Boxoffice : Paa Dancing and Smiling At Boxoffice

Paa is all set for dramatic turn in business from here on, if Friday was good, Saturday is truly rocking and Sunday will be outstanding.

Multiplexes went all packed houses at metros and Sunday is already booked for morning shows and registered good advance booking for rest of shows. Audience in bulk are coming out to see magic of Auro on screen. Looking at craze of movie, the way family audience is coming out in bulk and good advance booking of even Monday, we can expect good weekend numbers

However ‘B’ and ‘C’ Grade centers are not fetching same transformation of excellent WOM, but it was expected and as par release strategy, fewer screenings and shows are organized for these centers.

First week is all set for excellent billing on limited release, 12-13 Crore weekend and 18-20 Crore first week as predicted is definite on target, if achieved,  Movie can be easily declared HIT from first week itself.

At the same time, De Dana Dan didn’t show any improvement over second weekend at multiplexes, Friday registered 1.75 crore Nett, Saturday should be on same pattern unless single screens register massive improvement. De Dana Dan is running at more number of screens in second week (800+) than Paa first week (500+).


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~ by Yakuza on December 5, 2009.

23 Responses to “Boxoffice : Paa Dancing and Smiling At Boxoffice”

  1. how can it be hit with 18-20 crore net which means 10 crore DS where as the base distribution price is around 10 crore? I think it need around 40 crore net ( 20 crore nett) for a hit status.

    • However DP is not clear yet, but for precise HIT it should do 30+ Crore (if we assume 17 Crore budget and deduct 10 crore for other revenues, 7 Crore will come as DP).

      • I agree producers will make profit ( because the producers are the actors who due their work pay) but the local distributors will suffer and I don’t think the local distributors paid less than 10 crore as topaz told me taht paa has not been sold at any fix price,,,but there has been an agreement between ABCL and Big Cinemas to share the profit and loss mutually at fixed ratio….ideally it should ne 50:50…with the base distribution price around 10crs.

        I think for most of the bollywood movies producers do not loose money if a movie is a flop but it is the local distributors who loose the money.

        • fortunaltely, there is no local/sub distributor in this case. Big Pictures are self distributors.

          • @yakuza agree there are no local distributors but big picture will have to pay min 10 crore DP to ABCL. If DS is less than 10 crore then they pay less. Suppose it generate 8 crore DS then 2 crore loss with 1 each which means they have to pay 9 crore to ABCL.
            If it is gain say 20 crote DS then abcl will have 15 crore and Big picture 5 crore.
            So we can roughly assume 10 crore as DP.

  2. sorry I mean it need 40 crore nett ( 20 crore DS) i.e 200% of the distribution base price to be hit.

  3. Yakuza, you have downgraded your expectations of Paa from 25-30cr to 18-22cr if the film is accepted.

    • Yes Anuj, i have updated Rocket and Paa prediction 3 days before. Previous prediction was done in August when there was no info on Release strategy and even no promo/pics were published, after getting glimpse of promos and get to know about limited release strategy, i updated my prediction.

  4. @ yakuza what should be DDD verdict assuming the figures and pattern published by you it would do 11-14 crore nett 2nd week. I think that means around 26-28 crore DS for two week and the life time would easily cross 30 crore DS.
    As you said in previous post DDD indian ditrributional rights was sold for 30 crores including home video and satellite which would roughly means 15 crore base DP. So it should earn 200% of DP which is hit I think. What do you think?

  5. ha ha ha yakuza is downgrading his previous previsions, to project Paa as a success, it seems he’s in hurry to declare Paa a success if not a hit, to be a hit, it must do 35 cr nett in the long run, and now Yakuza is satisfied with 18 cr first week (although impossible, in reality this week-end would bring at best 9-10 cr (2.5 friday, 3.5 saturday,3.5 -4 cr for subday), in weekday we will have 4 to 5 cr at best because families don’t go to cinema halls in weekdays, wich means that the first week will bring 15-16 cr
    and iremind you tha Paa will do the max this week, and have no chances in the second week because of the realease of the Next of ranbir after the jugernauth success of APKGK so Rocket singh will chatter every hope of Bachchan to have a good second week, and hence, Paa will drop heavily, i expect a second week business of 4-5cr, wich means at best we have a 18-20 cr in 2 weeks, for the rest of the running it will add 1 or 2 cr (total 20-22 cr)
    hence at best in the long run Paa will be average, recovering cost.

