PRAZ POLL : Do you think Rocket Singh is going to be a hit?

~ by prazzero00000 on December 5, 2009.

8 Responses to “PRAZ POLL : Do you think Rocket Singh is going to be a hit?”

  1. Rocket might be a good movie but it may not have a run like CDI did… firstly, there’s hardly any promotions… next, there are quite a few biggies lined up in subsequent weeks, esp for multiplex crowd.. Twilight, Avatar and not to forget Paa, which I expect to do well in the second week..

    So its just 2 weeks at max before 3 Idiots will just wipe it off from the 25th… And if you argue that Rab ne also became a BB even with Ghajini getting released after 2 weeks, it was more bcos of SRK’s star power, esp since it was his first movie in more than a year.

  2. 3idiots vl b the best movie of this year and even one of the biggest blockbuster of all time ent knw abt rocket singh might be an average movie

  3. its looking a bit dodgy tbh. promotions for this movie are non-existant. Also the success of PAA might affect its chances too – but imo Ranbir has won enough of the movie-goers over to make this a avg or semi-hit like WUS.

    another obstacle is that Avatar is releasing on the 17th and indian audiences have been lapping up big Hollywood audiences recently – so i guess this will really test Ranbir’s BO power.

  4. forgot to add….another thing in Ranbir’s favour is…he is playing a punjabi…so expect big numbers up north.

  5. OK i’v found the answer to my question

    Q. What is the budget of Rocket Singh – Salesman Of The Year?
    A. The total investment for Yashraj Films including production cost marketing and prints is around 20 crore.

    at this budget – i can this can easily be a hit. If its a superhit it’l be the icing on the cake for Ranbir.

  6. This is real test for Ranbir as this is complete solo film with a very new heroine.His recent hits had established actresses.
    APKGK (Katrina), Wake Up Sid (Konkona) and Bachna Ae Haseeno (Deepika and Bipasha).

  7. This is the beauty of Bollywood. No one knows what can happen on Friday. Films that have been touted to be blockbusters have proved duds like Kurbaan, De Dhana Dhan, Tashan, Sawaariya, Blue and etc.

    Sometimes even if the film is very good, it still gets no appreciation at the box-office. So lets keep our fingers crossed for Rocket Singh and 3 Idiots.

    YEh public hai..yeh sab jante hai..

  8. i’m a bit worried for 3i

    no-one seems to be bothered abt it !?!

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