De Dana Dan – Follows Akshay Boxoffice Pattern

 Year 2009 witness all Akshay movies with promising first weekend and then struggling weekdays followed by poor subsequent weeks. All Akshay movies enjoyed 20+ Crore weekend this year (Except Tasveer). De Dana Dan is no exception. But how one can describe the rapid diminish at box-office after three days ? Good opening prove that Audience at large crazy about akshay but at the same time bad trending prove that his products despite being belonged to popular genre not liked by audience at large.

At box-office, De Dana Dan collects 27.5 Crore in five days,  Weekdays saw horrible fall at multiplexes (80%), However fall was bit less at interiors, leads to 5.5 Crore combined on Monday and Tuesday. Now movie is all set for 30+ Crore first week which is good overall but from here on there is no hope to add much significant.  I predict life time Nett of De Dana Dan to wrap under 42 – 44 crore.


— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on December 2, 2009.

58 Responses to “De Dana Dan – Follows Akshay Boxoffice Pattern”

  1. if it collects 42-45 core what will be verdict?semi hit or hit.

  2. Box office india reported 30 cr for 5 days..
    Indicine also reported 27.5 cr for 4 days..
    You are understating figures..
    Two days more,
    means at least 4 cr..
    This takes week to 34 cr…
    I think your figures are not clear enough…

    • @Sam, Indicine and BOI are same folks .. 🙂

      Bollybusiness is different entity altogether, Tuesday was 2.5 crore and i am not expecting anything more than 3.5 crore from rest of two days. That’s why 30+.

      • why are you reserving your verdict yakuza. DDD is surely going to make 42 crore and earlier you only said that if it collects 40 crore it will be a hit. Why do you keep changing your statements if you r not sure yourself.

        • I am just reserving verdict, not changing any statement, let first DDD complete the run, No wonder if it cross 42-44 of my prediction, that’s why verdict at this point is not fair.

          • but the question was simple that if DDD collects 42-44 crore will it be a hit or not as simple as that? What it will actually collect is something to be seen later.

        • Yakuza, can you tell me the budget of DDD? How can it be around 25-30 crore if Akshay takes 20+ crore and Katrina 3+ crore alone for their respective roles? Is there any share for Akshay from the boxoffice earning of DDD? Thnx

        • Then it needs 45 crore to recover the costs if we add 20 crore Akshay fees to the total budget of 25 crore. Correct me if I am wrong.

      • why does bollybusiness figures are different from BOI? Which figures are corect how should we know?

  3. Yakuja i believe that this has been a trend with all the movies this year barring LAK and APKGK…..The basic reason is that both LAK and APKGK were targeted to youth which form a major chunk of repeat audience….Romantic genre act as a good dating/outing option for youth…on weekdays they get good discounts on tickets and hence they don’t mind having a repeat watch….In case of other genre the most important thing is breathing space…i can bet that be it any star if he does not have one open week after the release week he will fail 9 out of 10 times to give a 6O+cr net grosser…

  4. This movie s sure hit… single screens r very gud yaar.. multiplexes have fallen.. which s ok.. as priyadarshan stated he makes movies for masses and not for multiplex..

    Wanted was a hit bcoz of single screens remember…

    next week movies Radio and Paa r for multiplex audience not for mass.. so single screens `ll remain stable and `ll mmake this DDD a success..:)

    Budget s said to be 60cr so movie `ll get hit status if it crosses 65cr.

    overseas already collected 10cr and s goin strong so this movie s a minimum 10-15cr profit for d producers…:)

    akshay rocks! at again proves he s THE KING of box office..:)

  5. Senseless fim…………………wastage of money

  6. yakuza,
    nice work, dude, i agree with you. numbers don’t lie, they have no feelings, like some akki fans who are in denial here. DDD can only go to average here incl overseas and satellite rights.of course you’ll have media hype about its success and hit status.thats bollywood in denial. btw, whats up with kurbaan figures? don’t spare us, yak ,lets know how miserably its done.

