22.3 Crore Weekend for De Dana Dan

De Dana Dan enjoyed excellent weekend of 22.3 crore. Movie surprised each and everyone from trade circle to general moviegoers because of its exceptional run at box-office over weekend. Before release, first weekend prediction was in range of 17-18 Crore, But 22.3 Crore is just huge acceleration from general predictions. However Monday saw the drop in morning shows, but excellent weekend collections ensures bountiful first week. If movie does Good in subsequent weeks, it can earn 34+ Crore in first week and 60+ Crore lifetime, and if it does OK to BAD from now on, it can earn up to 30 Crore in first week and will wrap under 45 Crore. Let’s hope for best and we wish an excellent run of movie.

Weekend Breakup (These are refined figure after getting more data) :

Friday       : 6 Crore

Saturday : 7.6 Crore

Sunday    : 8.7 Crore


 — BollyBusiness

~ by Yakuza on November 30, 2009.

39 Responses to “22.3 Crore Weekend for De Dana Dan”

  1. Thanks yakuza…..

  2. Yakuza acc to u can DDD get superhit tag?

    • let’s see how well it will do from now on, Today there is massive drop (however its normal for weekdays). If it will cross 55, it will be definite super hit.

  3. yakuza, pls double check your figures as all the other web sites are reporting around 7 cr for fri and around 1 to 2 cr more for sat n sun. movie will be definetly super hit. only question is if it will be a blockbuster or not..akki rules.

    • Yeah i get to know about producer’s claim of 7 crore on Friday, but this looks exaggerated to me.

      • even taran adarsh says it had d best saturday figures ever.. so if ghajini collected 10cr on saturday ,ddd shud have broken tat record rt..?

  4. if 40cr s hit am sure 50cr `ll be superhit… this movie `ll collect 50cr+….:)

  5. @yakuza how much is the drop today??
    30-45% will be normal anything above would mean
    the film will drop heavily!!

  6. helo yakuza
    why do u keep changing your statements. earlier u said that if DDD collects 40 cr will be a hit, now u r saying dat it needs more than 55 cr to be super hit. why?

    • is there no difference between a hit & a superhit?

      • 🙂

      • helo mr jai this question was adressed to yakuja not to u. and yes i know d difference between hit and super hit my point was dat why to be a superhit it need 15 cr more? i think even if does 50 cr busness it will be superhit

      • @john, 55 is just an assumption, i have not applied bollybusiness methodology to the movie, but ROI should be 200%+ for HIT and 300%+ for superHit. 55 crore NETT will give around 32 – 35 Crore DS, And this will yield 300% ROI (12 Crore DP).

        • thanks yakuza. dats d answer i wanted. now i am clear. I want to appreciate one thing about u. its not been even 10 minutes and u replied my querie. gr8 and thnks again.

  7. Yakuza, my questioned is left unanswered. what is the collection of APKGK till date? are you holding any figures?
    wishing all the best for RADIO cuz of the melodious song’s hope it gets the opening of atleast 15 crs weekend

  8. I learnt one thing from DDD. if a bad product is sold with a good brand, you always have buyers, as you see, the brand does it all whether you are satisfied with the product or not. and huh! a good adversicement of the product also helps in making it big. congrats for the unit of DDD and the fan’s of Akshay kumar who stood by him thru all means.

    • i agree with u jacktackle, what a stange name. anyways. c his(Akki) fans have always made sure dat his films get the biggest opening but den u have seen what happens from monday onwards. even with big openings his films in dis year have not been able to achieve hit status. and if u notice his films are always released during holidayes bcas he is not confident of his own product and knows bcas of his star status he can pull audience and even if his films are average he can still remain a superstar and demand exoburent amounts due to his films big openings.
      Once akshay told ‘ whatever i hav achieved today is bcas of my marital arts and my fathers blessing. varna Acting kisko aati hai”.
      see he himslef knows he is just an average actor and he can not survive in this industry if he does not use this marketing strategies.
      Anyways i think his career is now only for 2 or 3 years more.
      so chill.

