Paa kasam, this film will rock you : Paa – Review

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ZANJEER broke the shackles after 13 consecutive flops. AGNEEPATH was an experiment that had a class of its own. BLACK broke all barriers and now comes PAA. Let’s give a standing ovation to the man who dominated the 80s and 90s and continues to surprise with his talent and willingness to subject himself to roles that require make-up for a complete change in appearance. Mr Amitabh Bachchan, for you Sir… the applause refuses to die off…

Playing a 13-year-old with a rare disease which causes him to age before time, Amitabh is class personified. Displaying an amazing flair and getting into character is like a cake-walk for him as Progeria (the disease he suffers from) ravages his tiny body. A special child with special abilities, Auro immediately makes a special place in your heart as you follow his short and brilliant life.

No self pity, just full of masti a kid his age would be. Auro has friends who form his support system apart from his mother (Vidya Balan) and his grandma who he lovingly calls “Bum” . 


Yes, Abhishek is his Paa. Yes, it’s a rare father-son-son-father story. Yes, I think the makers should seriously consider making it tax free and also making sure that every school going child is given a free ticket to this movie, along with his Paa and Maa. 

Paa kasam, this film will rock you.

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~ by Yakuza on December 3, 2009.

34 Responses to “Paa kasam, this film will rock you : Paa – Review”

  1. The ageing disorder and Amitabh Bachchan’s look in Paa have been compared to Robin Willams’ Jack and Brad Pitt’s The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. But those superficial similarities aside, Paa is a completely different story.

    Aspiring politician Amol and medical student Vidya have a child out of wedlock. Not wanting to hamper his political future, Amol asks Vidya to abort the baby. Vidya however breaks all ties with Amol and gives birth to Auro – a progeria patient whose physical appearance looks five times older than his mental age.

    Years later, Auro and Amol come face-to-face and develop an instant rapport. Now Amol’s past threatens to destroy his dream run in politics. Meanwhile Vidya is caught between her hatred for Amol and Auro’s journey towards discovering his long lost father.

    As a plot, Paa is inherently Bollywood with subtle influences of Shekhar Kapoor’s Masoom, Mahesh Bhatt’s Kaash and Aamir Khan’s Taare Zameen Par. But what works for this film are the impressive performances and director R Balakrishnan’s treatment. Balki doesn’t go for an excessively melodramatic approach keeping the flow lighthearted. While this robs off some depth and your heart doesn’t go all out for the characters, there are several other highs. The flow is rather charming and funny.

    Save for a slightly filmy climax, the makers avoid melodramatic high-voltage sequences. Having a father-son bond over webchat is certainly a refreshing break from the stereotype.

    The only downer is a long sub-plot depicting Ahishek’s political ambition. Modelled on India’s young breed of newly elected suave MPs, it adds nothing to the movie’s core theme. Scenes about slum rehab and media bashing would have been better suited for the Sarkar franchise.

    Much like his Cheeni Kum, Paa too is laced with witty one liners. Ad-man Balki clearly has his own style and grammar that oozes attitude and sarcasm. Balki is a rare filmmaker who doesn’t depict Bollywood children as artificially innocent dimwits. If you remember the young girl from Cheeni Kum, this time too he shows the kids as sometimes rude but smart, outspoken, brats.

    In an author-backed role, Amitabh Bachchan masters the body language and behaviour of a special child. Auro is high on self-confidence and his disorder is not projected with a sense of pity. Though his new look takes a while to sink in, the dialogue delivery has the trademark energy of an Amitabh Bachchan act. His individual sequences with Abhishek and Vidya have a bitter-sweet tone that’s picked up brilliantly by the legend.

    Vidya Balan’s part is a bit sketchy, as both her love and anger towards Amol are never quite clear. But she has a natural comfort with deglam mature roles and excels beyond the script. Abhishek Bachchan throws in a confident performance as Auro’s Paa. Playing a character that could have easily been sidelined and one that has no sympathy value attached to it, Bachchan Jr rises to the challenge. The scene where he finds out Auro’s true identity is one of his best in a long time.

    Don’t miss the innovative opening titles, which set the pace for the film’s straight-out-of-life narrative. Paa might fall short of greatness but has a positive, feel good graph that stays with you for long.

    Verdict: Far from being boring or heavy on the senses, this is a simple film for the entire family. Take your Maa and Paa along and you wont regret it.

