Quick Poll: What is your favourite Abhishek Bachchan performance?

On to our whopping 12th week here after a successful week 11. I’ve only listed the performances here I consider worthy….My vote goes to GURU

ONE click HERE for your vote…

~ by prazzero00000 on November 30, 2009.

3 Responses to “Quick Poll: What is your favourite Abhishek Bachchan performance?”

  1. Mine also goes to Guru.

  2. for me it has to be YUVA then Guru. Yuva was an eye-opener for me. Imo Abhi has loads of talent…and does his best work under Mani Ratnam and also in character roles. i think Abhi would do well to build up his own brand like hrithik and aamir have, and do 2 character role based movies per year and one masala movie per year. unlike Hrithik and Aamir, Abhi takes less time to make movies, but atm he is really far behind the pack.

  3. No doubt Guru.Guru is amazing film and great work of Abhi.and I still don’t know why abhi didn’t get award for this film.no doubt Chak de India is great film but compare abhi work with srk work in Chak de India,I will say abhi work is great.whats ur opinion sir?

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