  9. […] Read the rest from HERE […]

  10. no Kats i’m not against him i’m proud of him that he made himself without any godfather or godmother, but i dont agree with his some fake films and still they get appreciated. i love his work in namatey london & hera pheri too i hope he survive but with good films not with nonsense. I wish him all the success. at the same time i want his fans to understand a film first before boosting it. if this continues then we will left with trash n not a good quality cinema.


  12. yakuza sir and topazbol sir, I am quite anxious about the drop that DDD is having on Monday as I am a big time Akshay fan and though I accept that his last 4 films have not been that gr8, he is a very gr8 actor in bollywood and DDD is a gr8 and very funny movie.

    Could you please answer the following for me

    1. How much is the drop of DDD on Monday from weekend in % ?

    2. How big / small is the drop when compared with APKGK, Love Aaj Kal?

    3. How much do you expect the business of Monday to be?


    • no dude.. its negative publicity bcoz akshay told d media, critics r not imp for me. DDD s superhit and let critics tel wateva dey want.. so critics r bashin him… read in india today website.

  14. Monday 30th November 2009 12.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    De Dana Dhan has created history in CI and smashed all records for the Friday-Sunday period. Below are the highest first Friday- Sunday figures over the past 18 months.

    De Dana Dhan -81.50 lakhs

    Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani -77.34 lakhs

    Singh Is Kinng – 71.54 lakhs

    Ghajini – 70.45 lakhs

    Love Aaj Kal – 64.12 lakhs

    Kambakkht Ishq -63.44 lakhs

    Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi – 63.23 lakhs

    Kaminey -62.70 lakhs

    Wanted – 55.18 lakhs

    Golmaal Returns – 53.24 lakhs

    Chandni Chowk To China -53.21 lakhs

    London Dreams -52.75

  15. @Kats

    1)If u think only Akki’s fans watch his movies and if they are in such huge numbers just to make it get the biggest opening, then can’t they in all probability make it sustain atleast for a week to make it recover most of its costs? If they are such crazy fans why cudnt they make atleast one Akki movie a clean hit this year??? And pray why didn’t CCTC & Tasveer get an excellent opening?

    2)CCTC, Tasveer & KI got released during holidays? And yeah, it doesn’t matter to you if Sallu’s last 2 movies got released during Diwali or Eid.. you won’t bat an eyelid if Aamir’s last 2 movies got released during Christmas? And why in the world wud u care if SRK’s movies get released during Diwali? But sure, u hv a prob if Akshay has a release during festive seasons.

    3)Akshay is doing like 4-5 movies a year the last several years and u r talking as if its cake-walk for Akki to open movies to such huge openings everytime so as to sustain his super-stardom.. when was the last time a superstar like SRK, AAmir or Hrithik acted in 4-5 movies a year? The max Hrithik did was 3 in 2002, they bombed so miserably and his fear for failure got so huge that he has turned out even worse than AAmir in churning out movies. Aamir stopped doing multiple movies in a year long time back. Even SRK has never been able to make multiple movies click in a year. It’s only after he reduced doing movies, that he has been able to make his recent movies to be such blockbusters.

    You really got to agree that he has a bad sense of selecting scripts. He did tried out different stuff like Tashan, CCTC, Tasveer & Blue but if the script & direction itself is not good, then why do u blame it all on Akshay? Unlike SRK, Salman, Aamir & HR, he started gaining superstardom only in the last 2-3 years and is making every use of it, esp when the top stars have started their own production houses… I’m pretty sure like the rest of them, he too would have realized by now that churning out multiple stupid movies in a year can’t help him sustain his stardom for long. Hopefully as he mentioned in one of his recent interviews , he will reduce to just 2-3 movies a year henceforth.

    It’s always easy to spit venom on stars u don’t like. I’m not trying to support Aksya’s trashy movies but to call him all fluke and no substance is just a joke. Only once in a while a nobody like SRK or Akshay can also dream of and become a superstar, at this time when every now n then you see such talentless & worthless Star-kids make debuts.

    • agreed Jai. I hope better sense prevails akki and he starts chosing good scripts bcas when films like DDD work its just motivates him to do more such films.

  16. Monday 30th November 2009 18.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    De Dana Dhan grossed 23 crore nett approx over its first weekend. The film did fantastic business in CP Berar CI (Historic) and Rajasthan while North was also very good. The other circuits saw good business.

