VEER PROMO – Spectacular Bonanza


~ by Yakuza on November 26, 2009.

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  1. that will be the first blockbuster of 2010

  2. @yakuza,masterpraz,topaz-wat do think about veer promo???i mean how much did u like it???waiting for your response

    • My views are reflected from title of this post, Spectacular!!! However there is mixed feelings about content of movie (Look like Lagaan + Mangal Pandey), But scale of movie is much beyond imagination, I am quite convinced with promo and movie can do wonders at box-office.

    • @Zakir….The scale of movie is huge…Its bigger than i have imagined….But to me the promo could have been cut much better….Anil Sharma has this tendency of mixing romance with action ,it worked well in case of Gadar….Salman is looking million bucks,especially the last frame….Boxoffice performance will totally depend upon content and execution as such big budget movies cannot become hit just because of opening and star power…Keeping my fingers crossed….

  3. its rocking………

  4. I think it looks good and nice that they made it a a EPIC LOVE story instead of a just a WAR MOVIE. I didnt expect this trailer to be this good I gotta admit.

  5. its huge…….its awesome…….its just out of bollywood….its lavish….its fantastic….its superb…..only promo deserve 100 cr net 🙂

  6. The famale lead actress is quite pretty. Does anyone know who she is?

  7. This is huge.
    But Anil Sharma has the ability to screw up big time. Ab hawale tumhare was bad…. hope this is on the lines of Gadar.

    • Not only Anil Sharma, some otehr people associated with this movie have history of goofing it up. My biggest fear is Sajid Wajid, the duo is horrible; look at their work in Wanted and MAMK.
      Why they didnt take AR Rehman, SEL (or someone more reliable and more talenetd) as music directors.

      • well salman obviously has a huge say in helping sajid-wajid bag projects..mamk music was not bad though.. wanted’s was average.. just because music doesn’t become blockbuster doesn’t mean its bad.. unfortunately information on music sales is rare and we have to rely on few sites/newspapers/tv shows tht provide top of the charts and stuff like tht.. and its not tht mamk or wanted were nowhere on the charts to be called music duds..

        • Wanted was aveage if you compare it with all B and C class movies. For a movie of that scale it was a pretty ordinary set of songs. MAMK was average too. It doesnt matter songs become superhit or not but they should have the potential to be hit. None of the songs in wanted and MAMK had that potential.

          Look at the set of music Sajid Wajid have composed till date. Bearing Partner, all is scrap. As we all know if music is hit, half the battle is won in bollywood. Look at Kurban and London dreams, two decent movies struggling to attract viewers to Cinemas. The main reason: bad music which created no curiosity among moviegoers.

        • Well, I like Alvida song of MAMK. But i agree movie of such a grand scale should have been music composed by some legendary players like Rahman.

        • I felt that Rahman should have done the music too .. especially since he is experienced with music for epic/period films, but from what I hear Sajid Wajid have delivered well. Lyrics by Gulzar is something to look forward to.

  8. its gud promo,see hows the music of veer.
    salman is lukng realy veer.
    zarine is so beautiful.

  9. Superb promo

  10. Oh my God , It’s Best Promo Ever in Bollywood Hestory.

  11. bt voice of salman is not matchingb as a character-veer.
    voice should b heavy as wanted.
    am i right?

  12. amazing amazing promo.
    dose who dont like Salman cant ignore VEER.

  13. Veer looks simply fantastic. I can’t wait for the film. Salman rocks.

  14. not vry good promo,,,,,,yr jitna pic. ka naam heeeeeeee,,,,,promo utna acha nahi thja

  15. zarine khan looks beautiful in the promo….salman rocks!

  16. Zarine Khan ❤ is beautful. She is awesome in the scene where she is seen shivering – the terror in her face .. awesomely shot.

    Salman is looking awesomely good in some of the scenes. Didnt like the look in the red/maroon turban though.

  17. the ultimate///////
    picture abhi baaki hai….

  18. It’slooks fantastic…has all the content to be a huge hit….somewhere near gajani and maybe if its really gud then as gud as GADAR.
    Even if it dosent match these two its definately going to be a huge earner.

