De Dana Dan Opens To Mixed Response/Kurbaan 17 Crore First Week

De Dana Dan opens to mixed response this morning with NCR and Mumbai multiplexes register only 40-50% opening, opening at Pune, Ahamdabad and some centers at Punjab fetch better collection in range of 60 – 70%. However upwards trend can be seen at afternoon shows itself. Single screens are faring better with 80% + response from few reported centers of Meerut, Nagina, Jalandhar and Ghaziabad. Overall first day should see good collections due to wider release.

Kurbaan grosses poor collection of 17 Crore NETT in first week. This is horrible collections looking at Scale and budget of movie. Dharma production movie starring Saif and Kareena loaded with 45 Crore price tag has no excuses for such a trashy opening. Opening on 8th day is mere 20% at limited centers.

— BollyBusiness


~ by Yakuza on November 27, 2009.

52 Responses to “De Dana Dan Opens To Mixed Response/Kurbaan 17 Crore First Week”

  1. I told akshay has lost it…… Seems difficult 2 b a hit.wat do yu predict yakuza 4 da first weekend? Plz

  2. Yak imo i think its quite good….with such exhaustive release u cannot have more than 70% opening ,unless and until you have some chartbusting songs and excellent pre release hype….I believe it should do around 6-7 crs first day……

    • However opening is not excellent at many multiplexes, but still should manage to do around 5.5-6 Crore from strength of single screens and Punjab plexes.

  3. so kurbaan is flop haa haa haa

  4. i watch DDD very good movie and best comedy of the year rating 4/5

  5. DDD should emerge at least a hit film.

  6. i watched de dana dan today,it is a excellent movie and has a stomach paining comedy…..4.5/5

  7. @yakuza on how many prints it is released??
    and what did the paid previews add??
    i think muslim people did not went to see the film cause of eid!
    Evening shows will be bumper and sataurday national holiday De dana dan will do record business tomorrow and on sunday i am sure

  8. i have seen such a good comedy film after a long time.hillarious comedy..4 out of 5 stars


  10. AKKI S****R

  11. […] Read the rest from HERE […]

  12. ddd is so boring not good movie i watched

  13. Akki need to control himself and should do variety of movies from Top and good directors only. He should avoid these type of routine stuff and shouldn’t take audience for granted ..

    • Agree, Apart from Action replay .. he is doing all crap like Houseful and blah blah .. Its pain to see him any more now.

  14. But Yakuza boxofficeindia they said the film has a good start,

    De Dana Dhan opened well in its morning shows. The collections for the first few shows were on average in the 70% region. At many places the collections were excellent with full and near full houses while some places in Bengal and South had collections in the 50-60% region.

    E Square in Pune had a 77% start with first show having 450 tickets sold from a possible 584. At Wave Ludhiana the film opened to 100% collections in first two shows with collections being 29,680 for each show. Indore opening ranged from 70-100% while Ahmedabad was 60-70%.

    The morning start is good at multiplexes but not bumper like a Love Aaj Kal. The collections should get better as the day goes along and evening collections have a good chance of being big.

    Anyway the week was just start and i have full confidence about this film 4 the end of the week is going to make a huge collection.

  15. akshay movies always opens well then falls flat…..this movie is way below expectation…..hera pheri team have disappointed…but akki cant b blamed…u cannot lock ur star in cupboard n forget him…n most talked sensual rain song was missing….we r diss…….

  16. guys, don’t talk shit here, don’t make this forum dirty, this is nice place and please let it be

  17. De Dana Dan is a nonsense movie… Uff I jus struggled to sit in theatre for 2 yrs. Its most Silliest movies I hVE ever seen in my life!!!!

  18. De dana dan is the most entertaining film in 2009 enjoy this Film
    very very funny 🙂 peace

  19. great movie.might be hit movie.great fun just go and watch DDD.akki is superb.

  20. DDD-Loud and overdone

  21. the above few comments are just outrageous. Yakuja, please delete those comments.

  22. ddd rocks !!!!!!!!! m still laughing, wat a movie!!!!if u miss it then u should suicide.thanks

  23. ddd is a sure shot hit…22 cr weekends on the cards n could be even more..which is fabulous for 30 cr movie

  24. Yakuja, any updates on the collections for Thursday paid previews & for Friday? Hows it turning up on Saturday?

  25. I’m going with one-and-a-half out of five for director Priyadarshan’s De Dana Dan; carry ear plugs with you, or a Saridon. Or both. A migraine is guaranteed.

