Paa Rocked The Box-office

Paa : after getting overwhelming response on Thursday from all across the world at paid previews and premier held in Mumbai and Delhi, opened to decent response on Friday morning with 50 – 60% response. Occupancy percentage at multiplexes show upward trend as day progressed. Evening/Night Shows are in range of Rocking 80%+. Overall first day should be in 65 – 70% range. However screenings are lower than DDD in second week at many places, Paa should pick up dramatically on weekend due to extraordinary response from paying public and critics. With just one good weekend, Paa will come in safe zone due to low cost associated.

De Dana Dandid good business in range of 31 crore with advantage of single screen contribution more than multiplexes, this will lead to better distribution share of around 20 Crore. Movie is safe proposition at box-office, second week opening suffers a lot due to Paa euphoria at multiplex. DDD opens to very poor response today at metros with mere 20% response. But single screens should contribute good amount from here on.

— BollyBusiness



~ by Yakuza on December 4, 2009.

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  1. Paa Opens To Poor Response Radio Very Dull
    Friday 4th December 2009 17.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network
    Paa opened to a poor response of 30-35% at multiplexes with afternoon shows a bit better at 40-45%. Single screens were very dull. But film has very positive reports and is expected to pick up from the evening shows at multiplexes, the only question is how much it picks up. The film is being compared to Taare Zameen Par by the industry at large. Taare Zameen Par was also a slow starter but picked up hugely to register huge box office success. Paa has been released on an average 8-10 shows at major multiplexes

    Radio opened to a very dull response of 10-15% and the film does not hold much chances of box office success as reports are poor. Radio has a 4-6 shows on average at major multiplexes.

  2. @yakuza same opening 60-75% for DDD was termed as mixed opening
    now it is rocking for PAA please maintain balance statement.

    • Anirban, thats possibly because Paa is a small-budget film and hence the benchmark for Paa is different. Also, Paa is on less than half screens compared to DDD. worldwide 700 screens which means about 550 in India.

      • @ anuj then what do you call radio it is a zero budjet film as it already recovered cost with the music rights so even 10% opening should be very good. I think opening is good or bad according to its occupancy and revenew generated on friday. What you can keep in ming is the price at which it is sold for the indian thetrical rights excluding home video and sattelite.

        • anirban,the producer of RADIO might have recovered his cost,but that does not make RADIO a hit.In that case, both YAADEIN and YUVRAAJ SHOULD BE CALLED HITS as Subhash Ghai made table-profit before both were released.The dist. cost should recover for any movie to be a success.

    • @Anirban , DDD opening note was published after Noon shows, Where as in case of Paa i am aware of Evening and night shows trending. Second DDD was expected to open better even at multiplexes. Whereas Paa is multiplex movie all the way and the way evening and night shows are trending to packed houses, I can only termed it as rocking opening.

  3. Ha Ha . .this is called difference of commantery … BOI and Bolly are talking almost same thing with BOI little harsh commentary and Bolly on rocking side of movie .. However moring shows were 50% + for sure as my frinds have seen 10:30 show today and it was more than half full .. so 30-35% comemntary of BOI is fake ..

  4. Ha Ha .. @Anirban, I think this is like Same opening of DDD considered excellent by BOI .. 🙂 and same opening of Paa considered Poor by BOI .. all are same .. 🙂

    • acc. to boi morning shows was 30-40%. for DDD it was 60% but they never called it any great. so they are quite consistent with thier commentary. yakuza is also consistent on both comments, its just that boi and bollyb are reporting different things of the same movie Paa

  5. @bigfun yup agree boi little harsh ( if 30-35 % is not true) but BOI never claimed excellent friday opening for DDD it was excellent on saturday and sunday. Also DDD morning was reported 50-60% (with double screen space than PAA) in BOI so they called it good opening.

  6. @ anuj yakuza is not consistent see the opening post of DDD the heading was it opening with mixed response with 45-50% in mumbai morning shows single screens and other shows are better. Overall upward trend in afternoon etccc… and the heading was mixed response. If you consider the figures by yakuza for PAA it is not better than DDD as morning show is excat same and upward trend is there. Also keep in mind DDD shared double screen space than PAA. Still yahuza calling it rocked the box office.

    • Dear Anirban, as i stated in above comment, here Trending of evening and night shows are very much clear to me which was not the case while reporting for DDD (which i publishes at Noon), Even if it was clear in case of DDD, i would termed it mixed because it never picked up on evening shows the way Paa is picking up, All good plexes are going packed houses for night shows that’s why i state it rocking business.