    The theme is patriotic and is a fictional one so the hero dosent dies and losses in the end [as it shd be cos its with british empire at their peak in India ,1875]….so hero not dying will give it a feel gud factor…..what do u thk YAKUZA…plss comment

  19. Vicky@ Tumko aur keya chahiye is promo me, Aur jitna bhi dalu is promo me tumko accha nehi lage ga. Kiuki, tum apni mind pehle sei set kar liya.

  20. Main Aurr Mrs Khanna released on this Diwali i.e 16th Oct. 2009 and flop on box office and within four to five days people can see this movie on DTH services. This firts movie viewer can see movie at through on DTH srvices then after has become a hit, as the film has raked in Rs 21 crores on DTH (Direct to Home), creating a record of maximum number of viewership in this space.

    Debut director Prem Soni, who was very disappointed about the film’s performance at the Box Office, is extremely glad about the movie’s record viewership amongst home audiences. I am told that the revenue generated is around 21 crores. I am happy that my film has scored such high figures.”

    An insider reveals that MAMK’s success on DTH may be a good idea which some Bollywood duds can perhaps take up!. In this idea film industry make more money and people can stop watching piracy cd movie.

  21. Pratik Veer Galani (India) wrote
    at 2:11am on October 2nd, 2009
    performances…..besides our budget is 75 crores assured we have utilised it well….I once again guarentee you all our film is worth 75 CR but will look more than 1.5 BILLION(150 CR) on screen …..and thats where you will realize how we as producers have shown good production values….Once again im the one who’s built this hype cos i really feel we have something v v v special in our hands….and we are very proud to have the tag of Makers of VEER….i myself cant wait to get some responses on our trailer….it will blow your mind…besides you will get an idea about how grand VEER is ….

    Pratik Veer Galani (India) wrote
    at 2:08am on October 2nd, 2009
    exactly guys we re all still thinking VEER is like an ordinary film, its gonna be 10 times bigger than yiu guys can ever picture….besides i totally forgot to mention about Zarine’s performance…..she’s done amazing for her debut film….and is here to stay in Bollywood….she might just be the next bollywood heartthrob….and Mithunda is gonna have IMMENSE screen presence, his performace is gonna have people salute him….Mithunda is a legend ….an amazing amazing person by heart….I feel grateful that he considered me his favourite on the sets and i have respect for him no end….he helped us through several problems while filming and was the godfather to all of us…Mithunda’s presence is gonna send around shiver….HE IS THAT GOOD…Guys the performances in VEER will raise a flurry of eyebrows and get alot of characters in the film noticed…..not to forget Jackiedada is extraordinary and will have his fans crying out loud again ….all in all expect the best power-packed

    • In later posts Pratik said the budget is not 75 crores, but he wouldnt divulge the exact figure or what price it was sold to distributors.

      Actual budget is expected to be around 60 – 65 crores

  22. YAKUJA,
    wt is pretik blog name?
    wt is salman khan blog name?
    wt is website name of-veer?

  23. ZEE NEWS said-budget of veer is 50 cr.
    one news paper said-50 cr.

  24. i watched trailer of veer and not convinced with salman’s dialogue delivery. c’mon you are veer a big size character the dialogue looks so cheap ” ye meri dadaji ki talvaar hai…..” it was looking more dramatic then original. i hope rest of the dialogues are atleast up to the mark.

  25. it’s not the voice i’m talking about, it’s the attitude its the vengeance, its the heat/fire which is missing if you see Hritik in jodda .. that’s what i’m talking about. the intensity

    • i agree, didnt like the look in that scene either .. but the intensity is huge in other scenese .. like the one at the end where he is holding Zarine ..

      hope there are more of those scenes and less of the ones where he looks stunned/scared.

      • oh god ! What a promo really very nice i liked salman in each & every scene he looks fantastic & also zarine khan What a beauty

  26. I thought the promo was wayyyyyyyy too long. it would’v been better to edit it/make it shorter and more slicker. This seems to me inspired too much by Lagaan+Jodha Akbar. Also it would’v been better to have different faces than Sohail & Mithun. Also that heroine looks like Katrina?!?