    Rating: 1.5 / 5
    well, thats by masand. now that DDD is flop, is there any chances for Ajab Ghajab to get more screens and become a blockbuster? how much it should make to emerge a block buster? arround 70crs?

  26. DDD is freakin awesome … i watched it first show last show here in US and guess what it was 90% packed … this movie is amazing … certainly best comedy after Hera Pheri … 🙂 A must watch guys

  27. akki is always fantastic
    but this year wasnt all good for him
    and it can come in everyones life
    so dont say anything abt him.

  28. De Dana Dhan First Day Business

    Saturday 28th November 2009 16.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    De Dana Dhan grossed a good 6.25 crore nett on day one. Saturday being a holiday the film is expected to show big business over the weekend. The first day approx territory breakdowns were as follows. The film did will well in most circuits except South India which was below the mark.

    Mumbai – 2.40 crore

    Delhi/UP – 1.35 crore

    East Punjab – 55 lakhs

    West Bengal – 25 lakhs

    Bihar – 10 lakhs

    CP Berar – 30 lakhs

    CI – 22 lakhs

    Rajasthan – 35 lakhs

    Nizam – 28 lakhs

    Mysore – 22 lakhs

    Others – 15 lakhs

    • East Punjab – 55 lacs in 1st day.That’s mind boggling.
      It will gross 3 crore in weekend itself which is equal to KI’s whole week gross in East Punjab.

  29. yakuza i m waiting for u to say what is first day BO collection of DDD?

  30. nishan bro dusro par bhi trust karna seekho

  31. De Dana Dhan Scores Heavily In United Kingdom

    Saturday 28th November 2009 19.30 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    De Dana Dhan had a huge first day in United Kingdom as it grossed £100,000 approx on Friday. This is the second biggest first day of the year after Love Aaj Kal. The film may have a £350,000 plus weekend in United Kingdom. Approx Friday business for some other major releases this year is as follows.

    Love Aaj Kal – £120,000

    Kambakkht Ishq – £83,000

    Blue – £58,000

    Kurbaan – £45,000

    London Dreams – £45,000

  32. WOOOOW DDD is rocking the world keep it up 🙂

  33. yup karan thts just wow.just see bro… picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!

  34. De Dana Dan (opening day – 6.25 crore) equal to Ranbir Kapoor’s Ajab Prem which is called earth-shattering and the openin of DDD is called mixed.
    that is the value of Akshay Kumar in Bollywood.If his film is not outright success (modest success like KI) then also it is called flop.This is the same parameter used for Amitabh in his peak.

  35. exclusive_arun buddy i trust ur figure. Did i said i didn’t trust ur figures? I just want to know figure by yakuza bcoz yakuza,topez & masterparez r d reason i visit this blog. So no offense buddy.

  36. top movie of the year. akki rocks. but akki needs solo deadly movies. 5/5 for akki from Australia

  37. In Australia and UK the movies opened huge, for Akki,. but akki should choose to do only best movies. this will be his huge hit.
    price from Aus

  38. wow! Akki rocks!!! Its his 5th movies of the year but his first that has quite ok WOM for the movie… Even then, its on its way to score atleast 30cr for the first week i.e. 4 of his 5 movies have scored 30cr in their first weeks..

    This shows how his star initial pull is still intact.. Now, as some ppl pointed out, its really an overdose of Akshay this year… How I hope he choses good scripts & does only abt 2 movies a year, the initials wud be of greater magnitude rather than just 30+!

    • De Dana Dan opens to mixed response
      Even though it is 7th biggest opener of Bollywood and is ahead of previous Blue.

      • Though 6.25 for Friday is a great start by any means, I was expecting it to do more… Saturday & Sunday will be key… I do think the collections will be huge, Saturday being a holiday…

  39. Opening day was par 7cr.
    Ratan jain himself confirmed this..

  40. I seriously doubt the 17cr figure of Kurbaan. According to komal, Kurbaan did 16.79 cr from the reported 576 prints. Are you saying that the remaining 450 odd prints did only 20 lacs? that would be a big joke.

  41. hai…de dhana dhan is excellent…. i think its super than kurbaan this is a bullshit movie because acting pairs are bullshit……

  42. Is it true that 2012 crossed 50 crore in just two weeks and is still doing steady business?

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