Coming 22nd january, 2010

~ by Yakuza on December 3, 2009.

44 Responses to “VEER – SPECTACULAR POSTERS (Updated)”

  1. December we have Aamir’s 3 Idiots
    January we have Veer (and Rann releases it with Veer, I hope both films do good, I want both films to be Hit.
    February we have My Name Is Khan

    Bollywood’s going to have a nice three months. Hope all three become blockbusters.

    • So its Rann V/S Veer and Teen Patti V/S MNIK .. Both bigB movies are going to clash with Much bigger one’s, these clashes need to avoid.

  2. i’m scared for Veer and MNIK they will surely suffer from the big B mighty Box office Power, now after i have seen the Big B career post millennium in this site (16 got box-office success). and coting Yakuza confidence in him:(He is just unstoppable, unbeatable and with each subsequent year his energy level seem to be on higher level). (Interestingly he has done maximum movies post millennium compared to any actor of kal Aaj aur kal.) so plaeeese yakuza don’t be afraid for the Mighty bachchan you are humilating him, just show your confidence in him, he is gona reduce these khans to their real high and blow them away from the bollywood blogosphere.

  3. sam, ur statements make no logical sense..

  4. @sam

    “after i have seen the Big B career post millennium in this site (16 got box-office success)”

    If these count to 16, then what you suposed to termed 16 ?? should we say 16 as 6 ??

    “Interestingly he has done maximum movies post millennium compared to any actor of kal Aaj aur kal.”

    DO you have any doubt even after checking the list ??

    “he is gona reduce these khans to their real high and blow them away from the bollywood blogosphere.”

    Khan’s are no where near Mr. bigB .. To reach the heights of bigB , Khan’s need to deliver such magnetic success which amitabh has given in 70’s and 80’s, you need to see that charisma first to believe what actually bachchan is …

    And bet me … Paa and Rann .. both are sure shut HITS .. do success of bachchan movies is sure gonna jump from 16 to 18.

    Now don’t say .. 18 is termed as 8 in your dictionary .. 🙂

  5. YAKUJA,

  6. Another review of DDD from twitter :

    # if u wanna hav grt fun, thn chk out d best comedy of d yr. de dana dan paisa vasool. star ratng: 3 1/2 less than 5 seconds ago from mobile web

    # jay master’s dialogues r funny (a bit crude at times) n priyan keeps u breathless wid fun. 2nd half slitely drags. less than a minute ago from mobile web

    # n fact askhay vanishes 4 a gud 45 mins in d 2nd half but still d tempo doesn’t dip.katrina’s voice is dubbed n she doesn’t hav much 2 do. less than 20 seconds ago from mobile web

    # johny,paresh, sunil,archana,neha dhupia,manoj joshi…too many names. yes akki is back wid a bang. 1 minute ago from mobile web

    # akshay becomes part of the huge supporting cast as every single character is responsible for the collective laugh-out-loud tsunami 4 minutes ago from mobile web

    # De Dana Dan is an absolute laugh riot that delivers much more than what it promised punctuated by tonnes of funny moments. 5 minutes ago from mobile web

    # interval of de dana dan press show.mad cap senseless comedy.hilarious n funny. akshay at his best! about 2 hours ago from mobile web


  7. too much disappointing to saw that Rann will compete with veer because veer is very big film.cann’t hope for Rann because false dating release.and teen paati is looking strong with MNIK.and will beat MNIK.but very sad for RANN and also for veer because this will be also little bit suffer,we will pray for both and hope like TZP and WELCOME.

  8. i hope Rann avoids BO clash…it looks like a good film

  9. oh btw i think those Veer poster of Salman look scary/horrible. couldnt they have done a better job?

    • the posters are meant to be scary. dont agree that they look horrible .. can u specify exactly what you didnt like about them – like colour, salman’s look, finishing??

  10. rosh – just my opinion. but check the 3rd pic out…he looks like a witch 🙂 i also think that salman looks really old – the make-up guys should’v done a better job…

    • he looks like a witch because a few strands of hair are on his face? This is the look of a warrior in war, not in a photoshoot room …

      Unfortunately thats the level Bollywood has fallen down too, where all actors are shown in perfect makeup and neatly combed hair irrespective of the situation.

      IMO, it looks great because it looks real. U r entitled to urs of course.

      Regarding looking old, he looks the age he is playing, a 30+ yr old warrior. Mark my words, of the 3 Khans, Salman will stay in b’wood longest while SRK and Aamir will stop getting roles soon.

      • ‘ Mark my words, of the 3 Khans, Salman will stay in b’wood longest while SRK and Aamir will stop getting roles soon.’

        sadly Rosh, i haven’t got a marker 🙂 but i have to agree with the success of Wanted, Salman’s career has been given a boost…but imo he has become like Sunny Deol – a single screen hero imo. Has he lost the multiplex – u have to look at his last few movies to look at that. SRK and AK appeal to both the multiplex and single screens but both are doing well at the present time.

        • Km, Agree with you about Salman’s multiplex appeal. But I don’t think SRK has much of an appeal in Single screens either .. he caters to multiplex and NRI audiences.

          Now that brings me to my earlier statement about Salman over-lasting SRK and Aamir .. reason being he is going to be like Sunny .. the only action hero left, a role he can easily carry for the next 5 years min. But can Aamir carry college boy roles for the next 5 years or SRK carry the romantic boys role for the next 5 years.

