest than all the Bachchan fanatics, as they report 10 cr gross revenues in 2 days from domestic and international markets.

    then assuming that the domestic market is 70 % wich translates to 7 cr for to days as i was saying from the begeninig ( i was estimating revenues as 2.5 cr for day one and 4 to 4.5 cr for day 2) so my estimations are like the numbers coming from the most concerned people (the producers themselves)and adding to that 5 cr for sunday it will be a total of 12 cr for the week end as iwas predicting before not like the 14-15 cr of yakuza, that is delibaratedly adding some virtual crores he’s dreming of.

  20. finaly the truth prevails and the producers are showing with their honesty the manipulation done by some people who are used to them to inflate boxoffice business of their idols

  21. amithab and Co are more honest than some section of their fans

  22. coming to the numbers ( for domestic market)
    first 2 days : 7 cr (2.5 + 4.5)
    sunday: 5 cr
    week end: 12 cr
    rest of the weekdays: 4-5 cr
    total for week one: 16-17 cr

    PAA needs to do 20cr business for recovery (average business)
    second will be key if it sustain the onslaught of rocket singh ( and drops on 50% margin )then it can have some legs to do an above average business an maybe a semi hit business in the long run. whereas if it drops more than 60-65% then it will settle for above average business at best

    • First of all the producers numbers are always Gross not nett and ere it clearly states gross.
      I think first 2 days in domestic would be 6 crore.
      I assume 1.5 crore international gross + 8.5 crore domestic gross.
      So domestic nett is 67% of domestic gross = 6 crore.
      So most probably friday 2.5 crore saturday 3.5 crore

      I have wtached Paa it is a very good movie and hope it suceeds in the box office. But now I also doubt the numbers of Yakuza with such a limited realease and limited shows I doubt even 100% occupancy all over could fetch 5.5 crore per day.

      • Anirban, sunday was 5.5 crore nett and as par BOI , even sunday was not 100% .. 10 crore is GROSS NETT figure wordwide, and domestic share is about 8-8.5 crore for first two days.Abhishek told that collections are much more than expected.

  23. and here i am going by the 10 cr quoted by producer as nett , but if it’s gross like Gabber bilieves then PAA is strugling for recovery

    Gabber on Satyamshots:
    gabbar Says:
    December 6, 2009 at 4:31 PM

    Official Numbers are out —> Rs 10 crore as gross revenues in domestic and international box office in the first two days. Not very good considering this is gross, and international is included.

  24. and here another source: BOC (beside BOI) that confirms that the first day friday was 2 cr

    MUMBAI: The Amitabh Bachchan starrer Paa managed to raise enough curiosity among the public before its release. With Bachchan donning a completely different avatar in the film, there was a lot of interest among the public to go and watch the film.

    However, the movie opened to a dull response on Friday and took in net collections of Rs 20 million (Rs 2 crore). The occupancy levels at multiplexes were in the range of 35 – 40 per cent. However, the response at single screens has been very poor.

    The film is directed by R Balakrishnan and also stars Abhishek Bachchan and Vidya Balan.

    Speaking to, Fun Cinema COO Vishal Kapur said, “The film has done fairly well and over the weekend we are expecting around 50% occupancy.”

    Inox Leisure vice president programming and distribution Utpal Acharya said, “The film has done very well in the metros while it is picking up in the smaller centers. People are very positive about the film because of which, we are expecting it to pick up well by mouth publicity.”

  25. so who tells the thruth BOI and BOC repporting 2 cr business in the first day wich is in accord with the numbers given by ABcorp (10cr for two days for domestic and international markets) or Yakuza and co who pretend that the first day had a business of 3.25 cr adding some virtual 1 cr or more for each day

  26. If the movie sustains on weekdays, it will still get close to 20 Cr for a week. Weekend shud be in the range of 12-14Cr, if sunday is excellent.

  27. —> BOC says friday was @ 2Cr

  28. […] LINK […]

  29. Positive thing for Paa here is : friday = 2cr saturday = 4/4.5 cr. That is a jump > 100%. Clearly the movie has good WOM.