  7. ya some akshay haters r in d tip of their toes to declare it a flop… so pathetic ppl… pity them…

    only wen a negative comment s posted they feel happy n start praisin d moderator… sick ppl… yuk…

  8. @aqua
    Totally agree with you…

  9. yakuza,, u r the only one who is always different from others when it comes to akki movies..u r always 4 to 5 cr less..please report ur source when u quoting these figures..and when someone ask u why the figures are less, u always come up with lame excuses.can u compare ddd weekdays figures with lak n apkgk. my prediction is 50+ as the movie will have a good second weekend of around 9-10 cr..i will love to see u eat ur matter how much u bring him down, he will always rule..akki has 4 movies in the list of top ten highest openers of all time..beat that

    • I just want to say that Akki’s movie does have good openings, but his movies tend to fall after first weekend, for example CCTC, KI, and Blue.

  10. ^Raj
    thats what i was also thinking.
    They always put less figures for akshays movies..
    & always discriminate…

  11. ddd 65cr to hit status
    movie not very good
    expect 55cr to life time business
    ddd just average

  12. Are u people gone nuts ?
    Wanted did 60 crore business and it is super-hit inspite of high costs and DDD is not that huge budget film as Wanted and still did better than that film.

  13. De Dana Dan – steady in Monday and Tuesday (so shut up you people who think DDD will fall).

  14. They r doing this simply to give srk the actor of the decade(according to their method which is pretty good I think). If you notice akki’s score is 69.7 and srk’s is 71 and if DDD is hit then akki will be in the top (although he is already in the top if they use the true nett figures and verdict) and srk doesn’t have any other film this decade. One thing I must agree that the performance method is very good and robust but the figures and verdict are not reliable for some of the movies.

    • Akshay’s performance wud have been higher than SRK’s if not for 3 flops & 1 below avg movie for this year.

  15. If DDD is hit still akki will surpass srk. Anyway KI was an average with 48 cr. nett not below average according to this website as posted by yakuja before now they have changed that also.

  16. I request all Akshay fans to disregard and not visit this blog because it severely under reports the box office figures for all Akshay Kumar movies. Only his movies and his acting is criticized a lot by this blog. There is no authenticity of the figures reported by this blog. They might be taking the figures from the reputed box office websites and under reporting them purposefully for only Akshay movies. I do not get what their agenda is but I can assure you that even if this discrimination was against a Khan instead of a Kumar, I would still have hated this blog for its audacity to lie and mislead us and then to support its lies with lame comments. This has become one of the best online places for all anti Akshay people. Even Taran Adarsh had said one time that there is always 25% of the bollywwood industry who want the downfall of AKshay just like this blog owners. BECAUSE OF THE ABOVE REASONS, THIS WILL BE MY LAST VISIT TO THIS FAKE BOLLYWOOD BLOG THAT DISCRIMINATES AGAINST AKSHAY.

  17. I read many sources said the film budget is about 30cr since Akshay he did not charge any fees. And this is what the distributers of the film said.

    Mumbai, London, 1st December 2009: Eros International plc (“Eros”), a London-listed Indian media and entertainment company, has announced that its newest film release De Dana Dan has grossed Rs. 47 crores worldwide in its opening weekend. A Venus Records production and directed by Priyadarshan, the multi-star comedy riot has grossed over Rs. 35 crores in India and Rs. 12 crores overseas in its opening weekend. The film has also entered the UK Theatrical box office Top 10 in its opening weekend.

    De Dana Dan was released on over 1,700 screens worldwide on 27th November and has seen the biggest opening in the UK for an Indian film in 2009 second only to Eros’ Love Aaj Kal (source:EDI Nielsen). Following on from the releases of Love Aaj Kal and Kambakkht Ishq, De Dana Dan represents the third major box office success for Eros in 2009.

