‘Paa’ – A Preview

R.Balakrishnan or Balki as he is more popularly called has an advertising background that influences his film ventures in no small measure. He believes in making an impact, whether it is in the look he chooses for his star cast or in the very concept itself. ‘Cheeni Kum’, was sort of an experiment in pairing Amitabh Bachchan and Tabu in a romantic plot that somehow, just worked well. Age difference in romantic leads is not at all new in foreign films but it is a fact that Indian audiences are difficult to fathom as far as taste is concerned.

Balki’s latest endeavour is “Paa”, which happens to be an AB Corp. production. But it would be safe to assume that the director would have cast Amitabh Bachchan anyways. Firstly, he is one filmmaker who creates a concept and a character around a star and not the other way round, which is more usual and perhaps more logical. Secondly, the temptation to reverse the roles of a real life star father and son on screen would have been too great for an adman to resist. There are too many eyebrows waiting to be raised and far too many moviegoers susceptible to curious experiments. A mature love-story between two mismatched individuals may be considered cakewalk in the context of a film that seeks to tread on the subject of ‘Progeria’ -unfamiliar as a subject, not to talk of movie themes. Incidentally, Vidya Balan, who happens to be appreciated for her acting skills by both Bachchans, is playing the mother in ‘Paa’.

Progeria is an extremely rare condition of early ageing found in children. Those born with progeria typically live about 13 years, although many have been known to live into their late teens and early twenties. In the film “Paa”, Amitabh Bachchan plays a patient of this disorder but Balki maintains that it is not an educational movie, but an “emotional story about a father and son” that brings out the subtle nuances of a singular relationship under the stress of coping up with harsh realities. In fact, Amitabh Bachchan being such a tall man, the director has made it clear that the physical characteristics of progeria (that include stalled growth) have not been too closely followed. The make-up for the role not only took almost four to five hours everyday to put on but taking it off was equally tedious. Mr. Bachchan not only looks like a 13-year-old boy in the film but also changed his voice and mannerism to fit the role. This time he set one more milestone for his himself as he sang in the voice of a 12-year-old without help from any new-fangled technology. It is actually a tune by Ilaiyaraaja that music director Aadesh Srivastav has arranged minus Amitabh Bachchan’s baritone.

PAA will release Friday in 20 countries with 700 prints, including digital.

Wishing the film and its crew huge success at the box-office. It is scheduled to release on 4th December 09.

 — BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on December 1, 2009.

5 Responses to “‘Paa’ – A Preview”

  1. Boxoffice prediction Set updated for PAA and Rocket Singh :


  2. Paa is predicted as HIT by thsi astrologer :


  3. PAA might be superhit film.well done Yakuza,u brought great topic on paa,many peoples are blaming on story but thanks to u,u explain very well.amitabh did great work in this film.please sir bring that films name in which amitabh sings a songs.please sir.

  4. First review of PAA is out:
    Suffice to say that it is definitely worth a watch. Everyone has done a great job, the cast, the technical crew, special mention of the art direction, the music may not be platinum-selling, rickshaw dhinchak chartbusters but syncs with the film brilliantly. But that is probably the way it was meant to be. If at all I have to nitpick, a couple of small blemishes. The Taj Palace Hotel in New Delhi, has a bedside telephone with Sahara Star labelled on it. Vidya’s 2008 Honda Accord morphs into the 2004 Accord in between. Auro the twelve year old child’s finger has something that suspiciously looks like a voting mark. I may be wrong.
    But all this is really trivial compared to emotional roller-coaster that the film is. Hugely enjoyable.

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