Akshay Kumar Career This Decade

Akshay Kumar has appeared in over 90 Hindi films till date, During the 1990s, Kumar was primarily described as the action hero of Bollywood, starring in hit action films such as Khiladi (1992), Mohra (1994) and Sabse Bada Khiladi (1995), and being particularly known for his “Khiladi Series”. However, he was also recognised for his performances in romantic films like Yeh Dillagi (1994) and Dhadkan (2000) as well as dramatic films such as Ek Rishtaa (2001).Akshay’s career this decade took sharp turn in 2007 with four outright Hits, Since then akshay kumar is strong contender of top position in bollywood.

Let’s have a look at his career this decade :



Sr. No Movie Nett Collection Verdict
1 Welcome 72 Crore Blockbuster
2 Phir Hera Pheri 41.5 Crore SuperHit
3 Heyy Babyy 44 Crore SuperHit
4 Bhool Bhulaiyaa 46 Crore SuperHit
5 Singh Is Kinng 69.5 Crore SuperHit
6 Ek Rishtaa 14 Crore Semi-Hit
7 Aankhen (2002) 17 Crore Semi-Hit
8 Awara Paagal Deewana 13.5 Crore Semi-Hit
9 Waqt (2005) 22 Crore Semi-Hit
10 Andaaz (2003) 15 Crore Hit
11 Mujhse Shaadi Karogi 28 Crore Hit
12 Garam Masala (2005) 26 Crore Hit
13 Bhagam Bhag 40 Crore Hit
14 Namastey London 32 Crore Hit
15 Khiladi 420 3.75 Crore Flop
16 Jaani Dushman (2002) 9.5 Crore Flop
17 Haan Maine Bhi Pyaar Kiya 6.5 Crore Flop
18 Talaash (2002) 6.5 Crore Flop
19 Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Sathiyo 12 Crore Flop
20 Deewane Hue Paagal 14 Crore Flop
21 Jaanemann 26 Crore Flop
22 Hum Ko Deewana Kar Gaye 13 Crore Flop
23 Tashan 27.5 Crore Flop
24 Blue 42 Crore Flop
25 Chandni Chowk to China 26 Crore Flop
26 8×10 Tasveer 12.5 Crore Flop
27 Police Force 1.1 Crore Disaster
28 Insan 4.5 Crore Disaster
29 Family 11 Crore Disaster
30 Mere Jeevan Saathi 2.5 Crore Disaster
31 Aan (2004) 10 Crore Below Average
32 Bewafaa 15.5 Crore Below Average
33 Dosti: Friends Forever 10 Crore Below Average
34 Kambakkht Ishq 45 Crore Below Average
35 Aitraaz 16.5 Crore Average
36 Hera Pheri (2000) 8 Crore Above Average
37 Dhadkan 12 Crore Above Average
38 Ajnabee 14 Crore Above Average
39 Khakee 27 Crore Above Average
    Total Boxoffice impact 784.85 Crore
    Average Nett per movie 20.12 Crore
    Total movies Released 39
    Total Success 19
    Total Flops 20
    Total Hits +/- 14
    Success ratio 48.71%
    Hit Ratio 35.89%
    Flop Ratio 51.28%
    Performance 69.61%
Performance calculation :   
Akshay Kumar   Score
Total releases 39 25
Total Hits 14 8.9
Total Success 19 12.17
Revenue generated 784.85 Crore 23.54
  Total Score 69.61%

Akshay’s upcoming movies are :

Akshay Kumar  
  De Dana Dan (Priyadarshan)
  HouseFul (Sajid Khan)
  Helloo India (Shabnam kapoor, Amit Kapoor)
  Patiala House (Nikhil Advani)
  Action Replay (Vipul Shah)
  Khatta Mitha
  Tees Maar Khan (Farah Khan)

— BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on November 30, 2009.