      • @ yakuza if if didn’t picked in evening shows then how can the overall 1st day occupancy was nearly 70-75% which is likely to be also in case of PAA.

  7. BOI is pro-SRK site.
    A site which says Rock On is average inspite of recovering more than 3 times his sold price and Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna a hit which just managed to recovered costs is nothing but a biased idiotic site.

    • ROCK ON did well only in certain multiplexes in some metros.IT DID NOT EVEN COMPLETE A 1-WEEK RUN AT MANY B-C CENTRES.Overall IT WAS AVERAGE.KANK WAS JUST AVERAGE-ABOVE AVERAGE LIKE JODHAA AKBAR.The latter two are reported as HITS WHICH IS WRONG.

  8. Every good film has been slow starter (Lagaan,Taare Zameen Par,Black).

  9. If Paa does close to 18 crore in first week then it is great start for film.
    A super start doesnt ensure success (Kambakht Ishq and Blue are fine examples).

  10. It will be interesting to see Taran’s report tonight. Since he has given very good review he may report 5-10% higher. and then there is Business Of Cinema report also.

  11. Yakuza, assuming that the evening shows are 80-100%, what would be the day 1 figure. let me take a guess…. 4cr?

  12. I really hope Paa is a Hit because of the Big B.

    Concerning DDD, with a 21 crore Distribution Share in the first week, so does that mean its a Hit?

    • I thik it need 3 crore more distribution share to become hit as said by yakuza before.

      • DDD was sold for 30cr.for all India and which was further sold to other distributors for 40-45cr.According to FILMINFORMATION,DDD was sold for 60cr.-incl.satellite etc.

  13. 2.5cr max. im frm distribution me

  14. 2.25cr max. im frm distribution me .

    • @arjun can you please give an information about the price paa was sold to the distributers and whether it included satellite and home video rights.

  15. honestly no idea abt other rights.father told be abt the business of paa today.

  16. hmm well DDD has also picked in evening shows…but paa is the falvour of the week…i am concerned about Rocket singh ,yashraj films seems to be very over confident this time….still some publicity is required….

    • hey… tats cool… wat was DDD collection today?

    • yashraj have tried this trick previously with rnbdj and cdi and have succeeded. they will succeed again with rocket singh. Not much promo needed there

      • The problen here is avtaar and 3 idiots is coming next 2 weeks, so Rocket should should do max buisness in 1st week but again it is a low budget film then won’t be a problem to recover if it has good content

    • @topazbol agree with you completely..both the films have same openening thats what I wanted to nearly same statement should be the heading for the openings of both the movies

  17. it does not make sense to market rocket singh.even it is marketed like oso it will not get a big operning. so better to go easy and trust your movie

  18. im actually waiting for could do 50 cr because of 26 jan easily. the opemning of this movie could be interseting

  19. On 11th twilight saga- new moon s releasing… another threat for rocket,…;)

  20. twilight is no threat.nor is avataar. im wiliing to bet my life on it

  21. Twilight has broken Dark Knights record worldwide dude…. it looks gud also..

    dunno wat s yash raj and ranbir doin with rocket in their pocket…;) ha ha

    no publicity at al… till nw `ve seen only ranbir in tat movie trailor.. wer s tat hot gal…;)

  22. I think we should wait till Sunday to give a verdict about Paa. If it does not pick up by a good amount by then, hard times may be on line for Paa because from next week onwards it wont get a lot of screen share, it already does not have much screenings(around 700). Rocket Singh will be released next week and DDD going on with Twilight and Avatar on the pipeline (remember 2012). Best of luck to this movie.

    • its already on way for 3+ crore first day, should be 12+ crore weekend. Movie will be in safe zone on weekend itself.

      • @ yakuza can you please give an information about the price paa was sold to the distributers and whether it included satellite and home video rights.

  23. Yakuza– DDD? hw was it today? single screens.. did it collect 3cr?

  24. Paa will recover its cost and by word of mouth the film is picking up.

  25. PAA is awesome.and might be superhit in 2nd look great.go and watch the film then give the review.amazing performance of morning,problem was that India team was batting but tomorrow SL will bat so big chance for PAA in opening and this is family film and every family wants to see film in evening time therefore evening is exellent.well done PAA.