    Check hear for more information.

  18. @AB .. Check this list :

    Most of his verdicts and fogures are higher than BOI .. But point here is that weather he is right or not , i guess he is right, because BOI generally come down to 2-3 crore after one week, and you will see this next week at BOI, DDD figure of BOI will match with this site after some days … Your point should be that weather Numbers are right or wrong ? I am sure if Numbers here are higher than BOI .. you wouldn’t have complaint here for Overreporting of figures. Am i right ????

    Yakuza, i think you should take breath because of syupporter like me … 😀

  19. @AB , BTW .. This is only site which says DDD will be Hit at 40 Crore … otherwise BOI is going to give below average rating to DDD because of high costs .. as par Yakuza .. its only 12 crore DP .. Now can you tell me who is overreporting and who is undereporting ?????? … 😀

  20. @Jeevan
    hey dude why bring in some of the mistakes that BOI make in this debate. Point is BOI have the guts to admit their mistakes if they make some while this blog is even scared of truth hence it lies especially in AKshay’s case.

    forget about BOI, one cannot beat the figues given by Venus productions (producer of DDD) or EROS which have given figures that are above but very close to BOI ones.

    Second point is BOI seems more reliable just from the look of their site while this blog owners dont seem to have money(either own or from sponsors) to even set up their own site.
    This further brings down their authenticity level.

    Third point is this happens only in the case of Akshay’s movies here not anyone else’s.

  21. @Jeevan,

    If you would be smarter, you could figure out that personally as an actor or as a fan, you would want an average with 60+ crores collections rather than a hit with 40+ crores collections.

  22. @ Jeevan, I know hit is important too, but thats not the point of debate here, dont try to change topic

  23. @AB , Here question is not what you want, but you must concern about what is truth ? And let me tell you Yakuza is one of BOI folks in past who left that site and this blog is just out of his passion. Even BigB don’t have proper site, He is also running free Blog, it doesn’t mean he don’t has money, Blogging and running site are two different entities, You can’t make any comment on BOI and Write critisizm, But here you are facilitate to do so, Thats the difference between BOI and Bolly. As we all know Bollybusiness is biggest HITTING blog of all available bollywood blogs, thats why everyone want his fan should get some extra edge at this place.

    About Biasedness of this blog towards akshay, if tis would have been the case then how many movies in Akshay list are ranked better than other sites, this is only because Yakuza did extensive research over numbers and publish only real numbers and verdists otherwise you would have been never get to know that GARAM MASALA was Hit movie (which is semi hit else where). And this is only site which calculate performance of Akshay second to SRK this decade ..

    If you see Manu sharma comment above, he is praising Yakuza, bacause this article is talking about fall of DDD at boxoffice. But where was manu sharma when Yakuza was giving higher numbers for Akshay movies ???

  24. @akuza, now you should give me double treat .. for wriiting long essays in favour of you … 😀

  25. @Jeevan…..yo, it does not matter at least not to any ordinary fan if a box office site changes its verdict of a movie released 3-4 years back. what the heck is this. First one abuses then says sorry i did not mean it, i meant some thing else is not it just like that. Let me give you another example, in my 12th exams, i was given 50% due to a mistake in grading and thus could not get into a good college but got into a bad college and 3/4 years later, the board calls me and says sorry that it was our mistake, our verdict for you is 90% instead of 50% given 3-4 years back.

    This site still lies about Akshay a lot if you do some research then you will find it too. In one of the comments somebody left a link talking about DDD earnings both overseas and home as released by EROS and Venus. Just read that article at least and then talk. Also these released figures are very close to that of BOI.

    Here this blog says that Indicine and BOI are same people which I think is not true at all and a lame excuse just to prove this blog’s figures are right and those two site’s wrong. Whats the point of opening two different sites??

    Well about the blogs, Amitabh ji’s blog is a personal one that does not comment about bollywood business or other actor’s movies unlike this blog.