76 Responses to “Akshay Kumar Career This Decade”

  1. Yaay .. thx Yakuza, have been waiting for this long 🙂

  2. Burrah … Thanks much sir, Great Work, Well i read it carefully, excellent list, And i am glad Akki performed second best after SRK … SO he should acquire 2nd Spot 😛

    Well i know you are going to change performance method soon, Waiting for that to implement ASAP … 🙂

    Thanks agaian …

  3. That’s great, thansk for the info.

    I never knew that Waqt, Aankehn and Ek Rishtaa were Semi-Hits at the BO?

    But, what shocks me is that Garam Masala is a Hit, I don’t think it was?

    • Yup, verdicts and numbers are most accurate as par my research. Garam masala was HIT for sure, it was 12 Crore DP for Indian theatrical and recovered 16 Crore along with good trending.

  4. Well guys, i came to know about Yakuza, previously he was working with BOI folks and last year he parted ways due to regular fights over numbers. Their fight started during JWM and OSO days (guys, if you remember BOI didn’t update site for two weeks after 2 weeks of OSO release), At that time there was big fight between BOI folks which include Yakuza. After regular fights he left the site and few months back he started this blog. As he know each and every technique of boxoffice, he is now thinking to start his own site by invenstinh some amount over source from where he is getting few data (his data is only 40-50% of what BOI has). Now yakuza don’t kill me for publishing this info at your own blog. I know you have guts and can do wonders if start independent.

  5. BTW Yakuza, Your list is perfect, there is just one doubt .. Garam Masala .. was it really HIT ?? (However looking at 26 crore Nett, i think it should be HIT)

  6. Great list! I too have been waiting for this for a long, long time.. The list shows that Akshay’s BO pull has been growing pretty well over the last few years… though this year shud teach him a sound lesson when it comes to choosing the right scripts.

    Dont agree with some of the numbers.. And Family at 11cr is a disaster?

  7. I agree with some numbers yakuza.But disagree with some.Particularly Kambakkht Ishq,heyy baby,bhool bhulaiya.
    I wouldnt put famly as Akshay Kumar film.
    But it wont change the overall number.Akshay will get over 71 which is same with shahrukh.

    • Akshay was in supportig role in Family, However it was just above special appearance and way below supporting one. However this is subjective thing how to take the role ? still inclusion/exclusion will hardly effect. KI, HB and BB figures i am agree with … problem is that apart from IBOS, each and every source used BOI figures for reporting, that’s why what BOI put become blueprint. I checked jay Shah numbers for these movies and He also come in this range only and also verdicts of movies matches with Yakuza.

  8. I should say that you are totally wrong to inlcude jaani dushman.Anycase good analysis.

    • Jaani Dushman was multi – multi starrer, Akshay was one of protagonist, Lead was Arman kohli, But Akshay role was best among others. Why you think this movie shouldn’t be included ?

  9. Another fantastic list….

  10. how much money srk,aamir,salman and akshay demand per film?

  11. Amazing work Yakuza … I have a request if you can work on a Saif Ali Khan list.

  12. Great work Yakuza.well done.carry on.

  13. good job. Ithink you made a mistake in the case of kambakt ishq.Despite a huge fall in the second week the movie has has made a nett gross of 55 crore in India alone and was declared a hit. It colleated 42 crore in its first week alone.And yeah garam masala was declared a hit.

  14. by trade guide thank you very much

  15. yakuza good job bro.but humko diwana kar gaye n blue were avg. aitraaz n dhadkan were outrite hits.n thts for sure otherwise everythjing is fantastic……

    • Thanks exclusive_arun, Numbers and verdicts of this list are tried to be as precise as possible. Aitraz and Dhadkan were not outright Hits for sure.

  16. @exclusive_arun, Not even a single source in this earth declare Dhadkan and Aitraaz an outright Hits … CHECK BOI, IBOS, INDIAFM .. or anyobne you like ..

  17. @Himesh and Aqua, KI is biggest scam in bollywood, movie collected 32 crore first week and crashed further, check this Jay Shah report, The most authentic one on internet, He declared KI 42-45 Crore and below average …. http://www.naachgaana.com/2009/10/31/jayshah%E2%80%99s-saturday-box-office-column-%E2%80%93-all-the-best-holds-steady-blue-underperforms-massively/

    • Do you know where Jay dervies his numbers from? ever wondered why he has stopped publishing BO reports the last few weeks? He also calls Blue a ‘below average’ movie. so that means you agree with that?