  6. @sam, Yakuza is doing his usual Job – boxoffice updates, He is given these pieces for every movie released, but here it is you whi seem to be in too much hurry to declare Paa flop without aknowledging any grounds. grow up man .. if you accept other actors favouring by Yakuza (as i always saw him much in favour of new releases), you should accept his positive tone towards Paa too .. and i am proud of him doing his job so positively, at least he is not spelling negativity for any movie on initial days (unless its real disaster like aladin).

  7. who said Paa is flop, however it’s not a hit either, so please don’t insult my intelligence, i am in no hurry because i have a gut feeling that this movie have no legs like TZP or CDI, it’s the other bachchan fans who are in hurry to declare a hit, they have only this week-end to do it

    • @Sam..u keep ur intelligence in pocket..PAA is a def hit n may b even more..wait n watch..till then jus’ shut up ur filthy mouth..u r a useless bugger..

  8. I think PAA will be hit because there isn’t any other film to compete.PAA might be hit.this type of film will take time like TZP.and amitabh is superb.I will say to all that go and watch this great film,family film.

  9. Even Yakuza has downgraded his predictions for Paa to show some success, i guess it was his fear or non confidence in the hit business. and you already declare Paa a hit, Mr Krystalit’s Krystal clear that you don’t want to listen to anything that doesn’t match your dreams and allegations, what a Pity, or you just want this site to become an exclisive site for Bachchan fans like Satyam shot, show more good attitude, expose your view, explain and let the democracy prevail in this site, don’t tell me to shut up, it’s a free world as long as i don’t insults anybodie poor boy

  10. Those who say Paa is not hit can go to hell.
    Paa was always expected to do well in cities in big cities but it is doing well in places like Kanpur and Indore.
    Just checked Velocity III in Indore and today’s afteroon occupancy is more than 80 %.(That’s brilliant).
    Paa will do well in CI and CP Berar also among smaller circuits.

  11. Seriously speaking Paa’s run will be tested in second week whether it has legs like TZP or not.
    But there is not much competition except in coming 2 weeks except Rocket Singh (which is also multiplex film).
    So going by people’s mindset Paa is super-hit.

  12. Paa First Day Business

    Paa grossed a poor 2 crore nett on day one. Mumbai circuit was relatively than other circuits better due to presence of premium multiplexes but collections were still much below expectations. The aprrox first day circuit breakdowns are as follows.

    Mumbai -80 lakhs

    Delhi/UP – 40 lakhs

    East Punjab – 15 lakhs

    West Bengal – 10 lakhs

    CP Berar – 5 lakhs

    CI – 5 lakhs

    Rajasthan – 8 lakhs

    Nizam – 9 lakhs

    Mysore – 12 lakhs

    Others – 10 lakhs

    The wait is now to see if it can show a big jump in collections on Saturday and Sunday due to positive reports. The weekend will finish in the 7.50 crore nett region if the film has a normal Saturday and Sunday from its Friday business levels.

  13. Guys whats da response of DDD in second week??

  14. dont no about secnd weekend but DDD has been declared average by indiafm due to its high pricing. so now no chances of DDD being a hit.

  15. AURO managed to change heart of BOI 🙂

    This text is from BOI
    After a winning a million hearts worldwide, the successful and acclaimed film of 2009, AB Corp Ltd and Reliance BIG Pictures,‘Paa’ has been declared tax-free in West Bengal with effect from today (8th Jan 2010).

    Directed by R. Balakrishnan a.k.a Balki and starring Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan and Vidya Balan, ‘Paa’ has already had a one month long successful theatrical run worldwide. This support from the West Bengal government in the form of tax exemption for ‘Paa’ will further help the movie business in its long run.

    A film such as Paa that gets made very rarely in Indian cinema surely deserves to be watched by one and all. The tax exemption in West Bengal will help reduce ticket prices and reach out to more people.

  16. Paa crossed 50 Crore – Stardust

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