    Rating: 3.5/5

  2. OyeG Verdict
    A pat on director R Balki’s back for giving cinegoers a chance to experience innovative and original cinema that’s cute, compelling and incomparable. ‘Paa’ is a must watch for all age groups. Need we say more? Ho! Ho!

  3. one word ”flop’ of my fav movies is Black, but it was a big flop.i still dont believe that as an audience people are ready to pay for something whichi is really brilliant..all audience want is entertainment. also, these pre release reviews are mostly paid reviews so we shouldn’t go on this.. movie might be excellent but it will definetly be a flop..

    In the final tally, here’s a film that should win awards [for Auro] and also box-office rewards, given its low costs. A film that should strike a chord with every paa, maa… just about everyone with a heart!

  5. yakuza, i thought u didnt believe tarans reviews and his figures.. how come u r posting his review here..

  6. Black was clean hit.and PAA will be superhit and will break all records.thanks Yakuza,they are anti-amitabh who is saying that Paa will be flop.PAA is awesome movie.

    • how come predicting that a movie will be a flop makes me anit amitabh..but for your fact amit ji himself wont remember as to how many flops he has given in the last 3 to 4 yrs ..I like amit ji but u cant deny the fact that he has probably given more flops in the last 3 yrs than any other actors. I hope yakuza will come up with the facts for last three yrs..n black did just an ok business ..

  7. This is NOT like BLACK, this is EVERY inch a “feel good” film which has LRM/TZP type potential…..!

  8. Whether this film will be hit or flop, one thing is sure. No one in bollywood can match the charisma of big b, no khan, no kumar, no roshan.
    it is true that he has delivered many flop films in last two three years but inspite of that, at the age of 67, films are being written taking him in lead roll. isn’t this the power of that man. Just take the total box office collection of big b’s all films and adjust it to current ticket prices, we will come to know that no body is close to him. This to me is the true power of a star, hit or flop retion does not give true picture. Imagine a start acted in 5 movies and all are successful on box office, so his success ratio is 100%, should we say, he is the biggest star.

    • i know he is past hit n flop n will always be an undisputed shahenshah in the film industry but there is no denying that his crowd pulling power has diminished. he can not gurantee even a decent openning at box office. and thats a fact. now u imagine amit ji last 5 movies have all been disaters.. alladin, rma gopals aag, god tussi great ho,the last lear, jhoom barabar jhoom,nishabd, eklavya..and the list goes on..

      • JBJ, GTGH were Amitabh movies ??? is it joke ??? He was mere for a song in JBJ and it was hardly 10 minutes role in GTGH .. stop making mockery of yourself .. And why you forget Sarkar raj and bhootnath being Above average ??

        • shruti if u dont know anything then its better to keep quite..gtgh, he was one of the main characters”god”. n the movies u mentioned were both restrcitely average more or less flop..u cant tell me he has the same crowd puling power as the khans, kumar..he is a legend but his days are over..he is better suited for ads n big boss..

        • @hardhitter , “gtgh, he was one of the main characters”god” ”

          have you seen the movie ?? He was god .. but it never means he s one of main characters .. he was for entire 10 minutes of role.

          “movies u mentioned were both restrcitely average more or less flop.”
          Is there no difference between flop and above average ???

          “..he is a legend but his days are over..he is better suited for ads n big boss..”

          Thanks god .. amit ji is not following your advise .. otherwise how we can see him in Amazing role of Auro … 🙂

  9. Yakuja, now that its pretty obvious that there wont be many updates from BOI on Paa, please try to give updates as to how the advance booking is for this movie or any other updates. thanks!

    • Jai, Advance booking is just ok in most parts of country, Paid previews went packed houses, few early morning shows today at NCR (9:30 show) was 50%+, However with WOM movie will pick up till evening.

  10. Compared to Akshay Kumar and Salman Khan who are top superstars today Amitabh is very ahead of them.
    And in his entire career SRK never played any expectionally great role.His best is Swades.
    Now this Khans and Kumars are in 40s.Amitabh was in 40s in 1980s and mind u nobody came close to Amitabh at that time.
    Just ask Manmohan Desai and Yash Chopra (they made film without Amitabh and those films went on to become disasters – allah rakha,faasle,mashaal).

