And I will add, a remake by Karan Johar would be simply a stupid idea…unless it was a “tribute” of sorts with a different name as opposed to a remake….

Vijay Dinanath Chauhan-a name that became synonymous with my child-hood. I was 8 years old the first and last time I saw late Mukul Anand’s. I still remember the excitement and pure energetic aura surrounding the small single screen theatre near Pune (Akurdi). The first show had just finished, and Dad and I were in line for the second day’s second show. The visceral impact the movie left on me as an 8 year-old boy was huge. At that time, this was for me the “ultimate” Bachchan movie, and re-visiting the movie 17 years later that statement still holds true.

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~ by prazzero00000 on November 30, 2009.

6 Responses to “PRAZ GOLD : AGNEEPATH (Hindi, 1990)”

  1. Without any shred of doubt Agneepath will be among Amitabh top performances. Praz, i don’t have anything more to add, this is excellent, detailed and well elaborated review, I was dying to read Agneepath review for so long, and here it is … :), you made my day!!

  2. Agneepath, was, is and likely will continue to be Amitabh Bachchan best performance till date. He TRULY DESERVE the National Award for this classic film.

    Another film in Indian cinema which didnt deserve to flop at the Box-Office

  3. Agneepath is not flop,this is hit film with 25 crore nett collection.I love amitabh talking style,best ever in bollywood.amazing work of amitabh and i request to bollywood please don’t remake this classic film otherwise result will be poor like Devdas,Aag,Karzz,Umero Jan,Don etc.

  4. Agneepath is flop because of huge costs it had and unfortunately it performed less than Big B’s worst film Aaj Ka Arjun which was hit (it deserved to be flop).

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