Review (Bigoye) : ‘Radio’ – Himesh’s music is the hero!

Director: Ishaan Trivedi
Starring: Himesh Reshammiya , Shehnaz Treasurywala , Sonal Seghal , Zakir Hussain , Rajesh Khattar

Vivaan (Himesh) is an RJ who is healing a broken heart after a bitter divorce with Pooja (debutante Sonal Sehgal). Enters Shanaya (Shenaz) who falls in love with Vivan and inspires him to have a positive attitude towards life. She calls her love a “sacrifice” and urges the two partners to get back together again. Himesh is in “denial mode” to realize he has fallen for Shanaya. An insecure Pooja is not able to let go of her once husband, and calls him at 3am to check if they are just buddies or…. (you know it). In the end, Pooja tells Vivan to forget her and marry Shanaya. It’s complicated?

The so-called musical is laced with a police DGP who is scared of a caterpillar, an emotionally imbalanced wife who loves breaking plates in a restaurant, a hit RJ couple who has to confess their love for each other on live television and Paresh Rawal as Jhandu Lal Tyagi who calls random people from a live radio station to irritate them. It’s complicated!

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~ by Yakuza on December 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Review (Bigoye) : ‘Radio’ – Himesh’s music is the hero!”

  1. does Himesh have any other expressions than just staring like a gorrila at the heroine? 🙂 this guy needs to stick to singing. his acting career is over!

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