    • @Jai, He derived numbers from Taran Adarsh (indiaFM), But now as Taran Adarsh stopped giving numbers, Jay also stopped his work for a while. Jay Shah is journalist and his boxoffice reports are also published on News Papers (Sakaal times etc). BLUE was finally declared FLOP by JAY , this report is after two weeks only, After 3-4 weeks he declared Blue FLOP.

      Now After JAY stopped his work, BOI and IndiaFM will again start playing dirty games of manipulating boxoffice figures (which was earlier controlled by Jay Shah). Adib(Glamsham), BOI and taran .. All three guys are pure bastereds and manipulate BO figures for their favourite star/movies. There is no transparency of their work. JAY was 100% transparent and was all these guys were affraid of their work.

      About Yakuza, He is fair, but i think problem lies in that he dont have much figures in hand, his analysis is based on 30-40% of numbers, but still i trust his work more than BOI/TARAN/Adib .. because atleast he is not biased. His numbers may get wrong upto 10-20% degree, but he is fair on what he says. Thats why i visit here always.

      • Yeah Jeevan, I’m aware of it. Jay is a pretty good analyst and is most of the time unbiased (Aamir being an exception) but the main prob I got with him is that he declares a movie’s verdict based on trending analysis. I mean just have at his verdicts for JA, SIK, Rock On & Golmaal Returns… JA & Rock On are superhits because they trended really well in consecutive weekends. SIK is just a hit because it saw a 60-65% fall in second week and he declares GR is just average because it had a massive fall in the 2nd week. I mean does it really matter if a movie collects most of its chunk in its first week or subsequent weeks? And yeah, CCTC is a disaster at 25cr???

        I don’t know abt others but atleast to me, its hard to digest when u say Jay is the most authentic one on internet bcos to me, his trending analysis itself is hugely flawed.

        PS: I don’t find anywhere in the net where he has changed the verdict for Blue.

    • Yup, JAY did excellent work in past, he should continue his work from film-information numbers.

      No comments for others. I appreciate JAY for same reason as described by Jeevan. @Jai, Trending is only little weightage added to overall verdict of movie, even my model carry all possible parameters like ROI, trending, Related performance, Recall value because if you witness some verdicts of movies in past decades, all these factors plays an important role over years.

      Jai, however i have given examples many times before in comments section related to all these parameters, i will put here again later (just for your better understanding).

  18. I really don’t know how the list works and how you get to this statistics. now you said Akshay did all together 90 movies and you have chosen randomly which ever you felt like. most of the khiladi series are hits and you have taken the one which is a flop. but as per the BOI figures, bhool bhulaiya crossed 50crs, hey baby crossed 50 crs etc. same way srk RNBDJ made 90crs but you were showing in 70’s and Ghazni made 115crs and i dont know what is you figure of Ghajni.
    whatever, I would love to Have “career this decade” for Anil Kapoor if you can pls post

    • dude, its for this decade. Yeah, I do agree some of the numbers are not correct.

    • @jacktackle , this list is for this decade only. Not even a single source given say that BB or HB crossed 50 crore. Can you give me any link ??

      And as i explained above, I adore JAY shah worked, and most of Yakuza figures matched with JAY .. so i am 100% agree with yakuza …

  19. if you go to this site
    each one have their own figures its complicated. like himesh’s status in Radio.

  20. Nice one..please put this on MP when u get a chance :)!

  21. Thanks Yakuza.

  22. kya baat hai akki ,teri toh flop films ne bhi sharukh ,aamir ,salmaan ki hit films se bhi jada business kiya hai …maanna padega bhai cha gaya hai tu sabke dil per hit flops doesn’t matter ,tu bas aise he lage reh …saal main 5 movie ,itni activenesss kaha se lata hai hai yaar ..or sari movies ka business 40 to 50 crores but fir bhi flop ,tu bas laga reh indian movies ka standard bhadane main like u done in blue 100 crore ki movie bana di tune ,jo aajtak itne bade bade stars nai kar paaye woh tune kar dikhaya ab sab aisa he karna chahenge ..tu sabse bhadiya hai or jo dil kare kar ,best of luck

  23. tHANKs Yakuza. I think their is some correction like this….

