This has to be one of my twistedest (if that’s a word) pleasures…the film is a hoot!

The title was catchy, the movie featured some of Bollywood’s most respected and talented character actors and director Rahul Rawail is one who’s earlier works I simply love.

I was expecting BUDDHA MARR GAYA to be a typical, brainless comedy like JOURNEY BOMBAY TO GOA, however I’m left thoroughly surprised. Director Rahul Rawail boldly promised that the movie is a “black comedy” (in the title the words A BLACK COMEDY appear in large letters incase we missed it in the posters) however I was hesitant given this is a genre that Bollywood directors have rarely got right, but Rahul Rawail gets it right, even if it’s not the full way and that alone is worth a dekkho once. However BEAWARE, this is truly a shockingly rude, crude, distasteful, loud, bizarre and thoroughly offensive comedy unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed before.

Read the rest from HERE

~ by prazzero00000 on November 28, 2009.

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