Boxoffice Update : Paa Smiling At Boxoffice

Paa collects around 3.25 Crore on its opening day which is good considering limited release(500+  screens and fewer shows), Movie picked up again on Saturday with occupancy range from 60% to 80%  and even 100% at places, Saturday collections should be better and looking at advances, Sunday will be best. Single screens are suggesting poor shows all over(However there is minimal single screen release).

Radio opened to poor response of 10-20% on Friday (20% was maximum occupancy), even some shows got cancelled due to no audience. First day was around 50 Lacs.

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on December 5, 2009.

53 Responses to “Boxoffice Update : Paa Smiling At Boxoffice”

  1. how about DDD BO update of 2nd friday? I m surprised with such a huge difference with BOI figures for Paa(more than 50% difference)

    • too high a difference.. which side to pick? ha! no1 will bow down and revise their numbers.. but in any case, we’ll wait till next week and see how many places paa is playing at.. tht shud determine the true outcome..

  2. o my god shows are cancelled for radio…that should be huge loss for distributors and exhibitors…hope they increase paa screen space inplace of radio.

    • I think fewer shows doesn’t matter the box-office if there aren’t 100% occupancy, (in other words someone came to see the movie but went back for ). If occupancy is less than 100% then same nett figures will be there even if they increase shows only average occupancy will go down. Obviously it matters to the exhibitors. But ofcourse fewer screeing matters.

  3. BOI said only 2 crore and here it is said around 3.25 crores??? Lets see who is closer to the reality. 🙂

  4. whatever be the boxoffice results it shows that paa will be at best an avereage fare at bxoffice, wich shows that even with hyper hype, Gimicks, and all precautions aka very small budget this movie will only be a recovery, if everything goes well, poor Bachchan family,.Yakuza and Co Satyam are doing a great job ading 1.5 Cr each day to lure some Bachchans fanatics that Paa is Smiling. let them smile we’are laughing at them. i remember one member here was betting with YAKUZA that if PAA does 20 Cr nett in long run he will stop coming to this site, i guess he’s winning his bet, because it seems PAA is strugling for recovering the 15 CR the poor bachchan family has spent for this movie.

  5. and some Bachchalalan Fanatics we’re dreaming of 60 cr+ like CDI or TZP, i guess they were bilieving the mighty bachchan power at boxoffice this decade propagated by Yakuza and Co

  6. sam
    Paa will definitely be successful. The friday numbers have been lower because of the test match and as India were batting. It will easily do 20 crores nett lifetime business. It will become clear by tomorrow as the movie have picked up tremendously.
    Besides because of the critical acclaim, the various rights are enough to recover the cost. And they have an agreement with the distributors(Big Cinemas) that they will share the profits or the losses as topaz has mentioned.

  7. Well said Sam at this rate its heading for 12 crore week, if it picks it might be more but its no big deal. Poor Bachchans took no pay to make a film at 15 crore add print cost of 2 crore and marketing they have 20 crore investment at least. Bachchan fanatics will say marketing costs are not there but this film was marketed heavily but still no result. Public are not fools to come for gimmicks, The film might be good and pick up but that will do to treatment of Balki and not Bachchans who have failed miserably.

  8. You anti-bachchan fools
    Paa will be big hit as the film is doing extremely well today.
    Even in places like Ajmer and Kanpur the film is doing 50-60 % which is quite good for elite film.

  9. @sam @mohan ,
    Paa did fine business on opening day itself, and saturday/sunday will have dramatic change i guess, it was not mass oriented movie to take bumper opening (even SRK starrer CDI and Aamir Starrer TZP was 30% opener), so you believe that SRK and Aamir failed miserably ?? because it was due to Shimit and director Aamir ? Think rational before stating anything.

    Paa definetely will go like TZP way .. TZP itself was 16 crore first week. I guess Paa will do 18 crore in first week which will be great, let’s wait and watch.

  10. Just see loser Akshay Kumar.
    His films do 30 + crore and then fell like anything in next days.

  11. Paa will definitely gonna pick up this weekend and mouth publicity is with the film too..I watched the film in kolkata multiplex….Occupancy was good and everyone is happy with the movie

  12. Spice cinema, Noida is housefull for today and Even many shows are full for tomorrow in advance, There is huge craze of movie. I got ticket for tomorrow Noon .check and check Spice, Noida bookings .. Even whole NCR Area is doing great business …. Paa is looking like 15 crore weekend … HAIL BACHCHANS ….

