PRAZ Gold : SARKAR RAJ (Hindi, 2008)

Some reviews you can write so easily for films, however others have me stumped. COMPANY took me 5 years to go to with a review finally, KAMINEY I still haven’t done. And this is my first piece on SARKAR RAJ!

Not many sequels can out-do their predecessor’s however SARKAR RAJ is a rare instance where the sequel isn’t only better than the original, it enhances the appeal of the original in the process.

SARKAR RAJ takes off where SARKAR ended, by now Shankar Nagre (Abhishek Bachchan) has taken over the entire business and Subhash Nagre (Amitabh Bachchan) is a t the verge of retirement. N.R.I based businessman Mike Rajan (Victor Bannerjee) and his daughter Anita Rajan (Ashwariya Rai) decide to build and operate a power plant in the heart of Rural Maharashtra however need Sarkar’s help. The mission is doomed from the start with hidden enemies lurking in every corner however Shankar believes in the project and wants to see it through at any cost however he’s too late in realizing that there is a far more sinister game at play here…

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~ by prazzero00000 on December 5, 2009.

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