TOPAZ BOL : An Open Letter To All Critics !!

Every Friday a new movie gets released, which good or bad is a result of someone’s sweat and labour. Critics fell  it like vultures and love to bask in the glory of trashing someone’s effort.When asked why don’t you yourself come up with some brilliant ideas and direct them and let the people see what exactly is a so called brilliant cinema, They take an easy route that we are a part of the audience( who is definitely more knowledgeable and understands the cinema more than the Mango people),who act as guardians to people’s hard earned money .Its their responsibility to tell the audience as early as possible to stop wasting money on trash being shelled out week after week.. It is other thing that people most of the time ignore their advise/warning and make movie a box office success….

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~ by topazbol on November 28, 2009.

5 Responses to “TOPAZ BOL : An Open Letter To All Critics !!”

  1. really good article…!

  2. Well said topaz !!

  3. Good write-up, However my concern is how can one’s choice be made generic to public in large? Biased or No-biased, there are diverse views of distinct reviewers. Their views shouldn’t be publish on public document (at-least should be restricted on first week of release). Because who will be responsible if even one viewer decide not to watch movie in cinema based on review which actually would have been liked by him if there was no review at all, and vice versa).

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