  30. i am hera just to show manipulation and playing with numbers by Yakuza who report even more than the producers themselvs, but if Paa is doing good from now onward i have no problem with it, i have a problem with some people like Yakuza and Satyam misleading people by faking numbers, i am very thankful to ABcorp for their honesty that has helped expose these bachchan fans disguised as trade experts

  31. and it shows in the Boxoffice of amithab this decade done by Yakuza, i bet that even amithab will not be with him in his verdicts (yakuza make it seems like if Amithab is the numero actor these decade by his false inflated numbers and his fake verdict

  32. yakuza make it seems like if Amithab is the number one actor this decade by his false inflated numbers and his fake verdict

  33. Sam your anti-bachchan/anti-yakuza rants are lame. We don’t know if ab corp is saying gross or the writer is saying gross when figures are given in net. ABCorp/Reliance will come out with the actual figs in the end for the stockholders. But if AB corp says 10 crores in 2 days you wrongly assume only 70% of that is domestic. In reality, it would be about 90% ie 9 crores that would be domestic. So yakuza is right on. Sunday was almost 100% with increased shows, and would bring in another 7-8 crore net or 10 crores gross. Total weekend for Paa is 15-17 crores net, 21-22 crores gross.

    ps. even assuming the worst case, nobody can deny paa has been almost doubling its collections day to day

  34. My Paa BOI estimate is
    Weekend 10 cr.
    1st week 15-16 cr.
    The movie is very good. WOM is excellent so weekdays will do good buisness.
    The 2nd week buisness is the key ..although Rocket Sing is releasing ( which is also a Multuplex movie) but it will share the screens occupied by Radio ( which will be completely out of buisness) and some from DDD also. So Paa will hane the same screen space and shows in 2 nd week. Since the WOM is excellent
    2nd week should be steady ( 35-40% fall). But nothing can be said in advance it can go in the two extreme direction also.

  35. abhishek did very well done as an actor nd producer … hope will do more production in future coz they got actor actress 8)

  36. Yakuja has been doing a great job the last several weeks but I really have my doubts on his reports on Paa… If the weekend collections end up 3-4 crores less than his projected 14-15cr, I will seriously lose trust on his BO reports.

    • @jai, 14-15 crore is his prediction looking at jump on sunday, its not his final numbers and looking at 10 crore in two days, 8 crore in two days from domestic market actuallu right ..

    • and jay, problem here is that how you will judge who is wrong ? as media anti-bahcchan antics are well known, and BOI is even much natorious on this front, if BOI reporting 11 Crore weekend, we ca comfortably say its 14-15 crore weekend ..

  37. Paa has improved by a good amount on saturday and sunday, but 15 cr week end seems inflated. I assume weekend business near 12cr. But the WOM is strongly positive and film should sustain in weekdays and coming week also. I hope this movie will atleast be a hit.

  38. Paa picks up huge and nets 5.5 Cr on Sunday. Weekend =11.5Cr
    Week expected to be @ 16-18Cr.

    • well, even if i trust BOI, then Paa is gonna be Hit, and 11 crore BOI for bachchans means 13 crore easily.

  39. I have noticed something since past few months :

    BOI, IndiaFM (Taran) and BOC reports are in same synch which was not the case in past. they all generally cotradict each other,but since few months i sense some tie between all. [ specially i don’t believe that BOI day to day figure macth exactly with other reports, how it is possible when there is all analytical work]. Look like there is cooking something between them.

  40. BOI:

    Paa Picks Up Over Weekend

    Monday 7th December 2009 08.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Paa picked up over the weekend to record a fairly good weekend of 11 crore nett. The approx weekend breakdowns were 2 crore netton Friday, 3.50 crore nett on Saturday and for its release size a very good 5.50 crore nett on Sunday. Premium multiplexes showed a big turnaround on Saturday with collections jumping 60% from Friday. All multiplexes were good on Sunday. Business at single screens also improved but as it was coming of a very low base, overall single screen collections remained low. Mumbai and Mysore circuits are best.