  11. Yakuza… box office update … DDD?

  12. Please SRK’s mindless fans
    I want to tell you one thing.The 4 biggest overseas grossers of SRK
    1.Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna (Amitabh was in it)
    2.Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham (Amitabh was in it)
    3.Veer Zaara (Amitabh was in it)
    4.Mohabbatein (Amitabh was in it).

    • Amitabh played supporting role in every movie, shahrukh was the main lead in all of them.

      Om Shanti Om was also blockbuster overseas and Amitabh wasnt not in it,

  13. SRK was made by Yash Chopra and later by Karan Johar and Farah Khan.
    Without them his record is far worse than Abhishek Bachchan.

  14. SRK
    1.Deewana – hit (2nd hero)
    2.Dil Aashna Hai – disaster
    3.chamatkar – average
    4.raju ban gaya gentleman – above average
    5.maya memsaab – flop
    6.kabhi haan kabhi naa – above average
    7.baazigar – hit
    8.karan arjun – blockbuster (second hero)
    9.anjaam – flop
    10.trimurti – disaster
    11.guddu – disaster
    12.zamaana deewana – flop
    13.oh darling yeh hai india – disaster – flop (sp app)
    15.english babu desi mem – disaster
    16.chahat – flop
    17.yes boss – semi-hit
    18.pardes – hit
    19.koyla – flop
    20.dil se – flop
    21.duplicate – flop
    22.baadshah – average
    23.phir bhi dil hai hindustani – flop
    24.josh – above average 2 ka 4 – disaster
    26.asoka – flop
    27.devdas – hit
    28.hum tumhare hai sanam – average
    29.chalte chalte – semi-hit
    30.swades – below average
    31.paheli – flop
    32.don – semi-hit
    33.billu – flop

    • Without Shahrukh, Yash Raj Films would be nothing. Shahrukh khna gave them so many hits.

      Dil to Pagal Hai

      and shahrukh khan gave farah a chance by starring in her movie. Karan Johar and Farah Khan were nothing before their movie came out WITH SHAHRUKH KHAN

      • Its not shahrukh who chooses these movies, its actually the directors, they come to shahrukh, so its actually Farah and Karan Johar who are made by Shahrukh

        • I appreciate SRK for being succesful actor but I simply hate their fans comparing him with actors of other era like Amitabh and Dilip Kumar.
          First of all these fans were not born in their times so they have no right to question superstardom of Amitabh.

      • Yash Raj was big banner before SRK and without SRK they have gots lots of hits.
        Hum Tum
        Bunty Aur Babli
        Salaam Namaste
        Ta Ra Rum Pum (modest hit)
        Bachna Ae Haseeno
        New York

  15. may be it is a path breaking movie but it has 700 prints only.

  16. if we start writing about amit ji’s movie which are flops then we will need two pages..amit u r too old so let go..if we have no right to question amit jis startdom at the moment then u have no right to come up with srk flop list..i have prepared a list for u too..all these movies are either flops or mega disasters..not a complete list as there wont be enough space..just this decade

    Him Kisi Se Kum Nahin
    kyon ho gaya na
    ab tumhare hawale watan saathiyoon
    dil jo bhi kahey
    ek ajnabee
    darna jaroori hai
    jhoom barabar jhoom
    rgv ki aag(nothing beats this)
    god tussi great ho

  17. i will again say amit ji is legend but his glory days are over..and people should not bring up others flop list..coz every actor has given more flops than hits

  18. yakuza y dont u update ddd. or is it u waiting for boi to update then then u will minus 3-4 crs n put it up here..i bet all u do is copy boi n minus a few crs n put it up..if u dont then what is ur source

  19. Paa Opens To Poor Response Radio Very Dull
    Friday 4th December 2009 17.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Paa opened to a poor response of 30-35% at multiplexes with afternoon shows a bit better at 40-45%. Single screens were very dull. But film has very positive reports and is expected to pick up from the evening shows at multiplexes, the only question is how much it picks up. The film is being compared to Taare Zameen Par by the industry at large. Taare Zameen Par was also a slow starter but picked up hugely to register huge box office success. Paa has been released on an average 8-10 shows at major multiplexes

    Radio opened to a very dull response of 10-15% and the film does not hold much chances of box office success as reports are poor. Radio has a 4-6 shows on average at major multiplexes.

  20. Well written review, though the film was fine few places. Nothing extraordinary that people are making it.

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