Cheeni Kum (2007) – Boxoffice Operation

Cheeni Kum (literally, less sugar) is a Hindi film made by advertising executive and debutant director Balkrishnan. It is an unconventional love story between a 34 year old woman and an older man of 64. This film released on 25 May 2007. Balkrishnan’s second outing Paa is about to release this week, let’s figure out how his first project fared at boxoffice at the time of its release.Here we are presenting the DETAILED Boxoffice Description of its Performance.

Check BoxOffice Methodology HERE.

Details of  Domestic boxoffice. 


All India Nett Business

% Drop

1 8.5 Crore  
2 4.5 Crore -47.05
3 3.8 Crore -15.5%
4 1.5  Crore -60.52%
5 90 Lacs -40%
Rest 80 Lacs
Total  20 Crore    




  Opening 50%
5% WOM Very Good
15% Trending Very good
65% ROI 200%+ (HIT)
  Budget 12 Crore ( After Deducting all rights and Overseas revenue, Indian theatrical share required 6 Crore DS)
  Recovery 20 Cr. (12.5 Crore Distribution Share)
15% Relative performance Average compared to biggest success of year like OSO and Welcome.
  Recall value Very good, Still reminded for its different plot and Top notch performances from lead artiste.
  BollyBusiness Note ROI is Hit, And WOM was Very Good, trending was very good. Relative performance is Average. Overal HIT.
 Total – 100% Verdict HIT



Marks given

ROI HIT (200%) 65% 29
WOM Very good 5% 3
Trending Very good 15% 12
Relative performance Average 15% 6
    100% 50%

Verdict : HIT


— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on December 1, 2009.

9 Responses to “Cheeni Kum (2007) – Boxoffice Operation”

  1. WOW, I didnt know that Cheeni Kum did 20 crore at the box office, I thought the movie failed, but I was clearly wrong.

  2. Thanks Dear Yakuza,I love film Cheeni Kum.and music is also great.Please sir bring SRK film Devdas also like this,as u say before that I will bring Boxoffice operation on film Devdas because u brought real facts about devdas and many don’t know about this film verdict.please sir soon.and well done to do boxoffice operation of film Cheeni Kum.

  3. Cheeni Kum was good decent succcess, can be called hit due to its small budget and i liked the movie a lot.

    Hope Paa continues the movies like Cheeni Kum and Black for Big B.

    I am again a big fan of Big B, lol.

  4. This is turning out to be another bachchan fan site. So much preparation for jacking up Paa…. is what I can see from this article.

    • Anuj, i think from very begining this site work like this, Whenever any movie of star is about to release you will see articles releated to them here,

      There were lot of articles related to Salman during Wanted (Salman career this decade, Salman mania , Wanted booxoffic operation etc).

      During release of tum mile even Emraan Hashmi career this decade was there

      Last week during De Dana Dan release , Akshay Career This decade article was published.

      And now During Paa release , some related article is published .. This is quite very normal pattern of this site and nothing wrong in this .. Every other site do this and this is good idea i think ….

  5. @shruti, thanks .. you really caught right pattern of this site .. 🙂

    @Anuj, thanks for concern, This is the way i generally chose topic of articles ..

  6. Dear Yakuza,many peoples like above are jealous from amkitabh upcoming film PAA because they r afraid that PAA will be superhit.and they don’t want to see this one.but remember AMITABH is the icon of bollywood.again people will be saying that BOLLYWOOD BAAP IS BACK like in release time of SARKAR.well done Yakuza carry on.we hope from u this type of work.thanks.keep it on.

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  8. just wanted to comment on this movie. i thought this was a good film. not many ppl have seen this, but this is very under-rated and kudos to the director for making this movie. Some very funny moments in this movie – best bit though is when Amitabh goes to ask for tabu’s rishta and what happens nxt. 🙂

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