    The fairly low costs and improvement on Saturday and Sunday gives Paa a good chance to emerge a hit on the strength of multiplex business if it can do well over weekdays and have a good second weekend. The first week business will be in the 16-19 crore nett range depending on how the film sustains from Monday onwards.

  41. mr Surya, Mr Jeevan and others, what you are missing here is that BOI numbers are Matching the numbers given by the producers, so who is lying BOI (note that BOC and other sources are in Sinc with What i was estimating from the begening), so YAKUZA and Co were Faking numbers and I bet if ABcorp have not realesed their totals revenues for theses 2 days (10cr Gros for domestic and international market)wich is no more than 6-7cr for 2 first days in domestic market, we wouldn’t not be in position to expose the manipulation done by Yakuza, and others Bachchan fans like Surya, Jeevan Shaker, Faridon …would actually set a war bachching us (me, and anirban and other honest analysists) and tuen it to a personal war accusing us of hate towards bachchans, but we have never said that Paa is not a good film, nor we have said it will flop, we just said that the so called Bollybusines shrine of honesty and thruth about bollywood boxoffice is fake as it ‘s a biased site whom the main MOTO is to lure people verdicts especially toward bachchans movies, and tomorow if it fakes others stars boxoffice either by inflating those he likes or downgrading those he hates, we are here to show the real picture.

  42. @sam, its really sad to know that your estimation of 11-12 crore first week which you have pasted here numrous times shattered by your own trusted source BOI .. Now even BOI is expecting 16-19 crore first week which itself tells how the things turn around during weekend which is correctly commented by Yakuza.

    Now about numbers, Yakuza at the moment is at 8 crore for two days, his sunday numbers are yet to come, so first wait for his numbers and also first wait for producers numbers, AB has written in his blog that weekend numbers will come up in 2-3 days, they have not published any official report and that 10 crore in two days is just fake news even dismissed by bigB himself.

  43. and sam, i would also like to tell you that all of your statements are contradictory to each other. Please maintain a balanced tone, why you are making fun of your self.

  44. Paa And Wake Up Sid Weekend Comparison

    Monday 7th December 2009 15.30 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Paa and Wake Up Sid have done similar weekend business. They also have a similar release with Paa having a 500 cinema approx release with 8-10 shows per major multiplex and Wake Up Sid being on 425 cinemas approx with 8-10 shows per major multiplex. The first three days breakdown is as follows.

    Paa – 2 crore
    Wake Up Sid – 3.75 crore

    Paa – 3.50 crore
    Wake Up Sid – 3.00 crore

    Paa – 5.50 crore
    Wake Up Sid – 3.75 crore

    Paa – 11 crore
    Wake Up Sid – 10.50 crore
    if monday will as like sunday movie wil be superhit ,,,i am sure ;_

    • there is also one important point to note, BOI earlier report 4.25 crore for first day of WUS, while Bollybusiness 3.75 crore. And now BOI come down to 3.75 crore. what fuck is this ??

  45. this analysis shows that peoples dony like bachhans as khan or others … but what they do if movie has that much potential she shoud come to theater i am sure movie will be rock on its 2nd week evan coming ranbir’s and avtar what so ever

    • Inerjeet, Paa is gonna do better business than TZP first Week, TZP was 16 crore first week with similar release, Paa will surely going to surpass 16 crore. Even TZP was slow opener (30%) despite starring khan in it.

  46. Ultimately PAA should minimum be a Clean HIT at the Box Office for sure 🙂 agree guyzzz. It deserves to be a HIT.

  47. Had a slow Friday [approx. Rs. 2.15 cr.], although business picked up in the evening shows. Saturday witnessed a big jump in business at plexes [approx. Rs. 3.50 cr.]. Sunday showed a further jump [approx. Rs. 5.25 cr. to Rs. 5.50 cr.]. Such escalation in day-wise business is a rarity in today’s times. Only goes to show that the film has been lapped up in a big way. Monday is expected to be better than Friday
    bollywood hungama one of the anti bachanns esp.. for junior bachhan he gave 1.5 star for delhi 6 ,,, but what now taran to do ,movie has no minus point so he wrote political part doesnot worked …..