          They can come up with a TZP or CDI once in a while, but they typecasted themselves into those roles. The only genres that suit 45+ actors are comedy and action, and both SRK and Aamir have not shown much capability in those genres in recent years.

        • yeah absolutely.. salman is pretty much struggling to get roles right now. He is giving films like wanted and yuvraaj. Giving hit film every after 2 years.. all the roles like in God tussi,MAMK,hello has received excelent critics response.
          He is very matured actor. Look roles like performing hanuman chaalisa in london n rocking western people.. His box office record is great(1 hit after 5 flops). Even after biggest directors and banners like yash raj,karan johar,ashutosh gowarikar,farhan akhtar not considering him for there films, we will certainly mark ur words that Salman will stay in b’wood longest while SRK and Aamir will stop getting roles soon.
          why why why? Why u guys r that big fan of salman BHAI ?

  11. who the hell pays 200 rs. to watch mr. amitabh. black was the last movie in which he was in lead n got critical success..aladin ..the last year(one of his best performance) all were disaster..come on guys he was a he cannot run a movie on his shoulder…he needs another star which is missing in rann…

  12. @srk,

    In which world you live ?

    After black there are number of successful movies from amitabh , should i name those ? ok then check these :

    1. Sarkar
    2. bunty ayr bubli
    3. Waqt
    4. Cheeni Kum
    5. Sarkar raj

    And now with Paa, he has sure superhit in his hands .. ha

    • What srk is saying is AB cannot carry a movie if he is the solo lead .. even in your list, apart from a couple, every other movie has some other lead actor apart from AB.

      Cheeni Kum was a low budget movie. Sarkar was way back in which year? Since then it has been downhill for him and it shows from ur list itself ..

      Paa will be a hit again because big and small Bs had to go without any fees to make sure the budget was low enough that it wouldn’t flop.

  13. KM
    saale tu chahta kya hain kick on ur ass.

  14. Veer will be blocbuster
    rann biggest flop

  15. Srk
    Who is SRK ?
    Only 2 blockbusters in his entire career.
    Now dont say OSO and RNBDJ are blockbusters because their gross is almost equal to Amitabh’s average grossers like Shakti and Shaan.
    This is the value of SRK.

  16. Most of these people who question Amitabh’s uperstardom are born in 1990s.
    They dont know what an Amitabh means ?
    To defeat Amitabh :-
    1.Zeenat Aman sizzled in bikini for Feroz Khan
    2.Manoj Kumar bought hordes of superstars in Kranti
    3.Subhash Ghai brought Dilip and Sanjeev Kumar
    4.New Heroes (sunny deol and jackie shroff) were brought
    5.Jeetendra teamed up with Sridevi.
    None of these failed to defeat Amitabh.
    Amitabh was never dethroned (he had last hurrah with Hum).

  17. A Akshay Kumar or Hrithik Roshan makes SRK run for his money.
    His fans had auadacity to compare him with Amitabh.That’s joke.

  18. hey hi amit….! i am very amused with ur views…well i was born in 1985…i love agneepath as much i love ddlj…but i feel its unfair when ppl compare my two most favourite stars…amitabh ruled till 80s…and since 95 srk is nmbr…dey belong to differnt eras..its bettr we compare dem with their age counterparts…! and if we want to compare dem amitabh is the better actor but srk is the bigger star and the better human being..and truly m being unbiased..lets hope dis ends all vague discussions

  19. ”KM
    saale tu chahta kya hain kick on ur ass.
    Maks said this on December 2, 2009 at 11:35 am”

    MAKS – u need to watch ur language – zabaan sambhal ke bolo. No need to resort to abusing other guests. YAKUZA i hope u agree with me in this regard, otherwise abuse will become a norm on this blog.

  20. the new pics are good.

  21. Veer is on top of my list of most awaited movies.
    Its first promo was enough for me to consider it to be a good movie.
    Looking forward to it 🙂

  22. Amitabh the icon of bollywood.

  23. Guys comment on Veer!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sure, i will comment. somebody has to… just know sarah.. r u a gal? then tell me what is with salman and all the gals? u like him
      even if he kills a person and shoots chinkara deer.. Not to talk
      abt his personal life… but films.. he has given many shitty
      films after tere naam..
      and after the ridiculus wanted. u r asking about veer..
      yeah its fantastic.. can u imagine salman and his geeky brother
      sohail holding swords… there was one thing which is missing..
      arbaaz khan and katrina kaif… yep that will make a great
      comedy epic movie of all time… and it will be a big treat for
      salman BHAI(is he ur family member?) fans.
      I hope salman ke sabhi chamache is film me guest appearence dege
      like mithun,dharmendra….
      and salman bhai ke chamache is film ko paanch bar theatre jaake dekhege.. aur use khud hi hit declare dege..
      all the best…

  24. pics r awesome….veer is sureshot hit….n amitabh was a superstar ..n in those days rajesh khanna was biggest superstar….the term superstar was coined after him rajesh khanna….india has never seen superstardom like that of rajesh khanna n probably will nvr see again………

  25. Ok KM i am sorry but u can’t simply abuse salman remember
    veer surely blockbuster

  26. @ajinkya

    dharmendra is salman”s chamche….r u nuts…the real superhero of bollywood n most one of the handsomeman in world…n if wanted was a ridiculous movie …then wat was RNBDJ was OSO…a women doesnt identify her husband jst b”coz he has shaved moustache..n list goes on..



  29. Ajinkya
    tujhe bhi role mil jaega because its salman bhai godfather of bollywood


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