    • Hit or superhit of PAA will depend on how much price it was sold to the distributors ( excluding home video and satellite). The budjet of the movie may be 18 crores ( since the actors are the producers) but to make a profit they must have sold the movie at a higher price to recover their payment they get while doing other’s movie.
      If the DP is 15 crore ( usualy thats what it is for the big starer movie) then prodcers/actors recorvered their work payment as it would lead to total revenew of the producers/actors around 40 crore.
      But then it need to collect around 60 crore nett for lifetime to have 30 crore DS ( 200%) to become hit forget about superhit.
      If the DP is around 10 crore then it need 40 crore nett to genertae 20 crore lifetime DS.

  26. this is such a false news..all other site are reporting poor response not even decent response to box office. i cant believe that your website is reporting rocking response. why so much sugar coating. movie might pick up due to wom but i still believe it can only achieve average status. lets see

    • If you are talking about BOI then everyone knows that BOI is anti-bahcchan, so what a big deal ?? And apart from BOI, no other source has reported yet (ofcourse bollybusiness), and now i believe this site more because i have seen this excellent movie yesterday 6:10 PM show and it was housefull. And craze of movie is just seen to believe.

    • Apart from this, all other shows at Imax mumbai from 6:10 ownwards were houseful when i came out after watching movie, Movie is deserved to be superhit and it will be. Paa is really rocking the boxoffice.

  27. […] Read the rest from HERE […]

  28. here’s tara’s report:
    The two new releases, PAA and RADIO, started on a slow note on Friday. PAA, of course, had a better start, with the film opening to a 30% response at several plexes. The occupancy picked up by noon shows and the film was in the 60% + range towards the evening shows at plexes of major centres.

    The advantage with PAA is, the film is carrying excellent reports and a jump in business is expected on Saturday and Sunday. One will have to wait for the Saturday and Sunday figures to ascertain the jump in collections.

    On the other hand, RADIO had a poor start at the ticket window. The opening collections were 10% to 15%, while the reports are weak.

    • My comment for same at satyamshot :

      Why presenting lower possible occupancy rate for morning shows when range is up to 60% ?

      In that case was WUS or APKGK was 70% opener in morning shows?? NO.. WUS was also opened to some plexes as low as 30% and same is for APKGK .. Agree for these movies average occupancy was about 60%+ .. but for Paa average occupancy was certainly 50%+ in morning shows .. and majority of multiplexes were 80% – 100% for night shows.

      Well on another positive note, Today Paa opened to 60-100% response even in morning shows at most of multiplexes (9:00 – 9:30 AM show). This is amazingly good.

      • Yakuza, I dont see a reason why Taran will under-report Paa. See his review.

        • I don’t think he is under-reporting, He at least admits pickup of movie, Problem here is that why are you taking extreme lower range while reporting? In my all previous reports of every movie i generally take Average which is more on upward side, I mean even DDD was opened to 30% at many centers in morning shows at many plexes, but while reporting i take average trend of range which was 50%+ (range was 30-60%).
          Anyways, as of now, Today Paa opened in morning shows in range of 60-100% response, so is it fair to state “Paa opened to 60% response on Saturday’, Not rally, How can we neglect 100% occupancy at many plexes ?

          • I am glad Paa is doing well. I am tracking different sources to see how they report on Paa. I get this feeling that online BO sources have a inherent bias towards or against certain stars and this is visible in their reports.
            As for the 30% reported by Taran, I dont think it is the lower range. It is just the lower range for “multiplexes at several places” as he puts it. There may have been better opening at other places while at single screens the opening may have been 20%.

  29. And sir, This is comment of satyam for BOI report :

    This is misleading commentary. Other than big commercial blockbuster type movies no movie in TZP’s or Paa’s genre or anything offbeat gets off to a huge start in the morning shows. Just doesn’t happen! There’s a reason why these films are ‘different’. And it has never been different. Very successful Hrishikesh Mukherjee films made a fraction of even average Desai successes (with Bachchan in each case). So WOM is always part of the deal here.

    of course the paid previews were sold out, normally something that BOI mentions for other films but not ‘relevant’ in this case I suppose!

    • Dont take satyam seriously. He is the biggest bachan fanatic on this earth. acc. to him even Don is a flop. LOL. and he used to write for iboosnetwork.

  30. @yakuza, i agree with you on different standard of trade experts. i can never believe that WUS was opened to 80% response as projected and we can see it from first day figure of Paa, both Paa and WUS are on similar screens ,WUS was 3.75 crore first day, lets see how much Paa will make, if it was really 30% then it should not be more than 2 crore first day, and if Paa will be in range of 4 Crore, it means it was opened to much better. Please bring first day figure soon.