  26. @AB, i am wondering if you don’t know that indicine uses BOI numbers for their boxoffice reports ?

    Bollybusiness is at 22.3 crore for weekend, BOI is at 23 crore. Not much difference. Yes, there is difference more on weekdays report. But this is not proved yet that who is wrong ? We will come to know only after few days about some actual figures. Before first week, every site does only guess work based on numbers available from few centeres. That’s why number varies to extent.

    And AB, is it much expensive to open site ? You also know any Tom dick and Harry can open site with few bucks in pocket. But Blog has its own beauty, as i told you above, can you comment at BOI ? Can you critisize at BOI site ? NO way … this facility is only available at blogs. That’s why i don’t want this blog to become SITE .. otherwise for criticism of bollybusiness you have to goto another blog and write comment .. 😀

  27. hmm. I am very sad about London Dreams verdict.. 😦 it was very unfair… hmm, anyways, I wish best of luck to DDD… London Dreams should have atleast got below average status.. anyways.. but the film was nice… hopefully. DDD is too :). just waiting for DVD…

  28. DDD will be hit and might be go to 47 crore like this.and overseas film did very well abd did 11 crore and might be go to 20 crore.waiting for 2nd week.

  29. Don’t fight guys…The only thing we need to confirm is that whether Baba films got only indian theatrical rights for 30 crs or it also includes satellite and DVD rights….if it is only theatrical rights then it has to do a business of close to 60 crs to be a hit…else anything above 40crs will make it a hit…
    Still i feel 30 crs for only indian theatrical rights is too much and illogical…best of the movies this year has managed 34-35crs DS…so i feel it has to include satellite and DVD rights…
    Till the time it is clear you guys participate in movie quiz on my blog…its quite easy lets see how many of you get all the answers right…I am just fed up of this debate…

    • TOPAZ JI– it was all india rts includin home video and satellite rts… music and overseas excluded….;)

      wat yaar… yakuza replied so many times statin tat and again u r askin d same….;)

      topaz give a article on hw much each actors charge per movie… i mean some top actors..

    • @topazbol This was yakuza’s post it clearly said 30 crore including indian theatrical rights including satellite and home video but excluding music and overseas.

      Baba Arts limited for the first time acquires all India theatrical rights of “De Dana Dan” from producers Venus for around 30 crore. This includes satellites and home video rights too (exclude music), With print and publicity costs its price would set at 35 Crore.

      Yakuza said this on November 29, 2009 at 1:37 pm | Reply

  30. haha haha haha DDD will be a floppp

  31. KI Below Avg
    Blue Flop
    DDD below avg to flop

  32. @aqua,
    i know that still some of you have doubts as you guys keep visiting n number of sites ……I have also given the logic behind the price…..chalo its good to see some of you still have faith in us….

    • common yaar.. its obvious tat wen different websites give different fig.. ppl `ll get a bit harsh… being moderators u know it better…;)
      especially if u like a particular actor the reaction `ll be wild…;)

      hey can u post the fee wat each actor charges…:)

  33. blue wasnt a flop.only this site claiming that bule is a was avg.not a looser.n kambkhat ishq was also an avg fare with good overseas figures.ddd is having32 crores in 6 days look like 34-35 crore first week in worst scenerio it will gain atleat 8 crore for second weeked n 5-6 crore in weekdays now tell me how can u claim that it is a flop n dont forget that it has briliant figures overseas n going strong..infact only in america it earned 7.5 lac $ for wed-sunday.ddd released over there on wednesday…………so dnt be too partial n harsh for akshay…………love aajkal also got 42 crores for 1st week n 2nd week just produced 16 crore as it got 65 crore lifetime business in india…so 99 out of 100 movies follow same pettern.not just akshay movies……….mind it. n chk d figurus of love aajkal on any words r true…………..

