Shahid Azam’s review of PAA

Excellent work Shahid….thanks!

Balki delivers 2009’s best so far. This story of a father-son relationship scores in all departments. This movie has it all, brilliant dialogues, beautiful music and background music, great cinematography and a tight script. Balki has structured and presented the movie in a very simple yet engaging and effective manner.

The movie has a lot of scenes that are outstanding. A few are:

  • Auro’s intro scene.
  • His first email scene.
  • His telephone scene with his best buddy. The boy (in the role of Vishnu) is amazing.
  • The scene where Auro waits for Abhishek to go to Delhi.
  • Auro’s scene with Abhishek in Delhi explaining him about fish and “potty”.
  • The whole climax and especially the“mistake” scene is very touching.

Abhishek is excellent and delivers his best after Guru. He fits the role perfectly. Vidya Balan looks good and is superb. Both these actors compliment Big B and not once get overshadowed and that itself is an achievement.

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~ by prazzero00000 on December 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “Shahid Azam’s review of PAA”

  1. Accurate review…great movie from bachchans & vidya

  2. Great movie.hope for superhit.

  3. PAA will be hit after sunday.

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