  31. BOI is taking the other extreme:

    Saturday 5th December 2008 09.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Paa opened to a poor response on its first day and evening collections did not jump as was expected. High end multiplexes in places like Mumbai and Bangalore did manage an up tick and evening collections were 60-65% but overall there was not a major turnaround with first day finishing at around 40% at multiplexes and 20-25% at single screens. The reports are fantastic and now it remains to be seen if the outstanding reports translate into good collections on Saturday and Sunday.

  32. We all know that Paa was already declared a hit before it was released by this site. So why argue. This site is no different than any other. Everyone is biased and plays with the numbers to suit themselves. I luv when movies that are expected to be blockbusters open poor to mediocre. No one can predict in this business.

    I saw the movie. It is only worth for Amitabh. The problem is that besides his make-up, there is no story or surprise element. The film is not a patch to Taare Zameen Par or Black. Those films were a class of their own. Watching this film, one feels that after a while, the novelty wears off and the film drags on and is trying to hard to please the audience. The sincerety is lacking and the emotions are forced upon. It is definetely not Amitabh’s career best. Any star with the make-up would have got the same praise. I founf Amitabh to be a bit odd play someone who has progeria. You need a child artist with a small body build. Anyway, that is my opinion and I am entitled to express my views about the film. Watch the film before annoucing and proclaiming it to be a masterpiece or brilliant.

    • Friday chart for NCR :

      • Good job Yakuza. Do you have indore numbers?

      • Paa only have 4 shows per day in these multiplexes? I thought it would be alteast 6 shows per day.

        • with only 4 shows any amitji starer should have 80-90% occupancy in the multiplexes friday evening no doubt whatever movie it is be it aladin or paa

          • Everyone says DDD falled in multiplexes very badly.
            That is not because of Radio and 2012 (whose shocking run comes to end very soon).It is because of Paa (here in Mumbai film is straightway hit).It will do better tnan Wake Up Sid because it is also doing 50-70 % in places like Ajmer and Kanpur which is good.

  33. If a film is released only on 700 screens worldwide and multiplexes are are having only 4 shows per day even if the overall occupany is 80% the total nett perday would be around 2.5- 3 crores.

  34. Watched ddd yesterday on afternoon show in ncr. An ok movie but not even close to herapheri. I had expected much more from herapheri entertainers. The hall was almost empty with just last 3 rows filled.
    Same time, I had a view on public coming for paa in afternoon shows and believe me, the paa halls were also same level of occupancy. I was quite disappointed as i want this movie to be a huge hit. Anyways, i am just talking of single multiplex and hopefully story of other multiplexes should be different as reported by yakuza.

    • @Rajesh DDD 2nd week friday afternoon around 25% occupancy expected not bad. Paa expected to have around 40-50% occupancy at that time if number of shows on that day for both the films are almost same. Can you please inform me how many total shows were there for both DDD and Paa?

      • Anirben, the no. of shows for paa and ddd are almost same, infact in the multiplex i mentioned, there were 5 shows for ddd and 4 shows for paa.

        • @ rajesh then that is very below perfrmance for Paa as it has only 700 screen release worldwide and the mutiplexes where it is released are having only 4 shows per day that means it needs atleast 80% occupncy for a good period of time to save the distributors.

  35. Bollybusiness is an Anti-Akshay site and it always reports less collections for Akshay’s films,Taran Adarsh says De Dana Dan collected 32-34 crore in its first week and Boxofficeindia says that it collected 33 crore in its first week,but this site says that it collected only 31 crore,which clearly indicates that this is an Anti-Akshay website…….

  36. BOI is saying it has 2 crore nett on friday. Thats is what expected if average occupancy is around 70% with such a small release and adding to that few shows per day in multiplexes.

    Paa First Day Business
    Saturday 5th December 2009 13.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network
    Paa grossed a poor 2 crore nett on day one. Mumbai circuit was relatively than other circuits better due to presence of premium multiplexes but collections were still much below expectations. The aprrox first day circuit breakdowns are as follows.

    Mumbai -80 lakhs

    Delhi/UP – 40 lakhs

    East Punjab – 15 lakhs

    West Bengal – 10 lakhs

    CP Berar – 5 lakhs

    CI – 5 lakhs

    Rajasthan – 8 lakhs

    Nizam – 9 lakhs

    Mysore – 12 lakhs

    Others – 10 lakhs

    The wait is now to see if it can show a big jump in collections on Saturday and Sunday due to positive reports. The weekend will finish in the 7.50 crore nett region if the film has a normal Saturday and Sunday from its Friday business levels.