    Singh is King – Blockbuster not Super hit
    Awara Pagal Dewana – Hit not Semi Hit
    garam masala – Above Average not Hit
    Khiladi 420 – Disaster not Flop
    Abtumare hawale – Disaster not Flop
    Humko dewane kargaye – Below average not Flop
    Blue – Average not Flop
    Police Force – Flop not Disaster
    Aan 2004 – Flop not Below Average
    Kambakht Ishq – Average not Below Average.

    And khatta metha is directed by priyadarshan.

    • Usman rao, i guess Yakuza know better about Trade and verdicts … 🙂

      • Hello jeevan, i know who he is b/4 i wrote this, but this what exactly the verdict of these film are even yakuza may know this. I just think it is mistake, as how it happen are times just like how he forget the director of khatta mheeta. I didn’t say he dont know, i just remind him that’s it.

  24. @yakuza Tashaan is now below average with 27.87 crore nett as per BOI. Since for all the other movies you followed the figures and verdicts from BOI you should follow the same for Tashaan. The same applies to Blue it was declared average at BOI. Also as Jeevan argued Family should not be considered as AKshay’s film it was an extended guest apperance just like Hrithik in Luck by chance. The rest are fine. Anyways thanks a lot for such a nice work.

    • I dont yhik so that Yakuza follows figures from BOI, He is not followig BOI for sure. He is checking figures from all possible sources from Trade magazines to internet and come out with figure which are most authentic one, And How come TASHAN be below average at 27.5 crore ?? It was 35 crore movie, with just 15-16 crore distribution share movie is outright flop.

      And i never said that Family shouldn’t be included in list, If you read carefully, I said family is more than supporting role and Yakuza is including supporting roles. So it should also be included.

      Figures and verdicts of movies are best IMO, BLUE is definite flop … How can any movie be average with 80+ crore cost and 42 crore Nett collection (23-24 crore distribution share ) … I think every thing is perfect in this list ….

      • @Jeevan tell me one other figure and verdict which is not taken from BOI. If you include family in Akshay’s list then Hrithik’s role in Luck by chance should be included. And about Tashan..including music, video rights etc..it easily recovered the cost thats whty BOI just changed the status to below average 2 days before. About Blue 80 crore is a mere speculation..the producers never said that. 42 crore Nett was termed as average in BOI.

  25. @yakuza You previously wrote that KI was average with 48 crore nett. Why have you changed that?

  26. @Anirban, Check this report of Jay :


    Yakuza is at higher side of figure (45 crore) … I think he is quite on higher side of range .. KI is definite below average ..

  27. […] Read Rest HERE […]

  28. i m happy with ur observation it’s good….but by boxofficeindia.com
    blue is average and kambakht ishq is above average…plz check it…plz..bcz i want akki at d top spot..he deserve top spot……

  29. Jay shah is not an authentic source.He uses India FM numbers and estimates films.And that article on KI is from Komal Nahta who is anti Akshay.KI as below average will not be accepted.It is above average and will count as above average.

  30. errs……….

    ritethe figurs

    ki was a above avg
    blue was avg

  31. errs……….

    rite the figurs

    ki was a above avg
    blue was avg

  32. most of akshay hit flims are multi- starers, in 1990 akshay was a flop actor, but in 20 he is a hit actor bcz, of muti-starer flims & illogical flims.

  33. nishaant, that means even srk films this decade are also multistarrers, KANK, mohabatein, KKKG, KHH, devdas wasn’t even hit, MHN, OSO. Andaaz was one hero, MSK equal, garam masala was all about akki, bhagam bhaag akki had the bigger role, PHP is multi, NL is solo, hey baby akki is the protagonist, bhool bhuliya had 1 hero, SIK is solo.

