TOI : De Dana Dan Review

Film: De Dana Dan (Comedy)
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, Katrina Kaif, Paresh Rawal
Direction: Priyadarshan
Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes

Critic’s Rating: /photo.cms?msid=5272704
Blame it on the director, but they’re mostly missing in action: Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif and Suniel Shetty. And it’s hard to fathom why! Why in moviedom’s name would a filmmaker sign the three most thoroughbreds of comedy and waste them away with a vanishing act? Haven’t the threesome — Akshay, Suniel and Paresh — passed the litmus test at the box office and given contemporary cinema some of its best comedies in the Hera Pheri sequels? So why would anyone want to brush aside their crackling chemistry for a load of chaos created by a bunch of side characters who dominate the entire second half of the film? More importantly, why would a director lock his lead player, Akshay Kumar, in a cupboard, for reels and reels of the film, specially when he has been responsible for most of the laughs in the first half?
Too many characters in the second half, too long drawn a climax (and completely over the top too), too little of Akshay and Katrina, the hit jodi of many a blockbuster: De Dana Dan delivers in bits and pieces alone. The humour is mostly slapstick and the plot wafer thin. Most of the laughs are provided by Akshay’s Sad Sack butler act coupled with some rib tickling hysteria by Paresh Rawal. The girls, Katrina and Sameera, mostly look lost and woe begone. Also disappointing is Pritam’s audio track, coming after a spate of successes this year.

No, this one’s not quite the end-of-the-year laugh riot.
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~ by Yakuza on November 27, 2009.

8 Responses to “TOI : De Dana Dan Review”

  1. Another pathetic review..
    Times always discriminates..
    When movie is comedy then who cares about story..
    De dana dan is the same situation.
    If you want to laugh non stop for 2 hr 40 min then go for it.
    Visit for review by Nauman…

    • In fact i feel times is overly lenient………DDD is the most boring movie i have ever seen…… me!!people who may like is the low class audience!!



  3. sorry to say it’s not a comedy either. it tries to make u laugh but doesnt succeed. nothing works in the movie. you can keep your excitement for 3 idiots. de dana dan did not only failed its makers but also the bollywood in whole. what a loss.

  4. Hahaha…some people are so desperate to see DDD to flop that they have already declared it a loss to Bollywood? Hard luck though… it has taken a good start in most places across India as per the morning shows..

    Yakuja, do u have any BO updates for Friday morning & paid previews?

  5. patheetic yaar zaberdasti hasaneki koshish thi scipt shiod be good most of actors wasted overacting OVERACT better saif kasreena kurbann

  6. I am waiting for SRK’s My Name Is Khan.
    It will be great comedy (Johar will make sensitive terrorism issue a laughing stock just like he made laughing stock of extra-marital affairs).SRK is great comic actor who gives laughing moments in serious movies.

  7. i am so tired of watching akshay trashy movies that i think i’m gonna watch this on youtube. Akki really needs to choose better movies/scripts. if he keeps at it he’s going to be the nxt govinda and we all know what happened to him.

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