  13. Paa with 2 cr 2.5 cr opening will do at best 7-7.5 cr this week end, and will add only 2 t 3 cr in week days as families ( who patronize this genre of movies)don’t go in huge numbers to see movies in week days, DDD is relatively still doing well so this week Paa will have 11-12 cr nett,wich is very dissapointing,
    next week Paa will be strugling against Te Runber starrer after the super dupper Hit APKGK, and thus will only ad a few cr 3-4 so in the long run this much Hyped Paa will strugle to recover the 15 Cr spent in it. but be sure Yakuza after awile will come with an analysis showing how Paa is Hit using the parametrs of Bollybusines (WOM: 90-100%, Trending:80-90%, Recall Value 90-100%… Bla Bla Bla ading another so called Masterpiece hit To the Grand Baap of thr bollywood

  14. YES, i saw Paa today .. Awsome Movie, Outstanding is only word i can say, There was standing ovation and clapping at the end from all public, Every one was liking it, Movie has tremendous repeat value and even i am planning to watch it again next week with family.

    I saw it at chandigarh, Fun cinema, it was 80% full on morning show and when i came out after show, i checked from ticket window about next shows ticket availability, there long queue and one show was housefull, i guess entire day should be full at fun, chandigarh.

    Great going …

  15. Paa is real grand Paa …

    After a long lull that has put Bollywood film lovers to sleep, finally comes a movie that movie-goers want to sit up and take notice of. Welcome to the new genre of filmmaking.
    A simple story about how a child with Progeria, brings together his estranged parents. Truly refreshing was the beginning of the movie which was so differently done. Jaya Bacchan very simply clad in a saree, smiling and narrating the cast, and crew of the movie. Amazingly different and endearing. Amitabh Bacchan as a 12 year old with Progeria is somewhat believable. The head looks too large as though he was suffering from hydrocephalus, though. Children with progeria show balding pattern, their crania do not enlarge. Other than that, the crooked and missing teeth, the eyes, aging but still showing the sparkle and the curiosity of a 12 year old, Sr. Bacchan really carried off the show well.
    Abhishek as the aspiring young and honest politician has also done justice to his role. Of late he has grown very mature as an actor and it shows in his performance. He is no longer the awkward gawky gangly tall guy he was in his earlier films. Still he could take a cue or two from his real life Paa.
    Vidya shows promise again. Something that was seen in Parineeta, and lost by the time Kismet Connection hit the theatres. She shows all the right emotions, all the right dialogues and does full justice to her role. Another strong character in the movie is of Vidya’s single mother.
    Special mention must be made of the little boy who played Auro’s best friend Vishnu’s role. Dialogues such as “Mere aur mere baap mein common hai toh humaari shakal… actually na, unhone mereko sorry bolna chahiye ki mereko aisa shakal diya. Do mard ek ghar mein nahi reh sakte, tu lucky hai ki tu sirf teri Ma ke sath rehta hai…” Rib-ticklingly funny…
    The first half is very good. Wish the second half of the movie had not dragged on the way it did. Scenes like the last one where Auro asks his parents to hold hands and do the pheras around him were a tad bit too much. Like the director lost interest and just wanted to wrap up the last part.
    All in all though, Paa is much better a movie than the last couple of bunches of utterly disastrous movies no one could watch the second time. Different story, competent performances and actually eliciting laughs from the audience.
    Hats off to Amitabh Bacchan. For his sake, and the last song Mere Paa which he’s sung, you MUST go watch the movie.


    I watched it at prasad multiplex(IMAX), Hyderabad and IMAX was housefull for Noon show, All shows today and tomorrow are housefull. Public reaction is just watchable .. Everyone is saying BIG WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  16. Paa Predictions from Yakuza :

    If Accepted :
    Opening : 18 – 22 crore
    Total : 45 – 50 Crore

    If Rejected :
    Opening : 10 – 14 crore
    Total : 16 – 18 crore

    * This movie will be most interesting case to study, either way it shouldn’t flop, atleast average success written all over due to exceptional plot, intresting cast, low budget (15 crore) and hype it has created already. If accepted, can go big way in long run.

    i guess there no way this movie will do 45 – 50 cr business some Bachchalalans fans are dreaming of, so i’m going by the rejected option :
    weekend opening 7-8 cr
    first week 12 Cr

  17. I think PAA will make it’s entire budget in 1 week….a true success for the Bachchans!

  18. […] Read the rest from HERE […]

  19. Looks like some guys are so hell bent to see Paa bomb at the BO. Its alright to hope to see some crap movie fail at the BO but I really don’t get it when they desperately want a genuinely good movie like Paa to fail. Atleast have patience to see the first week collections before jumping the gun.

  20. if some Bachchalalan fanatics have the guts to declare Paa a success even before it’s realaese, we at leat try to analyse, then give our verdicts, all we are saying that this movie is an average fare this week, yes it may recovers it’s costs in the long run, but this is due to the smalllll costs 15 cr (+ 2cr for prints+ 3 cr for publicity) so, Paa have only one week to make some 12-to 15 cr, as from next week there is Rocket singh so there no chances for Paa, and PAA will only ads few cr 3-4 cr.
    not to forget that De Dana Dan is still doing good business this week-end so Paa is strugling and at best will recovers Costs. so it’s not a hit For Paa to be a hit it must do 25-30 cr to be a semi hit a 35 cr+ business to be a hit super hit and 45Cr nett business to be a superhit, so at this rate Paa is going at best for 18 cr- 21Cr in the long run so if all goes well it will be average.

