POLL : Your Views About De Dana Dan ?

~ by Yakuza on November 30, 2009.

12 Responses to “POLL : Your Views About De Dana Dan ?”

  1. Can I have the option, “don’t care, not going to watch” 😛

  2. dunno wy salman fans hate every single actor on earth… am talkin bout some not all…;)

    • I dont hate all actors apart from Salman .. in fact i like both Aamir and Akshay. Doesn’t mean I have to watch all their movies right?

  3. This movie was d best… superb entertainer of 2009.. in 2007 i had enjoyed welcome and nw its DDD…:) 2hrs 40min of laughter unlimited..:)

  4. Rosh– was never pointin towards u..;) but some salman fans… if u r not a salman fan den fine….;)
    i remember u praising salman thou many times.. anyways its ok. may be some other person.. mistaken identity..;)

    • I know most Salman fans hate SRK, but not the rest of them.

      Maybe you did see my comments, I am salman fan .. but I do like Akshay, Aamir and Saif too. Ones I dont like are Shahid and SRK.

  5. it will gross 100 corer

  6. Rosh– no dude some ppl from salman fan club do speak badly bout akshay. tat leads to unnesessary fights and bad vocals..
    have seen many times d foul languages r spoken by them.. salman s a gem but some of his fans r not..:)

  7. great movie.well done akki.superhit.

  8. oh my god dis movie is sooooo gud
    loved akshay to bits es sooo fit mn

    and am nt a salman fan Shahrukh 4 lyf mn

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