    The daily breakdowns were 6.25 crore nett on Friday, 8.50 crore nett on Saturday and 8.25 crore nett on Sunday. The business was fantastic on Saturday and Sunday but the film was let down slightly by its Friday business which was good but a bit lower than expectations.

    De Dana Dhan will have to sustain on Monday to become a hit as the film has a high cost. The first week business can come in anywhere in the range of 34-37 crore nett depending on what happens on the weekdays.

    • hw come BOI says sunday was lower than saturday and yakuza says d opposite…;)

    • @aqua, Just to prove bollybusiness wrong. However no body on this earth can prove who is wrong because No one has saparate record for three days for each center. Well BOI changes his figure of Kurbaan from 19 crore to 20.5 Crore .. Ha Ha .. Lagta hai Karan Johar Paid some money to BOI .. 🙂

    • Also for Kanpur and Indore numbers, BOI has higher sunday figures than saturday .. 🙂

  17. taran adarsh says 24cr weekend in ETC bollywood business…

  18. I agree with one thing pointed out earlier that if a star is doing 3 or 4 films a year, all can not be superhit. Amir’s success ratio in last 5 yaers is very high but in how many films he acted. All stars has fan following and if a star is appearing in a movie once in a year, its likely to be hit. This startegy is being followed by srk and amir. I bet if they have acted in 3 or 4 movies in a year, their success ratio will be much lower. The true star power is reflected in the total box office draw by a star not by collection in a single movie. juast take the example of salman, his wanted released after a long gap and became super hit, but after that within two months, he appeared in two more movies and both could not revive the charisma of wanted. And looking at the DTH figures of mamk, i can safely say that if there was a gap in salman’s movies, they would have worked better on box office.

    • I agree with Rajesh completely… and for the guys who are bashing Akshay for choosing bad scripts…all the other actors are also working on bad scripts..for eg. all last 5 salman movies, srks last 4 movies all bad script and story…they are hit because the reason as pointed by Rajesh. Amir is the only one who works on good script but again Ghajini was not such a good script…Amir is also now creating lot of hypes to give a hit buisness for a movie.

  19. De Dana Dan as rest Akshay movie’s started with a bang! will finish with above average business. tuesday figures are sad story. wednesday should be another 2crs n thursday 1.5crs and week 2 will add another 7 crs if lucky. that will take total over all business of DDD to 43 to 45 crs making the movie just Average or above average.
    its not Akshay, its the movie which was bad. lemme make ma point clear

  20. I have a question with all these box office figures for Indian movies. The numbers you report is different from what gets reported to the international press. If you go to the magazine Screen International which reports the top 40 WEEKEND INTERNATIONAL NUMBERS for all movies playing worldwide excluding U.S. puts De Dana Dan at $4.3 m from weekend box office from 16 countries. That includes the more than $1m from countries outside India. That would make DDD’s all-India weekend box office under $3.3m which does not jive with your analysis.

    I have a theory. I suspect Screen International only reports numbers from multiplexes where they can track the gross and excludes the single screen theaters where they have to trust the Producer numbers which can be inaccurate. Without this caveat, the numbers you report make no sense but don’t just believe me. Check out the link below.

    Click to access International%20Chart%20Dec%203.pdf

  21. Q. Can De Dana Dan still be be a Hit in India and Overseas?

    A. That second week will be very important in India. If the second week can give over 13 crore nett the film will have a chance. Overseas the chances look good.

    Prem Bhooshan

    Q. Three Idiots may not beat Ghajini due to it not being for small centres but what sort of business can it do?

    A. These things are very hard to predict but it should beat the 30 crore nett record of Ghajini for Friday-Sunday business and after that it will depend on content and if content is good it has potential to do 80-100 crore nett.

    L Janak

    Q. Can you tell me which is the biggest circuit overseas?

    A. Today it is Middle East, the business is on par with United Kingdom and North America today but with 60% of the prints for United Kingdom and 35% of the prints for North America.

    J Ujhla

    Q. What is the budget of Rocket Singh – Salesman Of The Year?

    A. The total investment for Yashraj Films including production cost marketing and prints is around 20 crore.

    R Kaushal

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