  21. I don’t have any problem with Paa doing well at the Box-Office,In-fact i want it to be a big hit,hut i have a problem with this site which is Anti-Akshay and Pro-Bachchans,because it reports 1.25 crores more than Boxofficeindia,I want all the movies to do well at the Box-Office because it will relieve the industry of the losses made in the 2 month ling strike earlier this year,and i don’t dislike any actor in the industry eventhough i am a huge fan of Akshay Kumar…..

  22. Paa dosent have future after week one…….Rocket singh is coming and from the director of Chak de india u cantnot expext a product which could be totally dismissing one…..n after that its the Idiots which is going to dominate till Veer comes……so Paa has only week one….thats it……after that its all gone…….

    guess the after effects of strike is telling a lot on these movies….else they could have earned a lot……Black and TZP had free empty weeks ahead of it to recover and earn money ahead of them….thats not the case with PAA

    • Yeah, Max-I , if rocket works at BO which is highly likely, Paa will have to steady on lower side for many weeks. Still if first week will be good and few subsequent steady weeks (may be on lower side) can do trick for clean HIT.
      Paa is preferred by family audiences at large which will not be the case with Rocket singh, i am expecting good second week here for Paa.

  23. Yakuza, why are predicting that Rocket singh will not be liked by families, is analysing or is it a Bachchan fan hope and dream for this movie to do well,
    mind you, Rocket singh will be a mass entertainer, and a full comedy liked by all, youth and femals (ranbir is the new heartthrob ) and by families as it’s a comedy entertainer, so please stop misleading the world, and hope for steady weeks are just dreams, there is not enough space time for Paa to breath,

    i hope Bachchan analyse this, and release his next movies weeks away from veer or MNIK, if not they will flop for sure

  24. @sam, all your comements here prove you to be a bachchan hater, you lost value of your comments, Yakuza is consistant in his work and anthusiasm,
    1. If is keepiing positive tone for paa (which actually is true), then why you have problem ??
    2. Why you always bashup for even a single positive word come up anywhere for bachchan ?
    3. Why don’t you comment same way when Yakuza favour any other star ?
    4. Even Yakuza is postive for Salesman, but your comments seem that you want salesman to be successful just to harm Paa .. otherwise it hardly matters to you. but yakuza want both movies to be success. so who is good ? you or yakuza ?

    from all these observations, can you please clear me why shouldn’t i consider you biased and anti-bachchan ?

  25. see, saturday may be almost double of friday but what were the real numbers in friday , they were 2 cr by BOI, i am going by 2.5 Cr, so ubderstandibly it will be 3.5 cr to 4 cr for saturday and sunday as i stated before, so i’m not giving you false hopes (positive tone)just to keep you happy. i am just analysing, and i’m not hating anybody, and if saying the truth is assimilated to hate i’m sorry, did i tell the people not to come and see the movie, have i bachched the movie, noi’m just giving my Point of View, how it will work, it’s not my job to hype a movie, this is my view, yakuza has his view so wait and see, who will prevail

  26. @sam, even if we accept 2.5, then satrday being double should be around 5 Crore. Sunday will obviously be better than saturday, so 2.5 + 5 + 6 = 13.5 Crore weekend , Adding another 5 Crore weekdays will come to 18.5 Crore 1st week.

    Even from your theory, it comes to 18.5 Crore ? Now tell me by commenting 10-15 times about 11-12 crore 1st week without any grounds, What you want to prove ?

  27. who said that it will be 11-12 for the first week, noi said it will be 10-12 for the week end (2.5+4+4.5) the wekk days will ad another 5 cr , the total for the week one
    will be 15 -17 cr, the second week is the key here, and here i’m not with Yakuza that it will do well (Rocket singh is not a small affair), Paa will drop by 60%-65%, and will ad 5-6 cr then it two weeks will be in the 20-22 cr at best, and i’m optimistic, the next weeks will not ad more than 2 cr (3I), in the end Paa will have 22 to 24Cr and will recover it’s investsment (15cr budget, 2cr prints, 3Cr publicity), so it will be an average, and that’s what i was saying from the begening, not like Yakuza predicting hit business even before release (or should i say hyping)