    • There are few gossips that Taran and BOI(this is secret komal site), joins hand, that’s why you will see BOI, Taran and BOC always in synch these days.

  48. I think now bollybusiness also need to tie up with few good players in market. (just like Taran , BOI (komal nahta) and BOC joined hands).

  49. yaya “DDDDDD

  50. my last predication is movie will get occupies space in multiplex for next 5 week due to its less print so its gonna be hit for sure n chances to be superhit

  51. “The morning has been spent gathering info about the film and its collections over the weekend. They’ve surprised me.A lot more than expected” — abhshek bachchan from twitter

  52. Majority of the reviews have lauded Amitabh, Abhishek, Vidya, and R. Balki for their contributions to Paa. Amitabh will indeed doubly benefit as an actor and businessman for Paa. Also Abhishek is not only one of the leads of the movie, but has been the central hands on producer for Paa. Outside of R Balki’s big contributions with the direction and writing. It has been Abhishek who has been responsible for how the movie has shaped up. So Abhishek has also doubly benefited by being associated with Paa. Paa is indeed a family triumph for the Bachchans and their home production AB Corp. Paa will greatly benefit Amitabh, Abhishek, Vidya, and R Balki at the end of the day. All of them will have another quality-worthy movie added to their movie resumes and to their cache in Bollywood. This is a win-win situation for all involved in my view

  53. Ahh .. one more important point which is ignored at large by all media persons but Yakuza has mentioned, Where is thursday preview collections ??? which were housefull all over (i am sure it must be around 75 lakhs around). Why BOI, Taran and BOC ignoring preview shows numbers ? and interesting point is that it is ignored by BOI, Taran and BOC .. all ..How can each done same mistake ?? because they have tied up .. Ha Ha ..

  54. i hope Paa becomes a HIT. if movies like these start becoming hits, then production houses will stop churning out trash and look for good scripts.

    Also the flip-side is that if PAA snowballs at the BO, it might affect Rocket Singh – btw promotion for Rocket singh has been non-existant – any ideas??

    • One important aspect here is that Rocket singh promotion despite being low key , gives us enough ample of quality product here. Rocket singh will surely Hit the mark at boxoffice. On the other hand Paa after excellent sunday, drops on monday to about 50 – 60% compared to sunday, however inline of friday (you can also treat it as no drop).

      • yup movie has dropped as almost all the shows till evening in Lko were running at average 30% occupancy….saw the movie today…definitly one o the better movies of this year…

  55. Auro impact swells Paa box-office collections
    (7 December 2009 1:57 pm)

    MUMBAI: AB Corp’s Paa, released this week, opened to a good response as cinema-watchers were curious to see the 60-plus Amitabh Bachchan playing the role of a 13-year-old child.

    The film has already grossed Rs 200 million in the opening weekend, according to industry estimates.

    Paa had an average opening on its first day, but picked up considerably on Saturday and Sunday. The film had a 62 per cent occupancy on the first day at both single screen theatres as well as multiplexes, but made fantastic business on Saturday and Sunday.

    Not only has Bachchan essayed the role of Auro (character played by Bachchan) perfectly but has also made people cry and laugh with the character that he has played. This has resulted in a lot of word-of-mouth publicity.

    Says AB Corp CEO wing commander Ramesh Pulapaka, “Compared to Friday, occupancies increased nearly 50 per cent on Saturday. We have been receiving good comments about the film. To me, mouth publicity has been a positive factor. The film will do very well.”

    Multiplex players said Paa, like Tare Zameen Par , has started on a slow note but recorded a significant jump in ticket sales on Saturday and Sunday following strong word-of-mouth reviews.

    Fun Cinema COO Vishal Kapur said, “The film has done fairly well over the weekend and we are expecting around 50 per cent occupancy throughout the week.”

    Inox Leisure vice president programming and distribution Utpal Acharya said, “While the film is doing very well in the metros, it is picking up in the smaller centres. People are very positive about the film because of which we are expecting the film to pick up well.”

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