    • am not a SRK fan, but that is incorrect to say SRK films are multi-starrers. Akki out of the 5 heroes appears in most multi-starrers

  34. that is absurd, mohabbatein, had 5 heroes, KKKG, KANK, OSO who also starred arjun and that sajid khan brother, but still u call it srk solo what double standards. But still i credit srk for BO same as akki, andaaz was solo, garam masala akki by far had the main lead role, bhagam bhaag govinda was hardly there, hey baby who fk is fardeen and ritesh, namastey london solo, bhool bhuliya akki, sik was solo. who are ritesh and arjun?

  35. Yakuza yaar u didn’t add DDD.

  36. Hey Yakuza , this is not right .
    chak de india – 65 crore then blockbuster
    Singh is Kinng – 69.5 Crore (more than Chak De) still a Superhit Not Blockbuster . Why all sites often tries to Over-rate Srk & yashraj . and y all sites tries to under-rate Akshay kumar at every small or big step ?? why Bro ?? why ??

  37. Everybody in the whole world not only knows but sure abt this fact that Singh is kinng was a bigger hit than Om shanti om . still my bother youkuza u mentioned
    Om shanti om – blockbuster
    singh is kinng (bigger hit than Om shanti om) still u said it is just a superhit not blockbuster.
    AND u r doing the same yokuza , Why bor , Why ?? plz tell me , Why ??

    why ?? tell me bro , Why ??

  38. ” Akshay King Kumar ” is The Real King of Bollywood .


    1. Singh is Kinng
    2. Welcome
    3. Housefull


    1. Kambhaqt Ishq
    2. Hey Baby
    3. Bhul Bhullayia
    4. Muj Se Shaadi Karogi
    5. Khiladiyo Ka Khiladi
    6. Mohra


    1. De Dana Dan
    2. Namastey London
    3. Bhagam Bhaag
    4. Phir Hera Pheri
    5. Garam Masaala
    6. Khakee
    7. Andaaz
    8. Awaara Paagal Deewana
    9. Ajnabee
    10. Dhadkan
    11. Hera Pheri
    12. Sabse Bada Khiladi
    13. Suhaag
    14. Main Khiladi Tu Anadi
    15. Waqt Hamaara Hai
    16. Khiladi


    1. Blue
    2. Jaan-e-Mann
    3. Waqt
    4. Aitraaz
    5. Aankhen
    6. Ek Rishta
    7. Jaanwar
    8. Mr & Mrs Khiladi
    9. Yeh Dillagi


    1. Hum Ko Dewaana Kar Gaye
    2. Dosti
    3. Jaani Dushman
    4. International Khiladi
    5. Sangharsh
    6. Ab Tumhare Hawaale Wtan Saathiyo
    7. Sapoot
    8. Jai Kishan
    9. Saughand


  39. hey Yakuza , y don,t u adding De Dana Dan , Housefull , Khatta meetha ?

    Como on man wake up , after all u r runnin a site .

  40. hey Yakuza bro sorry , if i looked rude to u , but this is the site i believe the most for figures n verdicts . saw mnik figures on srk carrere graph and here still blue .

    but , i didn,t knew that u were busy coz of some personal reasons .

    anyways good work bro , keep it up .

  41. Yazuka SIK was a blockbuster
    KI was above average
    Housefull BB
    De Dana Dan Hit
    Khatta Meetha Average

  42. hahahaha….neeraj,,,,add action replay as a blockbuster too…lol…kumar is down in the dumps…barng housefull…no movi in last 2 yrs crosd 50 crore net…thts a shame when dabanng can get a weeknd close to tht..lololol

  43. Ya you are right AR can be easily declared a blockbuster even if it collects 70 crore that is 3-4 crore less than Housefull which looks quite possible

  44. Dear Anshul
    You please get your medical check up done….Just 5 months back Housefull collected 75 Crore…brush up ur knowledge…u seems some kid studying in school on Diwali Vocations…I dont speak to kids…get some knowledge…u talk about 2 years…I gave you a reply on just 5 months back…:-)..LOLZ

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