  34. Correction Please….Kambakkht Ishq was not Average but Above Average just because its budget was 60 crores,and Blue was Average not Flop,because its budget was 100 crores… was not a loss making film as it recovered its costs by the non theatrical rights.And as far as De Dana Dan is concerned it has got 29.25 crores in 5 days in India….so it has almost recovered its distribution costs which is said to be about 30 crores….

  35. ddd budget was cr 40-45 cr

    akki coproduce it when he coproduce any mvi he cut his 50% fees so he charge normally 20cr par mvi for ddd he charge 10 cr +sahre in profit……

  36. some of u Akshay fans need to relax. And stop ganging up/accusing Yakuza – imo these guys do gr8 work and u all should appreciate it and if u have a point to make – make it in a civil manner.

    Onto Akki movies – apart from akshay fans, the general cinema goer has realised that Akki movies are devoid of quality content so therefore don’t bother with his movies. Akshay is lucky that this movie is cheap otherwise this could have been a big flop for him. I hope that this is a hit and lets all hope that it scrapes to a HIT status 😉

  37. long live akki fans…akshay is the real king…..

  38. even this blog does not have the name of akshay….on the main page,,,emran hashmi jaise newcomer made it….fake blog…akki hater…

  39. De Dana Dhan had a good first week of around 33 crore nett. Multiplexes collections in metroes fell on Monday while other places started falling on Wednesday. Despite a solid first week it remains to be seen how well the film can go from here. It should emerge at least an Average fare but Hit status may be a step too far 8th day very bad for de dana den all set to average

  40. If Akshay is giving 5 hits in one year(all of em are comedies) and giving 3 average and 1 hit movie(which r also comedies).I dont think he is the king of bollywood. He is an average comedian
    trying to be a king.

  41. Q. Can De Dana Dan still be be a Hit in India and Overseas?

    A. That second week will be very important in India. If the second week can give over 13 crore nett the film will have a chance. Overseas the chances look good.

    Prem Bhooshan

    Q. Three Idiots may not beat Ghajini due to it not being for small centres but what sort of business can it do?

    A. These things are very hard to predict but it should beat the 30 crore nett record of Ghajini for Friday-Sunday business and after that it will depend on content and if content is good it has potential to do 80-100 crore nett.

    L Janak

    Q. Can you tell me which is the biggest circuit overseas?

    A. Today it is Middle East, the business is on par with United Kingdom and North America today but with 60% of the prints for United Kingdom and 35% of the prints for North America.

    J Ujhla

    Q. What is the budget of Rocket Singh – Salesman Of The Year?

    A. The total investment for Yashraj Films including production cost marketing and prints is around 20 crore.

    R Kaushal

  42. De Dana Dan grossed around 6.50 crore nett over its second weekend taking its 10 day total to 40.50 crore nett. The films best business is coming from the North, Rajasthan and CPCI.

    The second week is likely to do nett business of around 10 crore which will take the film to about 44 crore nett after two weeks. The film may take its lifetime business to around 50 crore nett depending on screen space available when Rocket Singh – Salesman Of The Year releases on Friday.

    Overall the film will emerge an Above Average/Semi Hit affair with a distributor share of 26-28 crore

  43. The year 2009 is coming to and end with two major Hindi releases left in Rocket Singh – Salesman Of The Year and Three Idiots. The box office results of De Dana Dhan and Paa are dependent on their run in the next week or two. The results so far for Hindi films are as follows with the four above mentioned films having a chance to get into top ten.

    1. Wanted – SUPER HIT

    2. Love Aaj Kal – SUPER HIT

    3. Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani – SUPER HIT

    4. New York – HIT

    5. Kaminey – SEMI HIT

    6. Raaz TMC – SEMI HIT

    7. Kambakkht Ishq – ABOVE AVERAGE

    8. All The Best – ABOVE AVERAGE

    9. Wake Up Sid – ABOVE AVERAGE

    10. Dev D – ABOVE AVERAGE

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