TOPAZ BOL : De Dana Dan – My Thoughts

Yesterday went to watch DDD with lot of skepticism as I have read at least 15 reviews with almost every critic trashing the movie as junk. To my pleasant surprise it did not turn out to be such a horror experience. DDD works for almost entire part barring the climax. The movie does not have a main story as such but there are many subplots which actually lead to lot of confusion and hilarious moments.

DDD has been made to make people laugh their hearts out and does succeed to quite an extent. The climax is a big downer as it was first unnecessary to blow the water tank and flood the hotel in the name of novelty and second did not give any conclusion to the plot. In the end you keep wondering what happens to all the characters, whether the confusion gets sorted out or not. May be Priyan already has a sequel in mind. Jay Master’s Dialogues are very witty and is backbone of De Dana Dan.

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~ by topazbol on December 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “TOPAZ BOL : De Dana Dan – My Thoughts”

  1. good to see u enjoyed it..thanks god critics will never make a film. because they really dont know what audience likes.. audience likes to go to movie to have fun and that is what ddd me couple of movies which were serious n went to become super hits..look at the top ten list n u wont find one serious movie there..most critics like to bash akki movies but he always has the last laugh..he has 4 movies in top ten list of all time biggest openers ..beat that

  2. Good thoughts TOPAZ, Glad you enjoyed movie .. :), Climax at worst should be typical Priyan style i guess .. will check tonight .. 🙂

  3. just go to enjoy…nothing more…

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