  27. thnx yakuja and rosh 4 giving me dis information

  28. jacktackle

    i agree with u. JA left a much bigger impact – it looked the real deal while Veer promo looks a bit shoddy imo

  29. @Jacktackle and KM.stop spreading fake news.
    It’s very obvious from ur posts on other pages and reviews that u r pure Salman Haters. So, u combinedly r trying to spread fake news as well as make others against VEER. But alas in vain.VEER will rule for sure.

    VEER promo is just outstanding. beyond imagination in Bollywood. And Dialogue delivery was great…YE MERE DUTTA KI TALWAR SIRF FIRANGIO KI GARDANO KE LIYE HAI…..What a powerful dialogue…none could have presented better than him. The last dialogue was bit subtle, could’ve been better if bolder….btw..Salman hasn’t dubbed yet. Dialogues will be more powerful after dubbing…..said the producer. SALMAN & VEER will rule in 2010.

    U r saying about intensity of Salman’s dialogue delivery in VEER and comparing with Hritik. R u nuts. In terms of intensity, none could stand any close to Salman in VEER role. Look at his eyes, body language…………. He will just blow u away.

  30. @ Rosh…
    R u mad.. u r now agreeing with this Jacktackle. Dont u understand he and KM are just trying anti-publicity for VEER by spreading fake and baseless comments. Check their comments in different other pages and reviews. Then u’ll find he is trying in different ways to anti-publicize VEER. Now Jacktackle has somewhat succeeded to put something negative about VEER in ur mind. Come on Rosh.

    • Adi and Maks, thank you, but I am very much capable to thinking for myself and deciding what I like and dont … dont worry, anyone telling me something is good or bad will not affect my opinions.

      I felt Salman is not looking good in that particular scene the first time i saw the trailer, and for a very particular reason that these guys did not notice and are confusing with intensity ..

      Veer will be the kind of blockbuster that comes only once in a decade .. Salman gave us MPK and HAHK in the last two, this is the blockbuster for this decade.

  31. Yes u r right man he is hater of salman

  32. Q. Which film is the biggest hit of the year so far?

    A. Wanted is the biggest hit of 2009 till date from all Hindi films followed by Love Aaj Kal although Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani may cross the business of Love Aaj Kal. 2012 is the biggest hit of all films released this year in the All India market.

    M Jain

  33. Veer be the biggest block boster of the year my name is khan can also be a huge though.

  34. Adi

    i’m no Salman hater (?) in fact i loved Salman’s act in London Dreams…i thought he was brilliant. and i believe he’l probably get the best supporting actor award for this movie. However he has given rank performances in Wanted, MAMK, YuvRaj (he seems to sleepwalk through films sometimes which is pathetic). I loved him in No Entry – he was just amazing. Everyone has likes and dislikes and i just felt that Veer promo looked awful – i’m just giving my opinion which i’m entitled to. I hope for Salman’s sake that this movie is a blockbuster ala Gadar, the single screen audience are the key for Sallu imo.

  35. @ KM…….
    What have u just said…SALMAN HAS GIVEN RANK PERFORMANCE IN “WANTED”>>>>>>ha ha ha ha ha .
    Thanks for The biggest joke of the Year.
    WANTED is the biggest hit of 2009. The performance of SALMAN is loved and acclaimed by all except you. You are really one in a million……..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha…..

  36. ADI

    was akshay awesome in WELCOME??

    SRK in RNBDJ?

    get my point?

  37. Km, look salman in veer such main veer tabahi machadagi

  38. Maks – i hope Salman has a blockbuster on his hands but my concern is that content looks shoddy

    r u voted for salman in(LUX SABSEY FAVOURITE KAUN).
    if forgote thn plz vote 4 salman soon in(LUXSFK07 TO 57827 ORWWW.LUXSFK.CO.IN TO 07 (SALMAN CODE)

  40. De Dana Dhan had a good first week of around 33 crore nett. Multiplexes collections in metroes fell on Monday while other places started falling on Wednesday. Despite a solid first week it remains to be seen how well the film can go from here. It should emerge at least an Average fare but Hit status may be a step too far.

    plz vote for salman on(NDTV INDIAN OF THE YEAR,ENTERTAIMENT,2009)

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