  28. Now you are saying 10-12 crores weekend and 5 crores over the weekdays. Here is what you had said earlier
    “Paa with 2 cr 2.5 cr opening will do at best 7-7.5 cr this week end, and will add only 2 t 3 cr in week days as families ( who patronize this genre of movies)don’t go in huge numbers to see movies in week days, DDD is relatively still doing well so this week Paa will have 11-12 cr nett,wich is very dissapointing,
    next week Paa will be strugling against Te Runber starrer after the super dupper Hit APKGK, and thus will only ad a few cr 3-4 so in the long run this much Hyped Paa will strugle to recover the 15 Cr spent in it. but be sure Yakuza after awile will come with an analysis showing how Paa is Hit using the parametrs of Bollybusines (WOM: 90-100%, Trending:80-90%, Recall Value 90-100%… Bla Bla Bla ading another so called Masterpiece hit To the Grand Baap of thr bollywood”

  29. I think you should just keep quite now and wait for the weekend figures and how it holds up from Monday onwards and then we will see who was right. And please stop making stupid predictions.

  30. see i was basing my predictions on BOI numbers (2Cr for the first day), but the tone of bollysite and my hoping for this movie to do well, i ve reconsidered their numbers hence my predictions are higher than the estimations of BOI, see i am not a trade personn, but i’m not static either i am analysing and if tomorrow Paa is doing extremelly well i will reconsider my numbers, that are not estimations, these are predictions evoluting with the dynamic of the business done that i see from several sites. so so me saying that week one will be 15 – 17 cr (from 11 -12 earlier) proves that i’m not a bachchan hater, it’s analysis.

  31. final, Paa will be
    average at 20 Cr
    Above average at 25 Cr
    Semi hit at 30 Cr
    Hit at 35 Cr
    Super Hit at 45 Cr

    • @ sam don’t forget ABCL has a deal with Big Pictures with minimum Distribution price (DP)around 10 crore with any profit or loss will be shared as topaz told me. So according to me for Paa
      Average at 18-20 cr nett ( 10 cr DS i.e 100% of DP)
      Hit at 36-40 Cr nett ( 20 cr DS i.e 200% of DP)
      Superhit at 55-60 cr (30 cr DS i.e 300% of DP)

  32. @sam .. lolzzzz

    Even 35 Crore budgeted(without print and publicity cost) Tashan was declared Semi-Hit at ust 27 Crore NETT by BOI, and yo are saying 17 Crore (with all costs) Paa will be Semihit at 30 Crore ??? Lolzzzzzzz … I will die laughing … LMAOOOOO

  33. “but i’m not static either i am analysing and if tomorrow Paa is doing extremelly well i will reconsider my numbers”

    Ha Ha Ha .. so you are admitting that you change your statement always according to situation .. Lmaooo ..

    Sam you made my day … you are HERO of bollybusiness .. Yakuza should give you award .. Ha Ha ..

  34. If Paa makes 40+ crores including Indian and Overseas theatricals and home video, satellite, music and other rights, it will be a hit. The figure is slightly higher than it normally would be for a movie with such a small budget because AB’s and AB junior’s salaries have to be kept in account.

  35. “If Paa makes 40+ crores including Indian and Overseas theatricals and home video, satellite, music and other rights, it will be a hit. ”

    In that sense, it need to make only 40-15(assuming al rights for minimum 15 crores and i am on lower side) = 25 Crore for HIT.

    But to be very honest, i want it to do 35+ Crore for getting clean HIT chit from all sources (BOI and SAM .. 🙂 ) … 😀

    • @surya
      Just a bit more complicated as the DS comes in picture but as per yakuza(and my personal opinion too), if Paa makes 30+ crores, it will be a clean hit.

  36. For tashan, and other Yashraj movies there is no distributors or sub distributors, as Yashraj distributes their movies themselves, they don’t share the gains with anyone, so they have not lost money even in their movies that were not doibg well (TRPP, TPTM, Dil Bole Hadippa…)
    wich explain why they are still making movies even after a multitudes of films underperforming baring CDI and Newyork

  37. and by the way surya stop lying,tashan was declared below average by BOI ; see the link (Box Office 2008)

  38. @sam, that semihit written by me is typo, otherwise my comment never make sense if i would have been intentionally written Semihit for Tashan ..

    And for your information , Even Paa don’t have subdistributor, Reliance and AB corp are mutually distributing it for profit/loss sharing ..Yakuza will tell you better picture.

  39. @claustrophobic , at sanchit shots post, i threw my adhoori-knowledge about your query .. 😀

  40. PAA is hit all over india.

  41. paa is hit already now depend on roketsingh to paa be as a hit or superhit

  42. Paa is a big hit and is on its way to superhit status and AB is heading for another national award.

    Bad luck to people like Sam who have nothing better to do in their lives than think bad and hope bad for others.
    maybe it is something to do with sams upbringing?

    Anway PAA is a HIT. fact!

  43. Hilarious Review of Paa

  44. paahas been decimated simple words it has flopped big way

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