Sheeru Gold : ARJUN PANDIT (Hindi, 1976)

Thanks Sheeru another wonderful piece. I still haven’t seen this one believe it or not, but your review has prompted me to watch it again. BTW I saw SATYAKAM again last night!

We all know Hrishikesh Mukherjee is a legendary film-maker. He has given us such classic films. What I love about this man’s films are that he shares a strong social message with us in almost every one of his films. He views, opinions and beliefs are all portrayed in his films through his characters. His films are a blessing. His films are a teaching. He does not persuade you into believing something. He does not lecture you. He illustrates his message through a very emotional, touching manner that will strike your heart. The film Arjun Pandit is about an illiterate zamindaar who finds his mentor, his guru in the village’s local doctor. This doctor grabs his hands and takes him to the highest heights by educating him and turning him into a civilized human being.

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~ by prazzero00000 on December 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “Sheeru Gold : ARJUN PANDIT (Hindi, 1976)”

  1. thanks-i havent seen this movie but i know sanjeev always gived best movies and best performance and ashok kumar too-two indian greatest actors

  2. I am trying to search this movie since long.Any idea where I can get to see it online or buy VCD/ DVD anything. This was a very memorable movie indeed & would like to watch again. Can you help & reply to me on my e mail id please? Thanks,
    Archana Karlekar

  3. I watched this film when I was 17. Now I am looking for its copy to show it to my sons but unable to get. Does anybody has any idea where and how to find this movie on DVD, VCD or even on VHS?



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