  37. So where is the overwhelming response PAA had? Only the content can save the film from now onwards. This shows the movie could not gather that much of hype and hysteria as many of the people are talking about in this site. If anyone wants to see craze than they can refer to the Akshay releases this year, or SRK and Aamir releases in the last few years. Paa is doing less then 50% of even what last weeks DDD did. DDD grossed more than 5 crores in its first day and is said it was a mixed response???

    • @sid considering the limited release and moreover only around 4 shows per multiplex the total nett should be around 3 crores even if 100% occupanpy is there. If you consider total nett as parameter then opening of DDD (around 6 crore) was way ahead of paa but if only occupany % as the parameter then both have more or less same opening or DDD slightly ahead.

  38. what a rocking movie????????????? i’ve never saw a movie rocking the nation of 150 crores peoples with just 2 crores rs………… lol

  39. the people who are judgind PAA on parameters of boxoffice impact are idiots…its a cinematic masterpiece…i watchd the movie last evening 815 show…dere weere only 30 ppl…but to my amazement evry single person was touched by AURO..
    YAKUZA..u r doing a great job such movies will be called rocking despite the fact that stupid DDD and CLUMSY APKGK can rake in the crores…some movies and actors are beyond box office…and BIG B is just one of them…!

    • @ no-one is judging paa on parameters of box-office…this site name is bollybuisness..and this is the place to discuss boxoffice report of a everyone is doing that

  40. LOL 2 crore First Day but this site gives fudged report of rocking box office. Bachchans have 2 box office sites with Ibos and Bolly Business but still fail each time be it Paa or Aladin. Fake sites cannot make hits out of flops because eventually truth comes out.

  41. mohan,what do u mean by Bachchans having 2 boxoffice sites? PLEASE ELABORATE.

  42. now i’m sorry but bachchan mighty boxoffice power doesn’t even match rahul bose’s let alone imran hashmi, Paa with 2 cr 2.5 cr opening will do at best 7-7.5 cr this week end, and will add only 2 t 3 cr in week days as families ( who patronize this genre of movies)don’t go in huge numbers to see movies in week days, DDD is relatively still doing well so this week Paa will have 11-12 cr nett,wich is very dissapointing,
    next week Paa will be strugling against Te Runber starrer after the super dupper Hit APKGK, and thus will only ad a few cr 3-4 so in the long run this much Hyped Paa will strugle to recover the 15 Cr spent in it. but be sure Yakuza after awile will come with an analysis showing how Paa is Hit using the parametrs of Bollybusines (WOM: 90-100%, Trending:80-90%, Recall Value 90-100%… Bla Bla Bla ading another so called Masterpiece hit To the Grand Baap of thr bollywood

  43. To Madhu
    Ibos is the biggest Bachchan lickers and Suckers, for them only Bachchans movies are hits, and always inflating them by 10- to 15 cr and just come to activity whenever a Bachchan movie is releasing to spread lies in vein about the success of bachchan movies, in contrast for them every SRK of Hritick movie is a Bad film and they report always 10 to 15cr less from the overall boxoffice business of SRK movies,all this can be understandable but they ad to that, a comunal angle bachching muslim actors and projecting them like the hand of terrorist organisations.fortunately these 3-lastyears they have lost their credibility and nobady visits their sites, they are the jocker of boxoffice reporting even Satyam the biggest Bachchalalan fanatic stopped repporting from them, bollybusness in contrast even if they are little biased towards bachchans, they are not harmful because they have not agendas against others like the Bastaards Ibos.

  44. SAM,WATCH UR PHRASES!NO VERBAL ABUSES PLEASE.Bollybusiness has enthusiasm and zeal,however it is tilting towards Bachchan surely and thus affecting its credibility.A GENUINE TRADE WEBSITE SHOULD REMAIN IMPARTIAL NO MATTER WHAT.

  45. who says ajmer has 50-60 % occupancy for paa??????????? i saw it today at 3 pm and just 20-30% occupancy there.even ddd has much higher % in d same multiplex..its near around 60%…

    • @exclusive_arun, don’t lie, even i have seen movie at Glitz Cinema, Ajmer, It was 80% full .. and what’s the point to prove here ??

      Paa is excellent movie and if it will not do well, would be shame for every indian. We as an indian should show the whole world that we have best talent at our land .. Go and watch PAA .. I wish Paa to be Super hit … Show the globe that we indians are no less ..

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