Boxoffice Bombs : De Dana Dan Audience On Weekend

29th November, 2009 –  Sunday, 5:56 PM

De Dana Dan after good opening on Friday, Picked up further on Saturday and Sunday with good margin, Opening day was approx. 5.75 Crore, Saturday excels with 7.25 Crore, Sunday collections should also be in-line of Saturday. We can expect Approx. 21 Crore for first weekend. De Dana Dan has reasonable distribution cost of 30 crore (Including satellite and video rights), which should be recovered within 10 days.

Next week box-office will see two new releases “Paa” and “Radio“. Despite low cost fare (15 crore), Paa will see good release of 900 prints. Paa is looking safe bet at box-office due to low cost and high curiosity factor aroused tremendously across moviegoers. Reliance Big Entertainment will distribute Paa on profit sharing basis with AB Corp with some minimum return Guarantee


— BollyBusiness


~ by Yakuza on November 29, 2009.

28 Responses to “Boxoffice Bombs : De Dana Dan Audience On Weekend”

  1. De Dana Dan can become hit or not…
    How much need to become clean HIT..

    • De Dana Dan is safe at boxoffice, It require just 12 Crore DS for recovery and 20+ DS for HIT tag. At 40 Crore NETT movie will be HIT.

  2. how can it be a hit at 40 crore??

  3. with 40cr nett movie `ll be a hit??
    yakuza wat u feel bout life time collections od DDD? can it cross 55cr? atleast 50-60cr range..?

    • Hard to say about life time collections at the moment, still my wild guess is 47 – 50 crore (As there is atleast one Prestigious release on every subsequent week).

  4. business guru’s have predicted 80crs for DDD but since the story line is poor and the comedy is so LS and a big let down. it should finish somewhere near 49 to 50 crs. if Akshay himself takes 25+ crs then i really dont know how the cost is just 30crs. some fake thing is going on to boost the film’s success

    • Baba Arts limited for the first time acquires all India theatrical rights of “De Dana Dan” from producers Venus for around 30 crore. This includes satellites and home video rights too (exclude music), With print and publicity costs its price would set at 35 Crore.

    • akshay has co produced so no fee for him…

  5. if they have sold for just 30cr wat `ll be d actual budget??
    wat bout overseas? Baba has taken tat also?

  6. Prediction of 80 Crs could be of the lifetime acchivement from all sources including satelite+music+overseas and whatever remaining.

    or it could be overall gross including everythg ……what say yazuka….

  7. akshay is lucky that this is a low cost movie. congrats to Akki his first real hit of the year.




  9. @deep
    dont tell nonsense…
    Yakuza is right abt budget and akshay hasnt charged any fee as it is his home production..
    So you are the one who is speaking bogus.

  10. the new way to save akshay and bachchalalan family career is to say that their movies budgets is less than that of emran hashmi or rahul bose movies just to projects them as hits or success, the times of akshay getting paid 30 cr per movie and his movie budgets as 80 to 120 cr are over as poor akshay movies this year have done at best 40 to 45 cr and termed as flops or below average and some were outright rejects.
    these fanatics fans of bachchalalans for exemple will tell you that the budget of Paa is 15 cr, they will not tell you how much it was sold to distributors because if they do they can’t project Paa as a success as it will never reach recovery

  11. @Yakuza
    Producer ratan jain confirmed that friday was above 7 cr.
    Saturday was better than friday & sunday is excellent.
    Overseas also doing good..
    Plz confirm…

  12. @sam,
    Yakuza clearly stated above,

    “Reliance Big Entertainment will distribute Paa on profit sharing basis with AB Corp with some minimum return Guarantee.”

    What else you want ?

  13. @rocker,sam,jacktacle,deep….
    I will be elaborating how DDD will be a clean hit, even if it does a net business of 40 crs

    Budget-I agree if akshay charges 20 crs it should be around 45crs…
    But in this case he has co-produced the film and say for 20 crs he is getting 40% of total revenue generated…

    Venus has sold the movie for 30crs(this includes sattelite and home vidoe rights) to baba arts…
    Baba arts has sold theatrical rights to other sub distributors per territory basis…
    Say on conservative basis he sells the rights for say 15crs to its subdistributors and gets 15-18crs for satelite and 4-5 crs for home video rights…This is the bare minimum he will be getting as comedy movies get good price…
    So he will be making atleast a profit of 4 crs(15+15+4-30) to 8 crs (15+18+5) plus he will be getting the overflows of profits also from subdistributors…

    where as if movie does a business of 40 crs net then distributors get a share of around 20 crs and they will also be making profits. against a price of 15crs they have paid..

    Now the producers…

    From Baba Arts-30 crs
    Overseas rights-15crs
    Music sales-2crs
    Value added services(Mobile ringtone+picture download)-2crs
    Total-54 crs
    Now if you take budget to be 45 crs(20 crs share for akshay) then also venus people will make a profit of 9 crs….
    Mind you these are very conservative figures still everyone’s earning is quite good..

    See this is actually an example of smart pricing where everyone associated gets benefitted…
    I totally agree with Taran Adarsh when he says “Its price that fails and not the Movie”.

  14. DDD will go to superhit film.Its good for akshay is great and I love the comedy scences.great film and good fun.

  15. its MONDAY! whts the weekend gross of DDD? and what’s the as of today gross of Ajab Ghajab? and is 2012 a biggest hit of 2009 in india till date? and why is that BB’S figures always comes less compared to boxoffice inida? who is not doing a proper home work?

  16. A 21 cr weekend for DDD means its almost on par or even better than APKGK (20.5 cr first weekend).. its simply fantastic since the critics had severely panned it! Also, there was not much hype since this was Akshay’s 5th release this year and the music being one of the worst for a big-starrer movie.

    Do u have clear details on the weekend collections? whats ur prediction for the weekdays? Since the WOM seems to be quite decent, I really hope it doesn’t crash like Blue or KI which were totally rejected by critics n audience alike.

  17. Excellent news for Akki fans.. DDD smashes all records for first weekend in CI.. Expecting more records to be broken all around India.. keeping my fingers crossed 😀

  18. Q. Which film is the biggest hit of the year so far?

    A. Wanted is the biggest hit of 2009 till date from all Hindi films followed by Love Aaj Kal although Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani may cross the business of Love Aaj Kal. 2012 is the biggest hit of all films released this year in the All India market.

    M Jain

  19. Hey. Yakuza dude, I think you are mistaken about 30 crores thing. The INDIAN DISTRIBUTORS RIGHTS cost 31 crores. And this is excluding Satellite or whatever rights. I have links :-

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